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Version: 0.25

Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1

The Whore of Babylon


Hello everyone, welcome to our first interactive story in Twine 2, hope you enjoy it!

Our small (but very motivated!) team consists of a couple addicted to reading and playing erotic fiction. Our objective is to make this game in both Spanish and English, maintaining a (relatively) high writing standard and appealing to a lot of different tastes.

As this is our pilot project, we hope you understand the lack of mechanical complexity. However, with every update we hope you notice our increasing experience, hopefully also stemming from your reviews and comments. This is why we encourage feedback, so feel free to post below after playing the new update.


Notice: You must be connected to the internet to play this game, since the images are hosted on an external site.


Current Fetishes:

Nuns (obviously), M/F, F/F, Dom/Sub, Corruption, F-Self, M-Self, Feet, Shemale on male, cum eating, noncon, penis shrinking, facefucking, thighfucking, creampies, Mind control, forced masturbation... and much more!


Planned Fetishes:

Demonic transformations, Futanari, pegging, public sex


If you wish to have a specific fetish included, you can suggest it by leaving a review!



Hola a todos! Bienvenidos a nuestra primera historia interactiva en formato Twine 2, ¡esperamos que lo disfrutéis!  

Nuestro pequeño, pero motivado equipo se compone de una pareja muy aficionada a las historias y juegos eróticos ;) y nuestro propósito es crear juegos en este formato tanto en inglés como en castellano, con calidad literaria y variedad de contenido. 

Al ser este nuestro proyecto piloto, esperamos que sean comprensivos en cuanto a la poca complejidad mecánica. Aun así, en cada actualización veréis reflejado en nuestro trabajo la eventual acumulación de experiencia y retroalimentación, así como vuestras sugerencias y comentarios Es por eso que os invitamos a dejar vuestro review tras probar el juego o jugarlo tras alguna actualización. 

AVISO: Se necesita conexión a Internet para jugar (por lo pronto), ya que las imágenes y vídeos se encuentran hosteadas en un sitio externo.


Fetiches actuales:

Monjas (obviamente), M/F, F/F, Dom/Sub, Corruption, F-Self, M-Self, Pies (mínimo), Shemale on male, Cum eating, Noncon, Penis shrinking, facefucking, thighfucking, creampies, control mental, masturbación forzada... ¡y mucho más!


Fetiches planeados:

Transformaciones demoníacas, futanari, pegging, sexo público


Si teneis un fetiche específico que os gustaría ver, ¡podeis dejar un review y lo consideraremos!



In this story you will play as a nun who's lived her whole life in a convent and, consequently is sexually repressed (hopefully not for long). Nevertheless, a penance involving the book of Revelation and the Whore of Babylon will pique her interest, taking her down the path of submission and obedience, or domination and vengeance. It's your choice!


En esta historia jugarás como una monja que ha vivido toda su vida en un convento, hasta ahora, sexualmente reprimida. Sin embargo, un castigo involucrando el libro del Apocalipsis y la figura de la gran ramera picarán su curiosidad, llevándola,  por el camino de la sumisión y la obediencia, o bien por el de la dominación y la venganza. ¡Tú escoges!


Version 0.2.5:

-First split in the story! First part of submissive route implemented

-New scenes+photos/videos

-Story up to Day 4


Version 0.2:

-Several cosmetic changes and new dialog/story options depending on your dominance

-New images/gifs (more nuns!)

-English version (which is the more developed of the two)

-New scenes and updates to old scenes.

-Save/load system


Version 0.1:

-The story reaches until day 3

-Images/gifs implemented

-Logic to track domination/submission implemented


Planned features:

-Better looking game in general (different colors for characters, counter showing the level of domination/submission, etc.)

-Ending that is dependent on the decisions you take

-More fetishes

-Story until days 5-7

-Save/load system




Versión 0.2.5:

-¡Primera bifurcación de la historia! Inicio de la ruta pasiva implementada

-Nuevas escenas + material gráfico

-Historia hasta la mitad del día 4


Versión 0.2:

-Varios cambios cosméticos y nuevas opciones en función de como de dominante es el personaje

-Nuevas imágenes/gifs (más monjas!)

-Versión en inglés (con más features)

-Nuevas escenas y updates a escenas antiguas

-Sistema de guardado y cargado


Versión 0.1:

-La historia llega hasta el día 3

-Imágenes/gifs implementados

-Lógica dominación/sumisión implementada


Características planificadas:

-Mejor estética del juego (colores para las conversaciones, counter mostrando el nivel de dominación/sumisión, etc.)

-Final dinámico dependiente de las decisiones tomadas

-Más fetiches

-Historia hasta el día 5-7

-Sistema de guardado/cargado



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/07/2018

It would certainly be helpful if ye add a GAME DESCRIPTION in the Synopsis Tab (Synopsis meaning/definition= a brief summary or general survey of something).  Ye gave a hint as to who ye were and why ye make this game along with the Current/Planned Fetishes, but DID NOT say anything about the Story of the game itself (which is what most people use to decide if they want to play a game or not).  As for playing your game- i did not. 

I hate when games are linear because if it is linear because then it ISN'T A GAME, IT'S JUST A STORY ONLY (if i wanted a story then i'll go read a book).  I didn't want the fact that it is presently linear to affect my opinion and feel for the game to make it so i never play any of the future updates because of that sad fact.  If in a few updates your game stops being linear, then i will certainly try it.

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 09/03/2018

This is a linear game and your choices make no difference as the story goes along.  It is an easy quick play and delete game or just skip it altogether.

Must adult pictures are not of nuns so if you were looking to get off to nun XXX you should look else where.


The story was not bad but I kept getting "He" and "His" instead of "She" or "Her"  which made it wierd to read.

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