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Version: 0.5.4

by Revilo

You're stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

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Review by ccccccccc

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 07/13/2018

By far the best TFTG game i found on this site and i seen ALOOT of games.

The story is fun, the characters are well written and the world changes constantly which makes the game new and interessing.

But the best part of this whole game are the TF's. THERE ARE A TOTAL 131 OF THEM? AND THEY ARE ALL GOOD!

10/10 would get amnesia just to play this again

Review by Masurama

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 06/08/2018

This is still and by far the best RPG Maker Ace Game I found here! The Game itself is Huge and open after you complete your first Tasks which is great and gives allot Choices to the Player. There are a BIG amounts of Endings and still I can't manage to find them all, in addition with some other Optional Things.

The main Character is funny in his own way. The Fight system is great, not to Hard nor to easy. Now the downside of it is that the World is so big it's easy to miss something even if you take many Hours of Searching Areas, talking with People, interacting with Objects and fighting or losing against Monsters. it so much you always feel you miss out and you do in the End. 

But back to the good stuff I like that the Areas change later to make the World even more interresting. I'm not gonna Spoil anything.

If this game would be complete I would even dare to buy it, but as long its Free I'm not saying no to it. What is really the biggest Downside that you did stop working on this great Game and therefore Players like me that would like to see more Content of this are forced to wait and simply this results in losing Interrest is great Games like this.

Now I hope this Feedback helps out and hope my English is not to bad ;)

Really would like to see more, maybe sometime we will and look forward to see more of this sooner or later!

Review by Hapless

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 01/28/2018

Overall a fun game, although at some points it leaves you guessing wha to do next, and I keep seeing references to an arena, and I've yet to find it, any ideas?

Review by Arothe

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 10/15/2017

We're nearly approaching a year since the last update, and I hope that just means the creator has been taking their time for the sake of quality (and given the content so far, I think that's the case). I know Revilo still lurks this site, so I'm hoping that's also a good sign.

Put bluntly, this game is the best game on this entire site that I have played (and I have played A LOT of old and new, free and not). I love the music choices, the art, the game mechanics, and wide range of possibilities. It has a lot of content already, despite being a 0.5.4 version, which excites me to think of what 1.0 will be like (almost DOUBLE the current content, I expect). The puzzles are exceedingly simple, and I would like to see future puzzles have more depth to them, since you're going to the trouble of having them.

The choice of game engine was very wise, honestly. And personally, it really hits the nail on the head with my own TFTG XXX fetish. And despite having a ton of that content, it's done in a way that it never gets stale. The writing is simple, but immersive all the same, and you can really feel the plot as you play through it, and I get a sense of pressure slowly building the further I get into the game, which keeps it from feeling like a "spam z" fest.

The Forest Zone is simple, just like it should be, and really sets the tone well. That's about all there is to that. The Ocean Zone is a bit intimidating at first, but if you remember to stock up on cucumbers you'll be fine. Not sure what to consider the corrupted town since it isn't its own zone, but that's where the game starts to show signs of what direction it's going, and where the imagery really picks up its game. The Desolate Zone is easily the most complex, and bursting with content to be discovered. It also keeps up the difficulty with the whole infection arc. Also, Kim is my favorite character in the game.


The desert has some AMAZING scenes, but has its own problems. Being incomplete, it's forgivable that it has a fair amount of MAJOR bugs. Any time I try to go through the date with Bastet, there's are certain points where you basically freeze in place forever (which point you freeze up depends on varying conditions that can be controlled); and don't get me started on the issues the mine cart bug causes (it's not worth abusing since it bugs up just about anything with cutscenes involved, even if you "fix" it). Also the whole manticore thing is infinitely repeatable, and other than for finding bad ends, there seems to be no purpose for having anything to do with Echidna. I understand that many people are frustrated with the prerequisites for the inn and fireplace access, but it kind of makes sense, so I can't really complain. I really liked most of the bad ends in this zone, and I'm extra excited for what the next zone will have to offer. Also, I'm really hoping we'll see Fera again.


Apparently I still haven't found all the different variations of bad ends in the game though, because the open version has images I defenitely haven't run into before. Especially regarding the strip club. I hope that perhaps the school will be "reopened" in future versions (perhaps once all the zones are completed?), because that looks like it would have been fun.

I'm hoping to eventually see the game include things like long-term decisions (where a seemingly unimportant choice you made in a past zone can have reaching effects later in the game). And maybe even permanent non-ending consequences (though perhaps that's wishful thinking). Looking forward to updates in the future, because this game is too good NOT to finish! :D

Review by pokerface17

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 10/07/2017

well this is my 1st review so here i go:

the good part :

the graphic of the monster and the various ending.

the fight kinda simple but difficult at begining

and hey it's still progressing. 

the bad part:

various bug

1 ending that i know how to get but not accesable

and 1 particular enemy that often come out but not worth killing.


it is a nice game and enjoyable but have few flaw 

for new guy, search the discuss page you will find come clue how to progress.


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