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Version: 0.2.580085

Version: 0.2.080085

by TangoTF

Transfigure: is an adult interactive fiction game currently written in Twine/Sugarcube (plays in modern browsers) focusing on the male to female transformation of its main character. The story caters to a variety of subjects and tastes. The entire game is large and has many planned and partially written endings, with routes ranging from romantic and frisky, to downright hedonistic debauchery and submission. Transfigure has fifteen envisioned endings that I will list in the walkthrough section with a spoiler warning (I also have ideas for upgrades and an expansion, but that is far in future). Finishing the current story is priority. Some content and themes include FF, MF, involuntary M2F transformation, blackmail, corruption, best friends, variety of standard erotic fair (hj, bj etc) etc Plus a whole bunch more planned down the line as I complete the early portions of the story and add them to the game.

Some upfront warnings: This is an adult game. There is humiliation and drug use in some routes. Taylor Roux also has a notorious potty mouth, so if that fucking bothers you, steer clear.

26/02/2018 Transfigure v.15 updated

02/03/2018 new update  Transfigure V0.20BOOBS

12/03/2018 Transfigure .2580085

Currently the Bully route (Mitch) has the most content followed by Evan (friend) route.  There is also starts of Ryan, Deter, julie, and Drew. I have a lot more to add but need to write more OC and connecting scenes so that everything makes sense.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at all this stuff, so there will be bugs and such.  Please bear with me.  Thanks for checking out this project!  My first goal is 100 likes, so please drop one if you like the concept.


OLD UPDATE: New version released.  Still a long way to go and much polish needed but I figured it would take at least a month to get 100 likes - and here we have almost done it in 3 days.  Thank you very much for your feedback and encouragement everyone.  Enjoy the newest release - I think it should start to give people a more clear demo of what I intend to do.  Poor Taylor is going to lose her virginity quite a few times by the time I am done with her.



Fair chunk of new content and polish.  Still needs a lot of work but look how far we have come in a week!

Check the log for details and thanks again for all the encouragement!  Have a good time.

P.S. Lots of great stuff in development: Will Taylor and Samantha begin a budding romance?  Will Taylor escape Mitch's evil clutches? What the heck is going to happen out at that cabin?  And what's with all the strange cloak and dagger in the background?  Find out next time on--- Transfigure!


12/03/2018 This is version .25...80085

A good chunk of new content added (check notes for log).

Transfigure now contains about 100,000 words - the length of a good sized novel.

Despite it not being 100% erotic focused this update took a lot of hours and will definitely be the "big one" for March.  This is also the last direct to public release, so if you are interested in supporting the project, having access to the latest version, and having influence over the story's development please consider joining me on patreon.  I really appreciate all the comments and encouragement! Have a great time everyone.

Update of the update's update: For some reason one of the links doesn't work.  Here is an updated html if you just need to have those last crucial pages :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/5m17dax6ggq6sac/Transfigure%20by%20Tango%20.25boobsdeterfix.html


The main plot focuses on Taylor's search to find out what happened to him and his journey to find a way to return to his old self.  How seriously he takes the quest is up to you. There is a lot going on in the background and so it will probably take multiple play throughs to unravel the main story and meet all of the characters.


Originally, there were 15 endings / routes /focuses but I have decided to at least double this number and give alternative ends to most routes.


You are Taylor Roux (pronounced \"R-oo\"), an average introverted and slightly nerdy university student.  Taylor is short, slight of build, and unremarkable in most respects except for his well known potty mouth.  The kind of guy that gets lost in a crowd and is forgotten not long after introductions.

Evan has been one of your friends for as long as you can remember. He is tall and skinny, with a mop of dark hair that he usually keeps short.  He is also more than a bit of a perv.   While not much of an athlete, he usually spends his time watching and playing sports as well as sport themed videogames.

Drew is an overweight nerd who spends most of his time indoors, at his computer.  He usually wears glasses and unfashionable clothes and has curly brown hair that has never seen a comb. He is quite intelligent and a good guy though, albeit more than a bit eccentric. You have been friends for ages and get along well for the most part, except when Drew gets in one of his “weird” moods.

Julie - is your older sister, she is kind of haughty despite being a huge slut.  She is very attractive with big brown eyes and long, straight chestnut hair.  She has an ample chest and curvy ass, as you are frequently reminded by your friends.  She is a lot like you complection and feature wise, just female.

