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Unyielding is transformation based RPG game.  I want it to feel like a tabletop RPG, with a living and interesting world.  Choices should always matter.

The project will be updating every other Wednesday.

Change list:
Return to Sena (Main plot)
Home (Main plot)
Lackadaisical Days 1 (side story)
New information in Meet Latte
Daud's portrait






Catelly was a man, until he was cursed by a wizard trying to obtain immortality.  Catelly happened to be a hardened mercenary before the curse, and refuses to lose to it.

Romance Blackfire 1: Pay with sex
Romance Danica: Complete the raid without killing anyone.  Don't collect the teal orbs during the 1st and 2nd raid fights.
Romance Blackfire 2: Have either paid with money or sex before the raid.  Agree to study with him.  Pay with sex again.
Romance Lizette: Just do her mission
Romance Duad: Just do his mission

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Review by Jetsmets11

Version reviewed: 0.0.21 on 09/20/2018

Lots of potential in this game. I absolutely love the story and the art. The only thing I don't really like is how character images flip and flop but the images stay static, hopefully this gets updated in the future. Love the story and am very excited to see it all the way through. The characters are great too and sex scenes are well written (also hoping for more of those in the future). Maybe along this line you could give the character the option to just go to a tavern and fuck a random guy but if you do it too much or too often then it gives a bad end? Love your game and I just want to see it keep growing since I love it so far.

Review by Terrone 2

Version reviewed: 0.0.21 on 09/20/2018

for now is a conversation simulator with a undertale minigames ( i like the minigame), for now this game is boring i hope you make some implementation ad upgrade.


i have one question, why you don't make this game on renply

Review by relattic

Version reviewed: 0.0.20 on 09/04/2018

Great game so far. It obviously needs to go on like that a lot longer, but the story and transformation content so far is good.

The UI needs serious improvement though. The default Unity UI is ugly. But it works, so... not too big a deal.

Review by MercernaryMage

Version reviewed: 0.0.17 on 07/11/2018

I've added Fire 1 as a way to advance the game.  That will be in the build on the 18th.

Review by Umaro

Version reviewed: 0.0.17 on 07/11/2018

I would enjoy this game far more if I didn't have to spam clicks to move through text. I don't really understand why that's mapped to left click and not one of the bind-able keys (like Fire 1). With the tendinitis on my clicking hand, the amount of clicking required makes this essentially unplayable for me. 

Also, echoing what another has said, RenPy makes a lot of sense for this game, perhaps moreso than Unity. 

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