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Version: 0.1.1a

by imaginary albatross

Upon waking up, twelve people find themselves locked inside a mansion, abducted for reasons unknown. They must try to discover some way out, otherwise they may never return home again—at least not as themselves.

Insignificance is the spiritual sequel to another fetish game that no one knows or cares about, whose creator only rivals his creation in undeserved oblivion. Like most spiritual sequels, it is not a sequel of any sort, and it does not capture the spirit of the original in any way. The label serves purely as a marketing ploy. There is no need to take it seriously.

This game is the child of an unhappy marriage between a typical RPG Maker role-playing game and a hidden item escape game. Its efforts to please sometimes reflect the impoverishment of its parents' union, but it still strives in its own deficient way to live up to expectations.

The current version has three separate transformations and endings. These are unrelated. It ends after the morning of the second day.

As for sexual content, this release has a lesbian domination/submission-oriented scene with images, in addition to nudity and pornographic descriptions. There will be more content in later releases, supposing they exist. The tags reflect the current release only, not planned releases.

Reviews are welcome, but to report specific bugs, submit corrections, or ask for help, use the discussion thread instead of the review section.


Decreased some item crafting costs

Made some movement puzzles easier in castle for "Safe as Milk"

Fixed major bug for "Frownland" relating to the black marker

Fixed minor tile bugs

Added the ability to turn off animated tiles to address lag in certain cases

A few minor alterations of in-game notes and dialogue



Added blackmail event, with images

New unlockable outfit for each transformation, with mirror images and sprite changes

Added room in castle to get password without solving puzzle

Changed castle puzzle hints

Made item drops more consistent for certain items and more frequent overall; crafting requirements increased

Added features: an Instant Text option, and the ability to hide the message box

Addressed lag issues slightly



Added "Too Much Time" mode for playthroughs after the first

Increased time limit for "Safe as Milk"

Removed time limit from "Ice Cream for Crow"

Changed time-stop time for "Safe as Milk"

Made enemy attacks more consistent for "Safe as Milk"

Made other minor combat and crafting changes

Changed castle puzzle and hints

Changed taunt mechanic

Fixed minor Cecil conversation bug

Fixed minor Evelyn conversation bug

Fixed minor save bug for "Frownland"

Fixed miscellaneous problems, mainly typos



Fixed a timed event mistrigger under certain circumstances

Added a few lines of gallery dialogue for unaccounted cases

Fixed a mistake in one variation of the castle puzzle

Decreased frequency of one attack during certain arena battles



Fixed a minor Dee conversation bug

Fixed minor post-dinner Aurora and Dee bugs

Clarified password when cheating

Made flashlight beam more bad flashlight-esque

Shortened post-dinner Viv wait time

Modified a Vesper conversation slightly for the sake of clarity (thanks for the tip earlier!)



Added taunt skill for all characters

Altered combat skills for one enemy type

Added beeps for Breakable Stop Watch to help players track time; also extended movement pause time by a few frames

Added more dialogue with the Village Chief

Made Pirus occurence more frequent

Fixed arena bug related to transformation

Fixed post-victory elevator bug

Fixed gallery dialogue bug

Fixed a few minor issues involving flavor text



Added craftable "Breakable Stop Watch" item to help with enemy movement puzzles; needs additional testing as it may result in balance issues

Enemy movement now stops when opening chests

Fixed hidden arena battle "give up" bug

Fixed minor fade-in/fade-out bug related to hidden arena battle

Added option to speed up battle animations (and battles) in Options menu



Fixed special arena battle and added new post-arena scenario conversation

Fixed slot machine Cecil conversation bug

Fixed post-victory waiting scenario elevator bug

Shortened number of password entry failures necessary for hint conversations



Fixed Pirus bug

Fixed a few minor bugs related to the new difficulty



Added the "Ice Cream for Crow" cheat difficulty for testing and those so inclined

Moderated enemy type system and altered color-coding for the sake of consistency

Adjusted battle mechanics, making enemies weaker and ingredient drops more common

Decreased the difficulty of some of the enemy movement puzzles in castle

Fixed Disassemble pool bugs that slightly affected balance

Added a note about the type system in the Mountain Tunnel

Fixed a bug with the generic arena loss

Fixed multiple bugs related to the dream

Fixed minor Punchy status bug

Fixed Monstrous Cave item bug

A few other minor changes related to combat

Window can now be resized by the player



Fixed last disassemble bug

Fixed outfit change bug for male form

Fixed arrow maze bug



Fixed crafting and disassemble bugs

Fixed mirror bug for default male form

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Review by itotamago

Version reviewed: 0.1.1a on 04/18/2018

Good game, I'm loving’ it!

I can't wait your next updates!


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