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monster girls

Version: 0.5.4

by Revilo

You're stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

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Review by medli

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 08/04/2017

Absolutely amazing game, with well over 10 hours of content so far! I have no idea how this game doesn't have more likes, honestly. I didn't come expecting much, but I've already spent well over a week playing though this game. There's a story behind every transformation, and losing any battle will lead you to one of them, as well as certain items and talking to npcs.

Only complaint is that I wish there was a way to view specific endings, I've been through so many, but I don't want to miss anything at all! There's no real "guide" so you're blindly trying to find a lot of the stuff that might be hidden in the game. The beret is a great example, if you use it when you find it you're led to one of the many transformations, but if you use it anywhere else you can turn into a girl. (Until you do the quest for it, then it stops working sadly.)

The battle system is simple enough, and fluid for the first section of the game. At first its a bit of a challenge, since you have few items, and healing requires a lot of money. But soon after there's little to no challenge in anything. You're forced to surrender to see each ending. Would be nice if you could up the difficulty a bit, so you're kinda forced into the transformations, instead of surrendering to all of them. Most of the end-game mobs hit like 25 damage, when you have 500-1,000 health and are hitting hundreds and have 3 or 4 party members.

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 06/23/2017

I can't write as raving reviews as the other reviewers.

Why is this game rated XXX ?

There is no adult stuff in the game, except maybe some anime pics and texts of the bad endings.

And this brings me to the second point, the game feels like a regular RPG maker game.


Review by aaaac

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 06/23/2017

This is one of the best games on the site. It is most accurately described as a big fun mess.

Big: there is a lot of content, over 100 endings, five big areas to explore. To give an example here are some of the endings, five variations on the turned into a slime-girl ending, one happily married ending, one happily married endings with the player as the bride, one happily married ending with the player as the mind-controlled bride, three stuck at the north pole endings, one transformed by a magical hat ending, two bunny girl endings, a huge number of turned into a monster girl ending, etc, etc….

Fun: the setting doesn’t take itself too seriously, the writing and characters are enjoyable, the main character has a “huh, okay” expression constantly. The endings are varied enough that you will eventually find something that you like. Combat which can be a drag in other rpg maker games, is horribly unbalanced in the player’s favor. Most endings have really good pictures to go along with them. There is a dedicated lose skill so you can quickly try new endings.

Mess: it’s super easy to miss content, the only guide to what content is available is an easily missed optional area. The game spends three zones teaching you to explore everything and then starts the fourth zone with a constant poison effect (it works thematically but is so frustrating), then there is a zone that is a giant maze populated by swarms of frustratingly high health enemies.

I complain but that is only because I played the game to exhaustion after I discovered it, and still regularly visit the site checking for updates.

I cannot recommend this game enough, everyone should try it at least once. Save often, grind on bee-girls or kappas until you steamroll everything, and always explore.

Review by Werofive

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 05/17/2017

Really love the game  although it sometimes is a bit buggy in the newer zones so save regularly. The endings and chemistry between the characters are great and the combat improves as you get further. 

Just wish i could find a walkthrough because i've been stuck in the desert for an our trying to douse the fire on the bridge or get to the next zone. 


Thanks for your work!

Review by Garmus

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 03/31/2017

Despite having a few bugs with the save system, the game is quite enjoyable; I really like the Arena, which serves as a "free battle" mode, as well as a gallery of bad ends.


Despite how big some sections seem to be, there´s always a path to be found if you have a bit of patience.


I can´t wait to see the full game completed ^^.

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