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Version: .045

Version: .044

Altered Heroines

Altered Heroines is a SuperHero themed RPG where you decide if you want to stay an Alpha male or you make decisions which lead you down a path of forced? feminization.

This is an Alpha preview release, but with over 500 rendered pictures and over a half dozen rendered animations, we wanted to showcase our art and get constructive feedback on what the future of the game should look like. 

And just to reiterate - as an alpha there may be some wonkiness with tiles or other issues which we didn't uncover during testing. We will throw up minor versions as we get feedback.  There are some reports of slowness and we've already optimized the pictures and pre-caching, and are looking into what may be causing the hit to FPS, but if you have a older or slower machine you might want to to wait until we push out the .043 release in mid July.

While Patreons will have early access to releases, we will always have a public version of this game posted here.  

Hope you enjoy playing!

You are a college student whose life was derailed by an unfortunate accident caused by a titan of industry. You want revenge and there is a cast of female characters, many with dubious intent, who want to help you oblige!

Strive to regain your masculinity, or decide you would like bigger boobs. It's up to you!

Main Character - A man (for now).

Allison - Your Landlord

Debbie - Your Landlord's daughter

Circe - Your lawyer/Evil Witch

Hailey - Her android companion

Various Heroines and Vilanesses

Included in download


No significant new content. Bugfix release.

  • Multiple bugfixes / corrections
    • Erroneous references to Map007 removed.
    • Granny Lin content should progress time correctly now.
    • Corrected grammar, spelling, character names in multiple places
    • Modified Maid Quest so it no longer gives out money each time
  • Minor graphic additions and edits


  • Multiple renders added
  • Feminization for Beta Path now takes place before first Vilaness battle
  • Modifications to skills Arouse and Eldritch Grasp
  • Hailey 'wake up' sequence
  • Added voiced videos for VR squences, Barbara sex scenes, and for Debbie masturbation scene

To do list for .05 in addition to plot advancement -

  • finish arena images and scenes for Beta path
  • tile and tall character improvements
  • map improvements
  • flesh out battle system
  • bathroom gloryhole scenes

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Lorinell

Version reviewed: .044 on 07/08/2018

Another game in my favourite engine :)


What I like:

- graphic - it's obvious, that good quality of graphic is nice, and AH have it at top level. Pretty renders, even animations. Great

- DC universum

- dialogues - they are ok written


What I dislike:

- to much sex and fetishes (I know, it sounds strange on this site, but I'm not fan of porn or most fetishes)

- small amount of transformation to far

- transformations are made by my choice, not independent occurences - basically, if I want stay male and be manly - I will be, when I want change to feminine character, it's my choice. I don't like it, but it's individual preferences

- repetetavity of actions and lack of side quest




It will be good game, but for specific target, not for everyone.

Review by freds_shadow

Version reviewed: .044 on 07/07/2018

The area around the player's apartment became extremely laggy for me about the time I first visited the apartment of Barbara Gordan. Using the keyboard was impossible and with the mouse I'd have to click several times before the character would move.

As others mentioned, it's very annoying having to go back to your apartment to change all the time. Make it so you have spots in the game world where you can change. Hopefully the game will be less linear in the future, with the MC being able to patrol and stop crimes, be able to interact with (or at least see!) his family throughout the entire day), and perhaps have side-quests (maybe a job, or he sees something he starts investigating on his own, or he meets some other hero not connected to the ones in the main plot.

Right now the game has potential but isn't particularly compelling. It is interesting enough for me to keep an eye on and I hope to play a much more complete version of it some day.

Review by snugdug

Version reviewed: .044 on 07/07/2018

I like the interactions, but the game takes too long to progress. Having to constantly go back and change clothes is annoying, and having to walk everywhere is just a waste of time. I would appreciate if the game could be stream lined to give a more convienent exprience. I really hope some more kinky femdom scenes are added, I feel there is a shortage of femdom driven sissification.


Actually this game is just too much work right now to reccomend it.

You dress as maid then walk downstairs, then walk back upstairs to change to hero outfit. Then you walk to JLA then you walk back to change to regular outfit, then you walk to barbara's house for one or two sentences of dialogue and a 3d scene. Then either you go home or you change back to hero outfit to go to circe's place. You have to to repeat this as your daily cycle over and over, which gets tiring fast.

Then the game just ends without much really happening.

Review by Kellianne

Version reviewed: .044 on 07/07/2018

I really enjoy what I see. I hope some of the transformations are controlable with the choices you make, even making some slightly hidden encounters for more extreme effectsto the transformation progress.


Review by Trueblades

Version reviewed: .044 on 07/07/2018

This game is pretty fun! That said it feels low on content. 
A few others mentioned the running around bit so i'll skip that, as its not that bad. 
For me its the big city where I can't explore. There are shops, house and other business and none can be visited. Not even a why would i go here. 
There are also no regular citizens, so the place feels really unlived in. 

Other than that, 
I'm enjoying the story. I'm genuinely curious to see where the alpha and beta paths go and how they develop. 
But depending on how much content is released I may skip an update or two to let the story build a bit. 

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