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Version: 0.2.1

Rags to Riches

In Rags to Riches, you follow the life of a human in the fantasy medieval town of Ighena. As a human, you are largely hated by the population (comprised of various anthro animals), but you've found a solution: transformation. With the help of an alchemist, you can transform into various species and climb the social ladder. All you need is the 'essence' of the species you desire...

This game is in early development, but there is for sure a playable amount of content. The focus of this game is on furry TF and M/M sex, but I am also including other kinds of transformations and relationships. Just bear in mind that the amount of content for these will be smaller in comparison.

As I need to focus on other work now, updates will be slowing down for a couple of weeks.

Current scene of interest counter: 8 M/M - 6 M/F - 1 F/F - 5 Furry TF
Fetishes included
watersports, gender TF (M2F and back again), submission by PC, crossdressing, foot stuff , hypnosis

Most fetish content is signposted and can be avoided. (For now, sex with Rhin always includes feet/worship, which is not signposted. This is something I plan to give an option for in the future.)

I will post updates weekly to my blog on how development is going, but the download link here will still stay up to date.

Walkthrough is available on my blog, here.

More characters added and some improvements made. Just two more M/F scenes added on the sexual side of things, but I've also set up the framework for the next update now. 0.3.0 will look at adding more characters and expanding on current ones in town, then 0.4.0 will finally see the player breaking into the castle.

  • Madame Coeur, Master Hypnotist! Visit the feline enchantress in the Trade Quarter. After eating with Yulius, you have a chance of finding the hypnotist's address every time you leave his restaurant.
  • Silas's Lab - Rache can now be invited to the lab. He'd like to try out an M2F transformation!
  • Visual Improvements - There is now a map of Ighena on the sidebar and some buttons instead of text links for navigation around the town.
  • Rhin's name has been changed to Elias. I didn't like having two characters with similar names (Rhin in Rags and Rin in 72 Hours) who had no relation, hence the change.
  • Fixes and improvements across the board.

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Review by SilverS

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 04/02/2018

Another great M/M game from LapisLutrine (though this one does feature M/F options too). The writing, as last time, is very well done, descriptive, and a joy to read. The plot setup is good and having the transformations be focused on different anthropomorphic species is suprisingly rare on this site, i'm not entirely sure why. The story thus far is basic, but with room to grow. I'm interested in see where you take it. 

Review by Sieggy

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 04/01/2018

I'm happy there more guys out there writing gay stories, your last game was pretty decent and this one is shaping up to be something great as well. I'm looking forward to when it's finished!

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