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Version: 0.16

by Besty

Sissygrad - porn text game


Hi! Sissygrad is interactive novel, dedicated for a femdom, chastity and feminization. Definitely adults-only, yep. Game is in the early development stage with many things and features coming soon(tm). But anyway - there are already a lot of things to read, to play and to fap. 

There are two version in the download section, one in Russian and one in English. Take a look at the "note" icon near the download link to find out what verison it is. Newest updates are on my Patreon :)


WARNING! Text was not proofreaded so there will be A LOT of errors! In next release everything will be written in good English but now you may want to prepare some good eye bleach before playing. Honestly, I just had not enough time to pass the game files to my proofreader to fix everything :( But still it is playable now. 


Привет! Сиссиград - это интерактивный текстовый рассказ-игра, посвященный темам женского доминирования, chastity и феминизации. Такие игры есть в большом количестве на английском, но на великом и могучем я ничего стоящего не нашел, так что решил сделать сам. Игра запускается в браузере и написана на плохом JS. 

Новый релиз уже готов, налетай-разбирай, с пылу с жару! сфокусировался на переводе текста на английский и рад сообщить что я закончил работу полностью. Это значит что релиз в следующем месяце будет посвящен новым сценам (которые я уже начал писать) и теперь дело пойдет весело и быстро. Не буду обманывать - в этой версии не так много изменений для русскоязычного игрока но все же кое-что есть :) самые новые версии быстрее всего появляются на моем Патреоне.

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Вы - Антон, вам некое количество лет и вы живете в небольшом городе в далеком замкадье. Ваши родители около года назад уехали в северную столицу на заработки и оставили вас на попечении тети, которая не особо интересуется вашими делами. Вы учитесь в школе - несколько лет назад был принят закон о удлиненнии школьного образования на 2 года, так что теперь есть возможность быть совершеннолетним школьником. Вас ждут интересные знакомства с девушками, которые предпочитают видеть мужчин одетыми в женскую одежду и подчиняющимися.


So, you are - Anton, you have certain amount of years and you are living in a little city on the outskirts of Russia. Your parents went to a region capital to work and left you in the care of aunt, who don't really care about your business. You are studying at school - few years ago new law was passed for extension of school courses for two years, so you can now be 18+ school student.

Just visit a park in first week.

Version 0.16.1 Fix
- fixed body change after gym workouts
- "not enought money to buy" message
-  debug info screen

Version 0.16


- new story twist

- Anastasia and Anna scenes (40 000 symbols!)

- PC thoughts on various themes.

- Fixed sissy levels

- Current sissy level maximum is 10

- Some nasty bugs stomped

- Started to implement portal to the outer worlds


Version 0.15


- PC thoughts

- School scenes

- Much refactoring

- A lot of new dreams

- New Anna and Anastasia scenes

- New cool save system

- Language choosing

- Days of the week

- Better UI

- Help window

- More than 30 bugs crushed (I have no idea how you played the game with them)

- A lot of other thigs I forget to add to this list


Version 0.14

- 100% of current text translated

- somewhat expanded Anastasia questline

- some minor fixes an UI changes

- maybe something else I already forgot


Version 0.13



- новая система снов

- 18 снов

- 4 новых сцены 

- бритье

- магазин Whoreal


- система гардероба

- общие улучшения внешнего вида (шрифты, верстка)

- код модифицирован для поддержки нескольких языков

- тексты вынесены в отдельный файл

- положение картинок

- поправлена сцена медосмотра

- персонаж больше не теряет абонемент после сцены с подругами

- на сцену с подругами влияет физическая форма персонажа

- возбуждение снова корректно растет со временем

- ограничение на возможность онанизма

- и снова опечатки, опечатки и еще раз опечатки...

- избавление от двачесленга :)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by touvrxym

Version reviewed: 0.16.1 Fix on 07/08/2018

What's there is good and satisfying. It fills the Perverted-Education-shaped hole in my... heart. There are plenty of English errors, of course, but after a while they weren't bothering me too much. It's very understandable.

It's completely linear currently, and a lot of the time it's not obvious how to get new events. The game should push the player in the right direction.

More images would be nice.

Review by snugdug

Version reviewed: 0.16.1 Fix on 07/06/2018

This game is really good for what it has so far, my only complaint is that near the end of the game it takes too long for new scenes to appear. I hope more femdom scenes are added in the future, the face sitting, ass eating, and body cleaning (gym) was really hot.

Review by yermumwuzher

Version reviewed: 0.16.1 Fix on 07/05/2018

I can't load the file because it encounters an error on line 1049 character 1, it says it expects an identifier, string, or number.

Review by Cobra1968

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 05/12/2018

I like this type of game.


Although English is not your native language, I'd encourage future updates, in your own tongue, and then concentrate on the English version some more, after the stories progressed somewhat.


I see a lot of reviews complaining about the English (and this really irritates me, as we know your trying your best), and sometimes, that stops the game being developed period, as the author either loses interest, or gives up completly feeling they have failed their audience.

Continue with the story, then take some 'constructive criticism' about the translation, to then improve the story, to English readers.


I am willing to try and understand the grammar in a good game, and encourage further development, rather than ask you to pause and check the english first.


Regardless, good game, and looking forward to future releases :)

Review by RM750

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 05/04/2018

The game is rather plain at the moment but still enjoyable. Translation isn't  the best but it's certainly readable.


I didn't have any issues understanding, but I did laugh pretty hard at "Struck by an unexpected performance you again began to go, trying to capture in memory the curves of her body - plump calves, soft tummy, juicy breasts and alluring perineum."


'Alluring perineum' got a good laugh out of me.

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