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Version: 0.4a

Version: 0.3b

Version: 0.3

Version: 0.25

Version: 0.2

by Skiegh

Press-Switch is a game designed by Skiegh and is primarily focused on Body Swapping but with quite a numerous amount of other forms of TF and things of a similar nature. It is a Visual Novel style game which, while, on occasion will follow the typical VN format of a linear storyline, will more often than not, lead off into entirely different tangents with each decision made.

You take control of Calvin Hintre, an evasive teenager who finds himself observing others more than engaging with them. His people watching habits leave most of his time spent in simple wonder of situations to be -- of conversations that could be had, but never will due to his lack of assertion. This "if they don't approach, I won't either" kind of mentality leads him to live a very isolated life, with only those willing to force their way through his bubble capable of wrenching him from his otherwise boring existence. New possibilities come knocking however...

When a passing truck nearly flattens him, a stray bit of it's contents falls loose from it's rickety tail. Inside that unmarked package lay a device capable of changing the very people around him in ways he never could've imagined. Now he comes set on a dilemma, change others or himself, and how, and for what reason? The moral dilemma of this comes to shape the entirety of his life from then on. However, the device came riddled with warnings, and with it's mysterious properties, it may only be a matter of time until his curiosity leaves him hurdling towards his own bane.




The long awaited new content is here in the form of a pathway to take a trip first and truly through all of Eliza's school, a place which was supposed to be a minor location but here it is with more content than the entire rest of the game. In this new path, which stems from an existing one, you take control of Calvin, where he reaches out to Karyn -- his sister's friend -- to see if she would be willing to let him spend a day with his sister inside her all girls' school Olivian High. No amount of forcing would let him in otherwise, and even a switch of his own chromosomes would leave him not on the enlisted girls, so his only course of action is to ask Karyn for the thing which she unconsciously holds most precious: her body.

Experience a path that is unlike every other thing I produced in that it actually functions like an organic path which continually merges back together with itself, with varying options leading to different conclusions much later. The path itself is incomplete. This is part of day 1, in what is planned to be a 3 day path. Day 1 is very introductory, but that doesn't stop it from having it's fair share of missteps, one of which has a very, very, very lengthy ending sequence. Speaking of, endings are no longer numbered, but there are quite a few of them to find. Good luck in doing so~

As this content is not complete, a general rule of thumb is that the path will end upon reaching the end of Eliza's school day, when the final class ends. There are exceptions to this in both ways, as well as a few options which simply can't be accessed due to being cut for either being incomplete, for time, or because I just didn't like them as they were. I apologize for it not being complete as I wanted it to be, but it only makes sense to get it out there now. Something else that is very important to note here is...

This Version Can Only Access The New Content!!!!

If you want to experience P-S as it once was, you will have to download and use version 0.3b. My intention next is to rework the game and get all of the old content working again.

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Review by NovusPeregrine

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 11/13/2017

A good idea...with far far far too much dialouge between actual events, and not enough content yet to be worth recommending. On the other hand, the writing quality is actually pretty decent, so I think the game will likely be quite good once it actually has a decent amount of content. Promising...just not really anything to write home about, yet. 

Review by Jet7

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 10/31/2017

 I'm glad, that previous routes are blocked, since way too much time passed and I've got rather vague memories of 'em.

In all honesty, you should just stop developing new routes and release the whole of those you've got so far. It's getting kinda scary how huge it gets with a single site and only several characters. Looks the biggest VN I've ever seen so far as it is. Hard not to get bored of all that in the meantime. I used to be put off by needless porn and extremely retarded and unlikeable characters, but gotta admit, that the game grows on you. It even makes some semblance of sense at times lol. Few of the endings are way too absurd though, like the raping dog, becoming Mika just to endlessly tease that other gal or becoming famous with the 5 women team, even though there are over 200 of exactly the same ones xD.

Review by slion2152

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 10/24/2017

Fantastic! Interesting paths and dialogue. Well worth looking at!

Some paths I like allot more than others, but i think there is something for almost everyone here.

Review by Crackerjack

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 10/13/2017

I want to put a meme here to express how amazed I feel to see this game updated, but that would be sacreligious to this holy game.

Review by Samify

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 10/12/2017


  • A large amout of high-quality original art (anime-style).
  • Great sexy situations involving the main charcter being transformed.
  • A large number of quite different paths to explore.


  • Every single character in the game (including most importantly the main character) in unlikable. They're all repulsively shallow, and with all but maybe two or three exceptions, they're all self-interested assholes, with a few crossing the line to outright psychopathy. There's no one that you can relate to, get invested in, or care about.
  • The game almost entirely focuses on what happens, and dosn't give you much insight into why characters or doing what they're doing, or how they're feeling about the things that are happening to them (beyond really surface-level like/dislike stuff).
  • The writing is poor. The author uses a lot of flowery ambigous language (maybe in an attempt to be literary or poetic?) that just has the result of being unclear, confusing the reader, and connoting a lot of things that the author clearly didn't intend to connote. It's also lacking in succintness; the writer takes the time to describe a lot of thinks that I consider not worth taking the time to mention. I don't feel like this is huge deal - if the other cons weren't present, and the writing was still bad, I would think that this game is great, but the writing being bad certainly doesn't help.

So ultimately, the cons above ruined the game for me. When the main character is somebody who I have some strong moral judgements of because he treats his housekeeper like shit, isn't very empathic toward his family members, and is self-centered, with little concern for the very serious impact that his actions may have on others, it's a little hard for me to care about him getting into a bad situation where his control is taken away.

And since the game gave me virtually zero psychological insight into what any of the characters were going through, half or more of what's typically appealing to me about gender-switch erotica was taken away, and situations in the game that I would normally consider sexy just didn't do much for me.


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