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Version: 0.5a

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Version: 0.3b

Version: 0.3

Version: 0.25

Version: 0.2

by Skiegh

Press-Switch is a game designed by Skiegh and is primarily focused on Body Swapping but with quite a numerous amount of other forms of TF and things of a similar nature. It is a Visual Novel style game which, while, on occasion will follow the typical VN format of a linear storyline, will more often than not, lead off into entirely different tangents with each decision made.

You take control of Calvin Hintre, an evasive teenager who finds himself observing others more than engaging with them. His people watching habits leave most of his time spent in simple wonder of situations to be -- of conversations that could be had, but never will due to his lack of assertion. This "if they don't approach, I won't either" kind of mentality leads him to live a very isolated life, with only those willing to force their way through his bubble capable of wrenching him from his otherwise boring existence. New possibilities come knocking however...

When a passing truck nearly flattens him, a stray bit of it's contents falls loose from it's rickety tail. Inside that unmarked package lay a device capable of changing the very people around him in ways he never could've imagined. Now he comes set on a dilemma, change others or himself, and how, and for what reason? The moral dilemma of this comes to shape the entirety of his life from then on. However, the device came riddled with warnings, and with it's mysterious properties, it may only be a matter of time until his curiosity leaves him hurdling towards his own bane.




Version 0.5a is the first in many 0.5 releases planned meant to revamp P-S and put all of the old content back into the game while continuing to add onto the game. Having had to rebuild the game from the ground up, a lot of previous content no longer works properly and has been sealed off. This is the first release, which is merely the alpha release of the game's intitial start, with some minor additions here and there. In time we'll hopefully be able to get everything back into the game and one day P-S will be back whole again and bigger than ever.







The long awaited new content is here in the form of a pathway to take a trip first and truly through all of Eliza's school, a place which was supposed to be a minor location but here it is with more content than the entire rest of the game. In this new path, which stems from an existing one, you take control of Calvin, where he reaches out to Karyn -- his sister's friend -- to see if she would be willing to let him spend a day with his sister inside her all girls' school Olivian High. No amount of forcing would let him in otherwise, and even a switch of his own chromosomes would leave him not on the enlisted girls, so his only course of action is to ask Karyn for the thing which she unconsciously holds most precious: her body.

Experience a path that is unlike every other thing I produced in that it actually functions like an organic path which continually merges back together with itself, with varying options leading to different conclusions much later. The path itself is incomplete. This is part of day 1, in what is planned to be a 3 day path. Day 1 is very introductory, but that doesn't stop it from having it's fair share of missteps, one of which has a very, very, very lengthy ending sequence. Speaking of, endings are no longer numbered, but there are quite a few of them to find. Good luck in doing so~

As this content is not complete, a general rule of thumb is that the path will end upon reaching the end of Eliza's school day, when the final class ends. There are exceptions to this in both ways, as well as a few options which simply can't be accessed due to being cut for either being incomplete, for time, or because I just didn't like them as they were. I apologize for it not being complete as I wanted it to be, but it only makes sense to get it out there now. Something else that is very important to note here is...

This Version Can Only Access The New Content!!!!

If you want to experience P-S as it once was, you will have to download and use version 0.3b. My intention next is to rework the game and get all of the old content working again.

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Review by Crims0n

Version reviewed: 0.5a on 05/30/2018

I'm sorry but having played 0.3b and then 0.5a.. It feels like an immense downgrade.  There are just way too many characters and it feels like the author has bit off more than they could chew for a neverending case of incompletion.  Not only are tons of routes cut off in the older versions, the newer version worries me since it has even more characters.  The UI feels like it has been cheapened, some characters feel out of place stylistically, and on a few occassions when loading a file, even the wrong character was shown in the first loaded frame!  Not to mention that character art positions sometimes get into a jumbled mess.  In my opinion, while more character diversity is great, you should really work on what you already have/had and go from there.  So much possibility in an unending flow of incompletion.  A flow--that at the beginning of previous versions was well done, loses itself at the very introduction of 0.5a.

All of the above is understandable since the rework is still in its infancy, and of course there's still hope for the game, but to trip and spill your beans all over the pavement at the beginning of a rework is worrying.  However, having only played Student Transfer and the older versions of this game, I can only compare it against itself and ST---so while lacking, it's still a good game and worth checking out if the theme(s) appeal to you.


0.3b - 8/10

0.5a - 5/10


Review by Zack_Zander

Version reviewed: 0.5a on 03/27/2018

@Shayoko; Those version are not the same as each other. for example, 0.3 is larger version available but 0.4 is a more polished version for Eliza's School route while 0.5 is to add more character to the game.

Is there anyone here able to make a Path Map for 0.5a? The only two 'extended' route I can find is the when you act as a Witch and the other wher the controler malfunction

In 'The Witch' part, you can either switch Mika (As Ashley) with Megumi or Calvin (As Mika) with Megan (Which I'm curious about) and it end after those choice.

In 'Controler Malfunction' part which started to split into 3 path when Mika went to Ashley's Body. If you pull Mika out of Ashley body immediately, the path end. If you let Mika went into Ashley's Body, all choice after that would end in the bathroom (Although a few of them have interesting CGs). The third path that I missed before was when you pull Mika out at the second time it tell you to. I can bet a good chuck of reviewers missed that path.

For the next version, I hope we get to see more possession in this game. Also the two character I like to see more of in later updates is Megan and Ruby.


I would like to see more of Ruby after Calvin change her personality when choosing 'Possession', 'Trista' , 'Grit my teeth and find out more', and 'Her whole personality bothered me!!' instead of forgetting all about it

Making her either some sort of stalker by following Calvin or have a different path from there instead of going straight to School would be interesting

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: 0.5a on 03/27/2018

Why does everyone forget to remove old versions?

Review by that girl

Version reviewed: 0.5a on 03/24/2018

Start Game
Choice 1: Seems Fishy
Choice 2: Give to Nick
Nick takes box, Nick says he'll let you know if anything good comes of it.
Arrive at School.
Mika takes you aside.
You now mysteriously have the box again. You don't at all seem confused that the box Nick took is somehow back in your hand, nor do you at all bring up that Mika may like to know that Nick took that very box earlier, and it has somehow magically been returned to you.


The entire scene was lazily copy-pasted from the other paths, or more likely, simply had been directed to that path chunk from the end of the previous choice's path chunk. In either case, it was pretty poorly handled.

I reccomend having blocked off that path until there is actually follow-up path chunks where you don't have the device in that part of the story, or the follow-up scene is an alternate veriation that mentions the device mysteriously returning to your inventory, with an option as to whether or not mention the phenomenon to Mika. Or removing it entirely if you're not going to follow through with Nick taking the box affecting the follow-up scene.


Aside from that, however, the game it pretty good. I might redownload the original story, if it's still available, as there are some routes in it I quite enjoy, but I'll probably still get newer versions, as having all, or at least most, of the content restored, plus new conten, makes the rebuild more appealing.

Hoping the body-part-swapping function is in the rebuild eventually, but wouldn't be upset if its not.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.5a on 03/22/2018

Great game! Went through all of the paths and still waiting for more to come. :3

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