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Version: 0.4.0

Take Over


After the People's Revolution, freedom is extinguished and rebellion is crushed without mercy. The government has decided every detail of the lives of its' citizens- including you. After a promising career was cut short by making the wrong enemy, you were left with no choice but to return to your home town and take whatever employment you could find.

You would have been a top-flight researcher with everything you ever wanted, and now you are stuck cleaning floors in a government laboratory. That would have been the end of your story too, except for a chance discovery and the possibility of turning things around once and for all.

You can't take chances in this cruel world, but if you're smart you can take over...

Features mind control and body modification. Future updates will include bimbofication, and other kind of transformations 

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Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 04/18/2018

Grind, grind grind.  


There are the bones of a decent game here, but right now, too much work for too little payoff.  


Clone/copy of LabRats by Vren.  

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 04/07/2018

A critical difference between the dystopia mentioned in the setup of this game and our present day is that our revolutions crush themselves or each other.  I think I'm kidding.

Hey, this game is pretty much a straight copy of The Company by Westane.  The only difference is that there is a penalty for doing research and getting caught doing it.  This might change as the game is fleshed out but at this point there is very little to do in game, beyond work, research, and annoy your roommates.  

I'll keep an eye out for updates but I don't hold out much hope.

Review by MechZombie

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 04/07/2018

This has some nice material in it. I think i saw an error about when Katy was at 60 corruption, possibly something about that being as far as you could go with her in this version? i say that because she clearly is able to be taken further. 

Can't wait for further updates, this holds some good promise

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