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Version: .95

Version: .9

Sissy Adventures

Live as a sissy harlot


 Links under 'Downloads'


All the links direct to the folder where its always the latest and up to date. The version in the "mega" folder is always the latest one.

Start as a sissy. Earn money to be able to change back and forth at will with the X-Change Pill.

Buy the right clothes to do certain things. (heavy wip)

Right now only a few outfits do anything


I think if you fully undress > choose the wear workoutfit (or full dress) option > Put on (secretary's outfit/work outfit) > Return to Closet > Return to House

Then you ought to be able to go to work.


Pills are checked to see if you take them everyday. The more you take a day, the faster the effects. The more you take over a longer period of time, the stronger the effects.


roommate can be found in the gym showers after visting a few times


halved bimbo gain in many places
fixed location costs not substracting correctly
reworked clinical trial money gain
made some travel more consistent in time cost
made some travel faster
added School location with school scene, study buddy scene, and professor scene



bug fixes


Clinic trials (mini-games) for $

new images

very minor new events



reworked gas station scenes/text
player should be able to not be late for work if he arrives early. (no longer have to leave, then show up late)
increased bimbo costs of many events
added more very minor bimbo gains to certain events

minor image updates to house/gym/shower

rebalanced money gain in gas station gloryhole


wip (magazines (still),third roommate,timed events)



removed broken rent gameplay mechanic and simplified it for now.
fixed broken work/negotiate pay raise mechanics and totally broken pay raises
fixed photos not showing up
fixed accessories mechanic to lay the groundwork for more bimbo raising accessories
increased bimbo gain slightly and raised bimbo requirements to unlock certain events

added bimbo costs to certain events


wip (magazines,rent,more accessories,work events/tasks)



fixed strip club being broken 


added roommate (gym showers)

fixed nightie

fixed work pay being broken (work is a necessity now as player can no longer start stripping until more conditions are met)

rebalanced work pay

fixed typos/return loops

fixed permanent game over situations from occuring (No money to travel, no money for rent no longer end the game)




broke and fixed work pay not working
fixed time not moving forward during gas station scenes
fixed already worked bug when player had not worked

version .75

fixed white space issues. images/videos should no longer display white space.

fixed gym and coworker sex scenes.

tiny-tits fixed. 

fixed second onkeydown event missing ; at the end (

 added pills taken today under stats




fixed bugs from .71




fixed the bugs found from .7

hormone system reworked. the more pills you take out over a spread period of time mean more pronounced changes

the more pills you take out over a smaller period of time mean faster but not as pronounced changes

missing a daily dosage sets you back

overdosing is extremely costly, literally.



minor bug/UI fixes and a few images added (clinic, clinic ad, gym shower images, new gym / dream images

reworked hormone pills (added functionaity to them,careful not to overdose!)

reworked forced sleep

(cam show for the player)

added player skill and player crotch size (not much to either of these yet )

strip club bug where stripping too late into the night means missing the change of the next day
tazer set to out of stock

tweaked shower camming money earned values(and couple of new shower images)

Version .65

fixed glasses/lipstick thing
fixed shower not working after camera broke
fixed shower empty space
gloryhole link
added line breaks for readability
reworked alarm system values





accessories, revamped clothes. added some coworker scenes



boss scene

wearable lipstick


player can no longer increase / decrease body dimensions beyond limits
added flash scene to bus ride
added negotiate pay raise at boss's office


bug fixes in installing web cam to spy on mother at the computer passage 


Added cost,cooldown, and visual effect changes to the Clinic treatments available. 




Added electronics store/computer/bathroom


Player webcam

Mom webcam options/sex scene images

(more feminization stuff in progress)


fixed condition checking if work clothes were on.

Made clothing system multi part. Clothing modifies bimbo score which brings in more or less money depending on your job(to be expanded)
Added clinic option to change player
Gym now changes player butt type


Show money gained from last passage
Fixed nightie not advaning day when worn to sleep


added user Image size setting 

Added pill selling event on day 6
Fixed clinic interaction
Made inventory neater




Reworked the clothing system to single item clothing. May add combination outfits in the future



Updated how to wear workoutfit:

Lowered font size by 33%

Fixed Strip Club scene (must be wearing strip club outfit)


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JoeCamb

Version reviewed: .95 on 08/08/2018

This game makes no sense. Is your goal to become a girl or to become a boy?  Are you a boy or a girl or are you something in-between? None of this is clear.

If you like to click a lot in order to look at stuff you could readily look at in a Tumblr page more quickly this will be for you.  There is almost no narrative to connect these images together and nothing to explain why you are doing what you are doing other than you need to pay the rent but your mother lends you money and lives within walking distance of your house, which, again makes no sense.

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: .9 on 08/01/2018

The game's mechanics work ... sort of, though it's buggy as all getout ... but this game needs a lot more story , backstory, and motivation for the character before it's going to be worth playing.

Review by RainbowSpirit79

Version reviewed: .86 on 07/28/2018

Honestly, it needs more lesbian content. overall its a very well done so far I can't wait to see where it goes but please add more girl on girl content.

Review by Zarathos4

Version reviewed: .85 on 07/27/2018

I almost afraid to download this update, in fear of when I do there will be another update making my download obsolete. lol. 