Ryan - is your sister’s current long term boyfriend, a businessman from the city.  Tall, dark and handsome with an intense gaze and a ready smile.

Mitch - is a bully from school that you have scuffled with previously.  A gym rat who deals drugs and goes out of his way to pick on anyone he feels is weak.

Mr. Deter - is a creepy teacher from school that teaches psychology and also works in the university’s bio research labs.  He has expertise in multiple disciplines and isn’t afraid to brag about it.  He has a huge belly and a thick, stalinesque handlebar moustache.

Sam - is short for Samantha.  She is bright eyed and perky, a very beautiful redhead woman.  She seems intelligent and a lot more reserved than most of your friends.  You have had a crush on her for a few years but never had the courage to act.  She is good friends with Rhea and Jimmy.

Rhea, pronounced “Ray”, is a beautiful buxom blonde who loves male attention.  She is really outgoing and sexually aggressive.  You get the impression more than a few dicks have penetrated her over the years.  Her constant sexual jokes and conversation topics usually make you very uncomfortable.

Jimmy - is a tall lanky guy with a scraggly beard and a penchant for heavy drinking and sniffing out fun parties.

Damien - An old acquaintance that always made you a bit uneasy.  He is funny and well liked but turns into a huge asshole with no self control with even a sip of alcohol.  You recall your sister and several of her friends complaining about him and the sexual advances he often made during any number of his near constant benders.  Despite this, he is undeniably a brilliant young scientist...perhaps precisely the person to help you research your predicament.

Right now content is focused around Mitch and Evan with minor content for Drew, Ryan, Julie etc.  Evan and Drew are easy, just hang around them and make naughty choices.  In order to go down the route with by far the most content you must piss Mitch off and create a situation to get blackmailed by him. Deter is found by searching the school alone.  Ryan's route is started by finding a way to get him alone and away from your sister. Julie is discovered by creating a misunderstanding. Sam and Rhea are attained by resisting hetero m/f advances from your friends.

Since this is a spoiler zone already I will list the endings below for those interested:

Current and envisioned Endings:

End 1 Happiness (Evan)

End 2 Married Life (Drew)

End 3 New conventions (both friends)

End 4 Born this way. (Ryan route)

End 5 Teacher’s Pet. (Mr. Deter trains you to be a submissive slut and mistress)

End 6 Hedonist (Mitch/bully/blackmail/drugs)

End 7 Unconventional (Julie) A lesbian incest route.  You become your sister’s toy.

End 8 Transfigure (return to your old body with a new appreciation/perspective, become a fearless ladies’ man and kick a lot of ass!)

End 9 Death/dead ends.  

End 10 Science! (alt 5 + mix) Piece together clues and research, discover the truth behind the Transfigure program and why you were selected.  Then, with all facts at your disposal, you decide your fate.

End 11 Science (Failed/Damien)  Your efforts to change back fail, instead forcing you to live a new life with an old friend.

End 12 Dominant =alt 6-  Taylor snaps completely and becomes a Fem Dom, spending her days punishing inferior, pathetic males.

End 13/14 Samantha - end your life with your old love interest as a male or female (lesbian end)

End 15 Bully love - a turbulent, love/hate relationship develops.   Taylor see’s Mitch’s good side and learns some surprising information.  She gets stuck in a shitty, semi- abusive relationship but finds her new life still has its pleasures.

End 16: The nuthouse (alt hospital route after transformation)


Plus precontent for an entire new branch of story that takes Taylor’s transformation in a bunch of very different directions but that’s a tale for another time.




added Ryan and Taylor forbidden massage scene.


added F/F scenes with Rhea.  I have decided to give Rhea her own route as well, (because she is funny and sexy).


added intro romance scenes with Samantha


added "Spin the bottle" scene (girl alt version)


added "Strip poker" (girl alt version) 1st half


added more extension scenes to Mitch's route - Taylor heads down a dark path that becomes increasingly difficult to escape.


added Deter scenes, some lewd depending on Taylor's earlier choices.


added new scenes hinting at the Transfigure conspiracy and a scene where Deter's analyses reveals a potentially more complete understanding of the nature of Taylor's transformation.


added Drew "Bully" scenes and extension content, setting up for an upcoming concert scene.


added campus medi-centre route start, introducing a new character that may help Taylor escape from the clutches that have ensnared him/her.


added more scenes to Evan's route pre- cabin, a travel scene, and the 1st day of the glorious weekend at the cabin.


