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Siblings Swap

Siblings Swap is a multiple-choice body swap story (with pictures) written using the Ink narrative scripting language, so you start as a man (in the intro) who wakes up as a woman. You start out by playing a nerdy 18 year old boy called Christian Knowles, who is living in a small apartment with his mother Irene, his father John and his 21 year old sister Nicole who has just started working as an art and computer science teacher in the same school that Christian goes to.

Christian has always had a little crush on his big sister ever since he came into puberty, their parents are poor so the siblings share a room which drives Christian’s hormones crazy. But it’s not just a crush, there is envy too and the wish to not only have her, but to become her, to become a woman. That wish is going to be heard by a fairy who was sent to earth as punishment for her sometimes devilish attitude. She has to help people to redeem herself so that she is allowed to go home to her magical land, and she is just too glad to help Christian because she also hopes it’s going to lead to a lot of mischief that she enjoys just so much.

“Siblings Swap” is a complete simulation of being a woman, with all the fun and the hardships that entails. A character creator lets you define exactly how Nicole (and therefore you, in her body) should look. You can lose your virginity, date, marry, get pregnant, work, eat, sleep and everything else you could do in real life (once it’s all implemented of course).

Good things can happen to you but if you’re not careful also very bad things, like abduction and rape. Don’t eat enough and you will eventually starve to death. Every action you take advances the time, there is a full 24 hours/1440 minutes day/night cycle.

It is inspired by QSP games like Girl Life, or what I like to call the Skyrim of adult interactive fiction.

You can read much more about it, what you can do in the current version and what's planned for the next update on my Tumblr.


To save your progress, you need to go sleep in your bed, then you can load your progress from the menu on the left which shows the date and time you saved and a load buttonIn my other interactive fiction story, "You're Vicky" (which is very similar but with more elaborate stories and less interactivity), you can save wherever you want, but it means I can't make drastic changes without breaking save games, so for Siblings Swap I decided to use a much simpler auto save system for now.


Check out the walkthrough section if you have trouble finding more content in the story. While it's this early in the development process, I'll add a few hints to the walkthrough section on here with every update, later on I won't do that anymore because a lot of the fun comes from finding things out yourself. But for now it makes sense since it can get boring quickly without it.


When writing reviews and feedback (which I love, thanks for all the comments, you're awesome!) please keep in mind that this story is in very early alpha stage and is clearly marked as such, quite a few people seem to have overlooked that in their eagerness to check out the story (hey, as long as you read the story I'm fine with it, so thanks for your eagerness!). There is not much you can do yet. Check out the changelog here or the post on my Tumblr to see what exactly is possible right now and what is going to come in the next updates.

You will likely see all of the content there is right now within an hour or two of playing, within the first two or three ingame days, so please don't try to play this for ten hours straight just yet, you won't have fun and will just be disappointed and maybe give up on the story completely, which would be super sad.

This story is highly interactive, much more like Girl Life than typical interactive fiction, the plan is for this to become a huge open world where you can do everything you ever wanted, so developing the gameplay systems has taken up most of the 50+ hour development time so far and the 3000+ lines of code spread over 21 files (when you lack the dick to compare sizes and boast with, just boast with your enormous code length!), so there is happening a lot more behind the scenes than you might be able to see this early on while there isn't yet that much story content that makes use of it. This should become more and more apparent with every update, I'll try to get the first few out as quickly as possible :)

Here are a few tips to find sexy scenes in the current version, use these if you played for a while and just don't find anything anymore. I'll keep updating this for the first few updates, while there isn't that much content to find yet, so it's less boring.


You can meat a colleague in school called Melissa by checking out your desk in the staff room twice.

John (your father)

Talk to him in the kitchen between 18:00 and 19:00 and he will grope you. After that, talk to him in the living room from 19:00 to 22:00 and he will go a little further.

