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Version: 1a

Wicked Gods
by Nerzury

Whats the game about?

Wicked Gods is an erotic game developed in Twine, it uses a fantasy setting and RPG gameplay and its intended to have many endings and focus on replayability. There are many themes that I want to add and develop, transformation, sex change, submission, etc. Also, I want the game to have lots items and clothes to customize the main character.
Although a great part of the game is text-based, my main hobby is drawing and, the game is meant to have illustrations for most passages and all the characters.

I want the game to have an epic feeling and look, like in Final Fantasy and Shadow of the Colossus, and also the enemy design to have the mystery and uniqueness that beings from  Silent Hill and H.P. Lovecraft have.

Features I would like to add to the game:
Many endings, each one unlocking something to make the next playthrough different.
More in-depth transformation of the main character, including mental changes, which affect the gameplay and events.
A fully developed main story, with side stories that expand the lore of the world and clear some of the mysteries.
Addition of more system to enrich gameplay and combat, for example, spells, leveling up, a time system and events, lust, etc.
Improvements in the UI and overall look of the game, right now it uses the default of the SugarCube engine, which isn't the best for a game like this.
Expansion of the storyline and events related to each character, this would include endings and items.
More content in general related to customization, more armors, weapons, hairstyles, accessories, etc.

 If you liked the game, and want to support its development please leave a like, comment or review. If you want to further support the author and unlock extra rewards for doing so, you can check the link to my Patreon account.

There is a small event when you talk to the Alchemist and 3 simple quests from the Wizard, most of the transformations happen when you are defeated by enemies.
You can restore your health an energy by going to sleep, for now, there is no punishment for doing this.
Leveling up increases your health and protection reduces the damage taken.
Remember that this game is in an early stage of development and some features could have bugs or not work at all.

1a First release of the game.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Uie

Version reviewed: 1a on 03/13/2018

There is a good basic structure but still needs worked on. There isn't exactly a ton of content but what's there has some real promise, especially the character screen that has custom artwork.

Review by bfhman1

Version reviewed: 1a on 03/13/2018

Had a quick look through, and it's a good start. Started as male, then used the alchemist. Hips mechanic seems to be backwards though.

Review by RubberCow

Version reviewed: 1a on 03/12/2018

this is a great start i think and agree you should go make a discussion thread


i like the drawing you done so far it look neat ^^ 

one little tiny itzy bit thing is,, make gold armor harder to get when i was done with the first wizzard q i was in full gold armor and i have yet to meet anything that hit me even 1 time so far im in the jungle so still little way to dungeon

maybe make the gold chest and leg armor cost like 10x as much 

also i get this error when compleating the 2 wiz quest " Error: <<if>>: whitespace is not allowed between the "else" and "if" in <<elseif>> clause (#2) " i play as male and went to deliver the mask q and then hit back and talked to him again to get it

Review by Gangrel

Version reviewed: 1a on 03/12/2018

So far the game plays like a game... that only intends to  have placeholders.  The background story is nearly nonexistant and the geography feels like a Star Trek planet (one type of flora/fauna per zone).  As the clothing overlays get completed, the art will feel more complete, but for now they don't really line up.  Please, keep devloping!  As it says, this is the initial release.


Using a potion, or having one used on you shouldn't allow the inventory value to go below 0.


What's the purpose of the accuracy rating on weapons?  I don't think I ever missed.


There should be an exchange of swings in combat, not both resolving at the same time, especially when ties always go to the monster.


@mouseguru  I thought that too and clicked the link several times thinking I might have missed the button.  It was only when I tried to exit back to the town that my gold jumped up.  Either removing the link, sending you to a page where the wizard thanks you, or even making the gold value change while on the same page would help avoid this confusion.

Review by mouseguru

Version reviewed: 1a on 03/12/2018

Needs a discussion thread, first of all!

Secondly...this game is functional and the art makes it interesting, but it doesn't really have "personality" yet.  It would be nice if we knew more about the main character, beyond just "you're an adventurer."  The game's backstory is intriguing, but it doesn't go any further than that.  How does your character fit into this world, for instance?

As far as the mechanics of the game, putting clothes and armor on is...interesting, but a bit of a hassle.  Maybe change the way you equip things to a checklist of inventory items?  And each item fills a certain "inventory slot" and is mutually exclusive with other items that go in the same slot?  (e.g. pants and skirt)  If you don't know how to accomplish this in Twine, there are people who can help you on the Twine discord channel.  See this link:  http://twinery.org/questions/4422/official-discord

Hacking on creatures in the different area is also...interesting, but it doesn't feel like much is really happening.  Is there going to be a story to this game, or just hack n' slash with occasional fetch quests?

Finally, turning in the first quest to get six slimes seems to be bugged.  I got all six slimes and went to click on "Complete Task" but it doesn't do anything.

Playing as an originally female character, if that makes any difference.


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