added mind control and anal aftermath scenes.


added bad end 16, found by taking a new 1 way branch after the transformation


added several new pictures to earlier content, further misc typo/bug fixes.





added World war 10 scene with Drew plus other intro content


added Drew's fetish discovery


added "Tailor Made Taylor Maid" scene with Drew


added Mitch anal scene, Poor Taylor :( 


added Deter's route start...includes a few lewd scenes and spoiler...impromptu brain surgery O.O  along with some possible insight into Deter's madness and the Transfigure conspiracy


added Evan cabin retreat intro scene of what will be a very hot weekend in the woods...


added Ryan route passive content.  Our handsome friend may just provide some insights into a mysterious company with an overly suspicious name


added Transfigure middle node scene


added many branch and alt route threads to set up for the "Grand Destiny" I have envisioned


added many pictures both sexy and for characters and background, including a sweet custom flying eraser graphic that I might have trademarked.


many passages broken into smaller, easier to digest bits in affort to break down the "Great Wall of Text"- This took quite a while bit I think presents a lot better.


Typos, grammar, and other misc fixes, also did a polish and bugfix pass fixing many formatting and display issues along with re-writing and updating a few passages in the early game.  The game should be overall much more readable... and hopefully more enjoyable.




0.15 update


Evan route expanded with multiple new scenes.  You can now lose your virginity to Evan if you so choose.

Mitch route expanded with 1 small new scene.

added sister "help" scene/makeover

added bath scene

added Julie route start (Find an opportunity to meet your sister, but bend the truth of your identity)

added Ryan intro scenes and start of his route - you have to go home and search the net to meet up with them.

added more Drew content and romantic route start

Added multiple misc and connection scenes.

Added more erotic “thingies” and removed repeated words for immersion.

Error in folder names fixed

intro images added and increased #s in early stories

Many typos and formatting errors fixed.

file size reduced and should be more representative of game

-some picture resolutions adjusted to fit better

-awkward text and phrasing updates

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by jmueller

Version reviewed: 0.2.580085 on 03/13/2018

One of the top games on this site in my opinion, and I have played through a huge number of them. Excellent writing, no unnecessary game mechanics, good use of pictures, and the development pace seems fast. There are a number of paths with a decent amount of content so far, and they seem to cater to difference preferences on a spectrum from essentially non-consensual (Mitch) to romance (Ryan). The main chararacter also generally behaves in a belieavable way, exhibiting a fairly normal level of reluctance which is nice. 

Review by cecei3

Version reviewed: 0.2.080085 on 03/08/2018

Love this game, Im going thru withdrawal!! In the Mitch route, maybe Taylor gets addicted to coke after her first bump and loves that more than pink magic? Also, maybe picture(s) of a hot girl snorting coke might be nice to add. Looking forward to more updates.

Review by Andrew5000

Version reviewed: 0.2.080085 on 03/03/2018

This is an extremely good game, i played the bully route and Sisters boyfriend (Ryan) route and it was very good.

Lots of great images and scenarios in the bully route.  Very good use of blackmail and the sexiness of the MC and the power and manipulativeness of Mitch is done very well.  Lots of sex and many other sex acts in this route

Ryan was also very good in a seductive forbidden kinda way.  Sadly no full out sex in this route that I found but has a good hot start.

Havn't played much of the other routes so far.  Seems that Evan might be more of a romantic route but I can't say for sure, If that interests you try that way, might get romantic but I can't say for sure.

Can't wait to see more!

Review by Narcissa

Version reviewed: 0.2.080085 on 03/02/2018

So far so good. A few typos and grammar errors but nothing critical. its a bit weird how accepting everyone is. I am wondering if that will be a element of the later story. Also a bit disappointed at least as far as I could tell that the game forces you into female heterosexuality. Always find it curious in games how being transformed into a girl suddenly makes males interested in other males even before any overt mind control occurs. Hell I was born female and I am still into girls. Will definitely stick with the game though. I like the style of storytelling. :) 

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 02/26/2018

I sort of like this game ... it's well written, with an engaging cast and story. But I'd like to suggest that it needs something to break up the incredible quantity of text that needs to be plowed through between links. Maybe more pictures or more choices, or even just more links. If I at least had to click a link every 3 or 4 paragraphs instead of every 8-12, I'd feel more like I was playing a game and less like I was reading War and Peace

Nice work so far, though. 

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