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Version: 1.0.0

Throne of the Size Queen

These are the waning years of the sorcerous Tienay Stithocracy.

To appease the masses, the rulers stage spectacles and contests.

The most popular: a battle to claim the throne at the center of a maze.

Contestants drink an eldritch elixir to loosen the tethers of their bodies.

The strong-willed and clear-eyed steal the very flesh of their opponents.

The elixir, also a powerful aphrodisiac, makes such concentration difficult.

The contestant who gathers the lioness's share of flesh may claim the throne.

This victor is hailed as Queen of the Feast. The broken losers... are discarded.


This is a "fighting-style" game of lusty flirt-offs and attribute theft.  Not a deep or long play in any way, but should have some good replay value.

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Review by enceralc666

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/09/2018

I'm sorry but this was bad inexcusably so as well I mean could have used a premade art rendering software like another reviewer said and made this game tolerable but that's not the worst of it there's no even explanation on how "battle/flaunt" system works basically your hoping you win a couple times and that's it and figuring out that clicking on your own character resets you're health or whatever that is at the top that would have been nice to know a couple of failed trys down the road.

The only thing I could praise is at least someone is trying to do the whole stealing assets thing even though it's really bad.

Review by tenant

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/03/2018

It wasn't bad,per se, but the art was below par, especially when something like Dynamic Avatar Drawer exists.

Game play is pretty simple.

Mechanics to turn off certain body part fetishes left the avatars with those body parts enhanced, at least for the "belly" option.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/03/2018


Getting past the artwork of the game was a real trial. It just doesn't "fit" the Completed Game tag other than as a rushed job. It is a bad first impression and hurts the interactivity of the game with how much it breaks the uncanny valley effect.

Moving past that though and on to the actual game mechanics, not being able to see what a contestant's likes/dislikes are before choosing them is very annoying. The player's only option is to go to the configuration and remove what they do not like OR enable and disable an option to refresh the contestants available before they try their luck. And if even that fails, refreshing their browser to restart the game is their only option. Trying the game on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, I initially found it to run very slowly but it sorted itself out.

You as the player have no control over what body aspects you steal from your opponent after a victory, which can really make it a hit-or-miss affair of gameplay since it means you can't target one or two body parts to then use to gradually improve your chances of winning. But if you do get lucky and string some wins together (ten or more) with the same body parts (especially a combination of breasts, phallus or butt), you can get on to a winning streak that makes you undefeatable.

But at that point the artwork really slams home when it can't cope and your contestant can't even properly flaunt to you the success of your winnings: it just looks so ugly. I was able to cause a draw to occur but then found out that the programming makes the computer a cheating bastard and automatically makes the player lose. Past a certain point of losses (usually four or more, it is impossible to comeback if your starting contestant only had one body aspect to their advantage as the losses "stolen" by your opponents seem higher than what you gain from them with your wins.

And this is one of the most cruel things of all since with just one loss you can find ALL of your body part advantage taken away by the computer with a single win even if your opponent is as flat as a board and you have no lust at the start of the battle.

After all that, I'm sorry but for me in the end the game just wasn't fun.

Review by Lupis

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/03/2018

concept is intresting but the grapics just are so offputting it makes me want to go to a diffrent game instead

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/02/2018

Art DEFINITELY needs to be improved. The concept is interesting, if nothing else at least.

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