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Version: 0.1.12

Bimbo Tournament

You are coerced into a tournament where the winner is handsomely rewarded. The losers? They've been reduced to bimbos. Will you beat the tournament, lose on purpose, or try to take the whole thing down?


This is still only a demo with limited content. Alpha won't start until feature completion happens sometime in September.

You start as a male (possible future change) and you are forced to join a tournament by your old high school crush. You are injected with a substance which can change your body and mind. You have to choose whether you want to lose your innocence or your manhood.


  1. Open email
  2. Go to Mall
  3. Go to Strange Store and buy the mask
  4. Go Home
  5. Go to the masquerade
  6. Go to the Mall
  7. Go to the Strange Store
  8. Go to the Tournament Entrance



  • Dynamic player images
  • Challenge system
  • Punishment system
  • Introduction
  • First full ending added (unwritten)


  • Fixed bug preventing future visits to the HQ


  • Fixed a bug that broke the shower event with your chosen roommate


  • Fixed else if -> elseif issue in a few places
  • Fixed masturbation arousal
  • Fixed masturbation error for anal
  • Fixed file name issues
  • Fixed hair regrowth for now
  • Fixed bug that allowed a player to access an evaluation right after going to one
  • Added wet dream when MC arousal is 100 or above when sleeping at night


  • Park - 8 events added when running, walking, resting
  • Slums - 1 event added
  • Slums - 1 job added
  • Sleep - Transformation dreams added
  • Sleep - General dream added
  • Added portraits for when characters speak
  • Fixed many spelling/grammar issues


  • Fixed issue with being punished twice.
  • Fixed image links not working correctly.
  • Fixed Shower event not having the right consequences.
  • Fixed Transformation Dream not firing.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by sexylollypop1979

Version reviewed: 0.1.12 on 08/05/2018

I hate to sound like a broken record with these reviews but overall I can see this game having promise however it definitely needs a lot of work.

Review by caramoore

Version reviewed: 0.1.12 on 08/03/2018

Well as others have said there's not a lot there but what there is, in my opinion, makes for an intriguing start. It will be interesting to see how many interactions there might be with your room mates, how much you can do to ensure that they too behave themselves to avoid punishments at the weekly reviews etc.  For now it's not a lot more than a few minutes clicking whilst ignoring the errors (such as the ever present one in the bedroom for example) but in my opinion it'll be worth a follow to see where it goes.

Review by max02

Version reviewed: 0.1.12 on 08/02/2018

the game is not bad ,noticed errors in the navigation and display of pictures ,tried to fix but could not , correct them : the house :women's masturbate ,sleep , Park: when the rape of a trance .and woman , when soglashaetsa : transfer error *walk away* does not display the photo / GIF . and so we need more content ,develop the mechanics and NPCs to have more action with them ,while a little someone to vzaimodeystvovat and it's a bit of a Shocker ,I intyg ,even in the Park, you can add : when gg saw (saw ) a couple there can be added such that gg while pry is to masturbate or his \her notice . and such options could add a lot ,but it is not for everybody .

Review by kduckef

Version reviewed: 0.1.12 on 08/02/2018

I would put this game under 'concept' as opposed to demo. I see a lot of potential, but there's not only a lack of content, but bugs, unfinished existing content, and inconsistency. The actualy gameplay is completely monotonous and basically non-existent. The most "interesting" thing you can do is go to the park every day and then just let yourself be transformed at the end of every saturday. Also the pacing of the game is incredibly slow, having to go through six days of nothing for one day of actually being transformed, and were the transformations taking place once every 3 days or so, the rate would be fine, but as it stands, they're incredibly slow. This game should not have been put out yet, work on it more, get the basics ironed out and then put it back up.

Review by Fcstone

Version reviewed: 0.1.12 on 08/02/2018

It has potential.  

Needs a lot of work.

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