Christian (your brother, formerly yourself)

Make him aroused by talking to him about the body swap and choosing the right options and by doing exercises in front of him a few times. Then go shower between 19:00 and 22:00 and he will peek on you. Every time he does you get additional options, up to inviting him inside with you. After you've chosen the option to open the curtain for him to get a better look, you can be naked in your room and you can talk to him about "Peeping Tom". Choose the right options and you can show him a good time. From then on you can show him a good time whenever you want by talking to him and getting frisky.

Version 2

No new content yet, just quick fixes and improvements

  • Fixes issue when masturbating with household items
  • Makes the design responsive, so it now works on mobile phones (or just make your browser window smaller to try it out)
  • Adds setting to disable the text fading animation (it then fades in all the text in one go, not slowly each paragraph)

Version 1

You can:

  • Create a character (Nicole), selecting hair color, skin color, eye color, hair length, breast and butt size, weight and height.
  • Go through the 2.3k word long intro which is not interactive but changes a tiny bit depending on the characteristics you chose for your character, like all the text in the story does. You can skip it, but it’s highly recommended to not skip it on your first play through, especially right now where there isn’t much content yet
  • Eat in the kitchen or the school cafeteria (You can get by eating once or twice a day, eat more or eat when your hunger isn’t high enough yet and you get fat, eat too little and you start to lose weight and eventually die)
  • Sleep in your bed (advances time to 6:00 AM the next day and saves, so don’t forget to go sleep!)
  • Shower (Keeps you clean, and your brother might peek on you at a certain time of day)
  • Pee
  • Brush your teeth
  • Change your clothes
  • Exercise in your room
  • Deflower yourself with household items (not that you’d want to, but you can do it)
  • Masturbate with household items, both vaginal and anal (no lube yet so it’ll hurt)
  • Teach art and computer science at school
  • Talk with your brother
  • Talk with your father
  • Meet one of your female colleagues in school
  • Sleepless night (happens when going to bed after some special events)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 2 on 08/10/2018

Really solid opening to the game and nicely laid out. This has the potential to be really good. Right now you can only get a little naughty with family members and do some personal experimentation but there's a lot of hooks for more to come.

If you want to request stuff, better to do it on the forum discussion link where it won't get lost when other reviews are written.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 2 on 08/10/2018

I'd like to say disappointed -> reason because there no intercourse.(3 weeks still zero)

Its something that explains girl gets bored or guy for that matter takes over his sister before she leaves, then in process since everyone is ignoring persuasion and demands...she pokes her hymen out existence.


She doesn't fuck her brother, they are not even sleeping together they are sleeping in same room...

there no means of making so same bed which would spice up a ton.

Put the spice in that cookie or we all going die literally...could tempting brother use inanimate objects...to please his arousal.


Hint to anyone else: use chubby character with big breasts and big ass this only way handle bitch role that his sister was really like...

Review by Huntermun

Version reviewed: 2 on 08/10/2018

Really enjoyed what is here so far.  The building blocks are certainly in place and what is here is well written.  Very nice.

Lots of people saying what they want to see, so I guess I'll say I'd like muscle improvement, including the school gym, and probably choices of what to eat that'd affect weight and muscle growth?  Oh, also, workout cloths!  Or nude option, which I'm sure the brother would be totally fine with.

Of course, I also don't see why the sister doesn't have a dildo.  Just saying.

What's here feels really good.  I recommend anyone try it, for sure.  I hope the author sticks with it.

Review by Immoral

Version reviewed: 2 on 08/09/2018

Version 2:

I like the option to remove the fadein of on-screen items, that was a little annoying before this update.


Version 1:

Interesting so far, can't wait for more content. I'd imagine there will be other locations than just home/school, since the co-worker event hints at clubbing, and I reckon some shopping might do as well? Also parent's bedroom should be a location, as well as interactions with the mother... and father... and other than talking if you know what I mean. In the workplace, I can't wait to find out why the extra outfit is paired with the provocative red underwear. Better yet, maybe the principal has to "evaluate" the new teacher say Wednesday and Friday?

Review by latexkhaleesi

Version reviewed: 2 on 08/08/2018

Thanks for the update. I actually find the game interesting so far. Would love new content ;D

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