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Version: 0.3.a

Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2 (Intro)

Version: 0.1 (Intro)

So, what's next!?
by Nullus

You need money to change yourself back...or not!


The game is in further development state and polishing out the mechanics.


  • improve inventory system (for clothes, items etc)
  • add more images/gif images (from the almighty internet of course...for now)
  • add more jobs, available for the player
  • add more places to visit

Planned kinks:

  • Bimbofication/slutification
  • Sissification/Tomgirl
  • Inflation
  • Cumcraze
  • Mental changes/Corruption
  • Bestiality(not sure yet...maybe!?)

As of now the game consists of:

  • Image_pack v0.3.a
  • v0.3.a main html file

Place the files like this for the game to work:

>Game folder

  • html file
  • images folder

Need specific details about the version changes - check changelog.

May be some buggs somewhere out there. Also may be spelling mistakes (just because i'm not a native speaker and this writing thing is a little new to me) :B

The whole thing is written on Twive/Sugarcube. The images are downloaded from the net and if there any copyright issues - write it down in the review section(for now) so that I can delete those images that are protected by copyright.

P.S: the "Test stuff" is just a debugging passage, so you can ignore it...or not, up to you. I'll try to add more content regularly, though I do this whole thing in my free time from university assignments. D:

P.P.S: There is discution thread for Q&A.

You get home one night with a severe headache and trying to relieve your pain...you got yourself in a bigger problem for yourself :p
Your shrunked demasculated self will try to find the money by any means necessary to get your old self...or spend the money to corrupt yourself further :D

Grab every oportunity(if you dare) to get better tips (in further releases of the game)

  • After the intro you can ask the sister about the job yourself...or wait for a humiliating experience when you wait it out ;D
  • You can buy pills, food and use them
  • There are some actions that can add to your feminity without needing to buy the pills, so be on a lookout
  • Well...thats all for now (sorry D:)



  • rebalanced the price values of foods (tho I will add more of them, even some with specific results)
  • added the missing way to clean yourself - shower (it will restore your cleanliness)
  • added stress loss by sleeping

v 0.3

  • Implemented the inventory system for food and pills (not a big variety right now, lol)
  • Added starting clothing set (static for now)
  • The stat system is workable
  • One job added to the game
  • Filled up all the passages (but not all have something to do in them xD)
  • Fixed some typos and corrected stat changes in intro section

P.S. The cost vs efficiency of items right now will make you flabergasted (sorry), as I still try to balance off this stuff.

42444 Characters
5585 Words
52 Passages
84 Links
0 Broken Links

This story was last changed at Thursday, May 24, 2018 7:17 PM.

v 0.2 (Intro)

  • Added inventory system(you can test it in the "Inventory" tab, but still only a demo right now)
  • Filled in most of the passages with description, images (yay, images)
  • Corrected some spelling mistakes in the intro passages(though, maybe I missed a few)
  • Changed the "apearance" description to better describe your current look
  • There is an easter egg out there somewhere, try fo find it if you want :D
26483 Characters
3813 Words
41 Passages
42 Links
0 Broken Links

This story was last changed at Sunday, May 13, 2018 1:40 PM.

v 0.1 (Intro)

  • Fleshed out the intro story for the beggining of the game
  • Programmed the cash/time/energy system for further use
  • You can choose your own name...or pick a random one
  • Created the initial skelleton of passages for further expansion

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Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 05/24/2018

I do not know how anyone can play this game for long.  While the game does not seem to be bad, it however is a very slow pace game.  Some stuff that really slows the game down is:

Lack of money

Lack of energy

having to use the washroom and leaving it so you can go back into it so you can repeat AGAIN (5x) if you are at 75)

taking three Venus pills (2 small, 1 medium) only gets you 0.099% in Feminity  O.O WoW!

Now I personally do not know if items appear as you progress in the game.  If they do not then you only have the grocery store and the pharmacy.  The lack of money and lack of energy play into each other.  Working cost you 50 points in enegy and activist also cost points but not as much as work does.  Rest will restore 40 points and food also restore points but I personlly think food is a waste considering how much money you will need to get your Feminity up.  


The game is rated XXX but I have not seen any pictures or read anything yet that would class it as even an R.  I am guessing that as you get further it gets dirtier.


I might play the game more down the road and give a different review.  It is just hard to play a game that you will need to spend hours in hopes to see something good do not sound appealing.  Game is: (Go to work + wash up + rest = repeat + buy pill) x OMG IDK how many times to see........????

Review by kris.harley

Version reviewed: 0.2 (Intro) on 05/21/2018

you should add a masculinity/femininity meter

Review by darknessunited

Version reviewed: 0.1 (Intro) on 05/11/2018

intro is interesting. looking for more to the story.

Review by Nullus

Version reviewed: 0.1 (Intro) on 05/11/2018

The link is now workable. Though, for me at least. 

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