Review by Huperspace

Version reviewed: .72 on 07/24/2018


  1. lot of bugs
    1. Keystroke (any keyboard key) error due to 2x onkeydown events (only 1 has the requestet event input)
    1. Time: going over 24h sets hour to 0 but no day more (no reset days variables, happens at striper job,...) only when sleeping (fixable by setting time vars in your stats/"time display" passage, and the one you can only in sleep set in sleep)
    2. Time consume: a lot of events don't consume time only set vars (exploid: if this event hit outside and return, infinite loopable)
    3. no gym full outfit, only gym top/shirt (as descibed)
    4. money and bimbo gain not always showing
    5. mags: have +-bimbo but all rising bimbo except for reading some to often, reading all lower bimbo gain then manuel all
    6. sex pills and hormone are the same but hormone cost are lower
    7. work: going to staff always shorten worktime, more effience than going for a rise of salary (bimbo > money, which hardy ever is) because you can get a lot more in that won 7h time
    8. landlord flash image broken (jpg asked but gif is) (use one system to every image, video show)
    9. no free/sex ride to strip club
    10. game over condition should be called win condition (or good end but then landlord event has to be bad end)
    11. same pic for gym (due to false postion in the if else endif)
  2. lot of layout problems
    1. Break lines: everywhere, too much (due to each line code without <<nobr>> or equal twine/css setting cause a br)
    2. Pic: no defined file extentions/format, try each format you know of, every fail cause a black space (use onerror = "this.display = 'none' " or an equal js event) (every browser does things differenty)
    3. video: same as pic, (onerror needs to be in soure tag and this.parrentElement.display = 'none' onerror to not bank wall)
    4. pic,video: last text line is in the hor middle of the following pic, video space (use layout with video, pic in one extra line)
    5. pic, video: no uniform height, or aspect ratio
    6. text: color is awfull and font size is too big, no visual change for info,option,spoken text
    7. gains and losses: not top as now because you would have to scroll all way up and down again for next (due to to big font now, and later if the text gets full of decoration)

use https://designshack.net/articles/layouts/10-rock-solid-website-layout-examples/ for good website layouts, and change them to make them good visual-novel ones (you will have to learn html and js for this to work)

  1. visuals :
    1. don't allways represent the thing/stuff it's text descibes (pic to get to work,..)
    2. allmost everything is showing woman not representing what you are
    3. gains and loses as numbers or description at the last line
    4. no info about open and close times of the driving loc.
  2. workflow:
    1. wandrobe has to much pages, takes too long and you have to do it 3 time or more a day (make one page with settings, like with a radio button for top,bottom, and a checkbox for accessories; optional fast options, like recall saved clothing)
    1. no use for other than gym,strip,sectary,office clothes
    2. bimbo requirements of any event are met in only one day
    3. you feel more of a woman then a sissy/trans/trap whatsoever
    4. descriptions are vargue and short
    5. you need 4 weeks to get to boobs size 3 to get all the landlord events but you beat the game: with exploint in 1 day, or in 2 week with brain
    6. noo range evals (no limits + or -)
  3. Story:
    • only landlord rent: more of an event than a story
      • Game over scene is the only one with something visual happening (good bad bj) but only one time
      • everything other you need at least boobs size 3 no visuals no
    • no random events
  4. Code:
    1. No Framework at all (more of a prof of concept than an alpha (START Prof of Concept, Prototype, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, Release, Hotfixes & Patches, DLCs , ...END))
      1. Only Money, Bimbo, and Boobs Size are imported/used stats (too less, no use of event flags for a story or progression, you can do everything at the beginning, except landlord but not important)
      2. No usage of div/span ID for a Layout like different styles visuals etc for spoken text, info, desc. , events, inlines,... (only flow text and not likeable item/loc pic showing (now you have to hover the 3 point under the link to show it, but if it should show when hovering over the passage link)
    2. hard to read due to no layout/indent style at all (twine generator doesn't have style ^^)
    3. no uniform versioning (the game says v4, changelog ingame says 0.71, version on tf says 0.72)


  • everything of 0.70 (except for over 24h don't cause next day)
  • Faint cause to sleep 2 times
  • you start with no dong (genderless)
  • Pills:
    • taking pills take too much time (at least the info if taken should be in stats)
    • Pills have numbers per buy now but don't stack (new entry for every buy)
    • no change in progress if more then 1 pill taken (due to hardcoded +=1)
    • pills total today taken (not realy sure what does what)
    • hormone change:
      • no use of Math.trunc if you don't have float, should be divided by ten before
      • all pills var except total are reseted before going to that passage
      • math if you use + total/10 [math: boobsize+floor(7/10*n)) where n is the hormone passage visit count] no differ between pre choosen body parts
      • tiny tits is + not - as it should
  • dong missing pic and false dicksize pic source (dicksize*10 result in higher than 9, so 10.gif, should be croutch1.gif)
  • a lot of events that do nothing important/no use at all
  • settings page is black as the setting info text
  • free ride take 2 hours now and normal none
  • second onkeydown event missing ; at the end
  • boss raise:
    • having both glass and lipstick result in glass scene (due to logic error/wrong ask order _temp cant be 1 and 2 at the same time, use wearglass, wearlipstick boolean (true, or false) for checking)
    • having none result in desc you managed to tease  but at the end you don't ; and last pic is showing, if you where in gym a gym image

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