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Version: 0.04

Version: 0.02


This is VERY alpha, and my first adventure into writing a game/CYOA.

"Redesigned" is built in Twine 2 sugarcube. The project is currently sitting at 18k+ words and 95+ pages/links.

You play the role of a 24 year-old interior designer who gets in over her head while surveying/exploring an abandoned factory. Deep within the factory is a rogue AI with a bizarre agenda. The story takes place in the (relatively) near future of 2040.

Themes/fetishes that are already or will be included: AI control, rubber, latex, sex machines, insertions, gags, force-feeding, anal, enemas, (light) mind-control, i.e. aphrodisiac and gas, eventually milking, pet play, humiliation, training/conditioning, (light) bodymod, related to repeated training for various tasks, f/f, slavery/becoming a "drone." (or not! It's a CYOA after all.)

Themes that will not be included: Futa, furry, snuff, gore, loli, scat (Addressed but not graphic, The computer just has total bodily control of the player at points.)

I've written a fairly long introduction with a handful of available arcs. The first few pages are a little rushed and lacking exposition, but... the bulk of the intro is worth exploring.

Detailed scenes end as the player is lowered into the facility. The facility is now laid-out with room descriptions and dev notes, explorable by the player but not much to actually do. Now including a fancy minimap!

The mod has a stat-tracking backbone. Important stats are those such as "obedience" which is basically the AI's approval of you on a scale from 0-10. Other stats track which orifices are filled, the computer's general impression of your personality i.e. "slutty" or whether it's convinced you are literally a slave. These attributes will have to be managed, with the player having to "play along" to appear obedient or risk losing access to certain locations or actions within the facility. Or perhaps the player has to misbehave to achieve the same.

These issues are where my active development is focused.

I would love to commission art eventually. I'm getting a feel for a few different artists, but I would like one consistent style rather than an assortment. I do have a prefered artist, but he is still debating doing commissions at all--fingers crossed.

In the short term, I am creating my own art in 3D studio max for certain scenes/devices.

I have a full-time job and work on this on the side meaning A: I can pay for art, theoretically, B: I'm not going to put this on patreon C: I cannot devote limitless time to this (sadly.)

Thank you for your interest and patience while I get this page written and formatted. New to tfgamessite! I'm open to suggestions and criticism--but please try to roll with the dev notes and such that accompany many pages--I would rather have WIP areas available to explore rather than wall off any content until 100% polished.

I update the live game frequently. Major changes will be listed here less frequently.


Project of the day: modeling the pedestal and working on a skeletonized/rigged player body.


Discussion thread is now up! Offline download now up!

I can explain a little better here what's not yet coming through in the game, plot-wise.


Under an abandoned factory, there it's an AI in a secret facility that has never accomplished its last programmed tasks. Due to forward-thinking laws that prohibited AIs from having control of complicated robotics, in order to complete that task, the AI must have some help. So, to circumvent its programming restrictions, it is forced to "convince" human beings to help it. 


Thus, with it's limited abilities to interact with the outside world, it lures the player to its location, and presses them into service, trying to convert them into a drone of sorts for its master plan. The player than has to choose whether they fight against the AI's will, or submit to its weird forms of persuasion and become a cog in the machine.


at least in theory ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ v0.01 yo.

There really are a surprising number of scenarios to the intro, revolving around interacting with the pedestal. 

Here are some routes:

After getting through the wall, select "That. was. AWESOME!" and be enthusiastic all the way through. The AI will love you. You will be tagged as being "slutty" by the computer, and given a much greater degree of choice initially, since the computer considers you a prime candidate to convert to its cause.

You be submissive and just kinda coast through without complaining, and the computer will like you.

You can be combative and make demands, which... most likely results in the computer gagging you and taking control without much explanation or consideration. 

After getting on the pedestal without too much complaining, and confirming that you ARE a guest, you can ask it questions. If you ask "Is that the best you've got" it opens up a few scenes that should probably be accessible via another dialog choice.

If you avoid sitting on the pedestal for as long as possible and keep messing with the screen, you can zero out your obedience. This as yet has no effect, but certainly will, later. 

Similarly, if you tell the computer that you are not a guest, it will assume that you're a slave of some sort, and rename you. I dislike how suddenly I impliment this, but it's going to stick around as a feature, but one that requires a little more... deliberate stupidity to activate. This will also tag you as a "slave" which will result in much fewer choices and more direct orders in the facility. Also, a different wardrobe. There will be ways to work out of this status.




I've begun some test renderings and put in place a system to display images.



I've finalized the layout of the facility, and set it up in a way that allows for easy "quest" expansion, and have also standardized the format (and started writing) for a first-time player tour of the facility. Self-guided, but AI narrated as the player is still gagged. Most of the rooms now have an AI explanation, but it needs to be a little more flavorful, and allow for player non-verbal reactions. Regardless. I accomplished a milestone and it deserves a little update. 

Once again, pretty substantial behind the scenes work. All rooms in the facility now have the same framework.  Oh--the game now tracks the players location at all times. 


I looked up how revisions work, once. I've forgotten everything. In my mind, small updates get a .01, and REALLY BIG updates get a .1. 

So here's a little update. I've made considerable behind-the-scenes changes to many of the facilty rooms in order to provide first-time visit exposition. I've also cleaned up a few broken items, some messed up text, and added a MAP. If you click on the obnoxiously-large map icon in sidebar, it pulls up an image of the facilty. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by sugoichek

Version reviewed: 0.03 on 03/13/2018

Very good start, I hope that author will continue to work under this game. I do want to see new update already. :)

Review by BlueHarfang

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 03/04/2018

Nice start, I hope to see more in the future!

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 03/01/2018

There is not a lot of content right now... just enough to make it looks interesting. The UI is neat. The background is interesting, if not erotic to those with the latex fetish.

The main game is so far viewable but without the meat. It looks a little bit like Trap Quest. I am keeping my eyes on this one. It could be great.

Review by ArmusV

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 02/28/2018

This is a promising start with quality writing and a well developed framework for content to expand into. I hope to see more soon. Kudos Farmthis for the excellent work.

Review by Luccia87

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 02/28/2018

Wow!! I love your concept of the game. Will there be any picture or art in the future? Thats would be amazing! More content please, please!!

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