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Version: 0.01

Dungeon Master
by Faril

Hey everyone,

this is my first game submitted on this site and it is still in a pretty early state.

This game deals with the other side of dungeon raids, and is heavily inspired by Maou no Hajimekata.

The player has the role of the dungeon master, who has two goals, creating a big dungeon and capturing and corrupting as many girls as possible.

These two parts are only loosly connected and thus the game consists of a Tower Defense part and a story part, which feautres the transformations.

As this is my first game of this kind, everything is pretty new to me. Honestly, I only started 2 weeks ago creating this game, after reading parts of the manga, so it isn't that advanced yet. Therefore, I'm happy about any kind of feedback that helps me to improve the game and make it actually playable.


The Dungeon

There are a couple of different possibilities to expand the dungeon. You can increase its size by building new halls and corridors, transforming it into a maze. As adventurers only have a limited amount of stamina they might retreat before they found the Dungeon Core.

At the other hand you can build Monster Lairs, who will generate new monsters every round, if the necessary conditions are met. Traps can be set, which will damage all adventurers passing by but can be disabled by thieves. Or you can summon the undead to protect the dungeon.

The bigger the reputation of your dungeon grows more and stronger adventurers will arrive and even parties of adventurers might appear.



Fallen Heroes

If you reinforced your private quarters with Prison Cells, you can capture adventurers and corrupt them, which might involve transforming them.

At the moment I included only two corruptions, of which one features MtF, to show what I have in mind for the future. At the moment both are pretty linear, but I plan to make all transformations more interactive in the future and give the player meaningful decisions.


Attention: This game is just a proof of concept at the moment and not a playable game, therefore I disabled Reviews at the moment. If you want to leave me any kind of feedback, please visit the discussion thread.

You play as a mighty Demon Lord, who has decided that he would like to create his own dungeon.

So, you start building halls and corridors, set traps for the poor fools who will enter the dungeon and convince goblins and other monsters that your dungeon is the perfect place for them to settle down. And there is that part of the dungeon, too where your private quarters are located and which can be expanded too. You might build a labratory to research magic potions, a forge to equip the monsters with better weapons or prison cells.

Meanwhile you have to worry about those troublesome adventurers, who are trying to beat your dungeon and get their share of the treasure. But if you manage to capture them you can emprison them, corrupt them and turn them into your loyal servants.

While the dungeon rapidly increases its size, so does the number of your followers and who might tell what will happen when the dungeon stops to satisfy your lust for power.

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