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The Fight Club Reborn

You can play the game in my website at http://fightclubreborn.tk/ - Version 0.4 is now free for everyone!

Fight Club is the story of a female figther making a living in a Dark Near Future - 2024

The game is mostly text based,playable in a web browser (firefox recommended) and you make choices that affect you and those around.

A choice can have little effect or it can have a long term and rippling effects.

Just like in real live you are not aware of what are the full consequences of your actions,but they should be mostly consistent with the game world.

The amount of choices available makes it so it will be hard for 2 players to have the same experience.

This game is for adults only, and contains sexual themes and situations.

Thank you for your support.


Change log for Version 0.7:


[HTML][Alpha] Fight Club Reborn 0.7 - Update 13/09/2017


Overview: Big patch with emphasis on Prison :) 


Revamped endings

Corrupt cops Nightmares for those that let Alice find their worst fears... 

Nightmares for those that let Alice find their worst fears... 

New custom images, more than 10 for this patch only

Jail path completed for the most part.

Twin roses Expanded up until the main event

Gym path finished


Specific pictures for early forced transformation, nails, lips and more...



Are you...

A champion or a loser?

Do you care for your friends if they are down on their luck?

Do you trust an enemy of your enemy?

Whose advice can you depend on?

What are you willing to do to further your goals?

How far will you take your vengeance against those who hurt you?

How low are you willing to debase yourself in order to survive?

Are you willing to lose your humanity in order to triumph?

How will the world remember you? 

It all depends on you, your choices dictate your future. 

You control your fate.

You have a section for hints and walkthrough inside the game, also visit the forum at www.fightclubreborn.tk



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Magma

Version reviewed: 0.7 Twine Version on 01/03/2018

The old site fightclubreborn.tk is no longer in use.

Please update your bookmarks to fightclubreborn.com





Review by Joe Steel

Version reviewed: 0.7 Twine Version on 11/24/2017

Bit Defender warns that the "play now" link leads to a suspect page.  Clicker beware!

Review by Overlander

Version reviewed: 0.7 Twine Version on 11/23/2017

Wanted to give this new version a try, but the page autoloads to an ad page for Freenom World.


Every. Time.


If this is unintentional, then a workaround so that you can actually get to the game would be nice. Not sure if this is just me, but I doubt that.


If it's intentional, then all I can say is, why even claim to offer a "public" version? Just offer it solely for Patreon, and leave it at that. Bait-and-switch tactics do nothing more than sour your rapport with your fanbase. 

Review by shy gal

Version reviewed: 0.7 Twine Version on 09/26/2017

It does what few other games on here can do, in allowing a path of both resistance and reluctance. The writing is definitely of high enough quality for it to be a bonus, and the ability to turn images off is something I hope to see in other games too.

The only flaw would be the fighting, in that (As far as I've gotten) nothing is explained and every success and failure in the ring feels accidental and happenstantial as apposed to rewarding. Sometimes making smart decisions seems to pay off, and sometimes it continues to pay off throughout the fight, but sometimes I find myself asking what I'm doing that's so drastically different than any other fight I've won. I like the idea of keeping things hazy and unclear, but this is a little extreme. The fights seem a lot like RPG boss fights that you save before fighting, and after any mistake you just reload the save.

I will say, however, that even if you just had a coinflip in place of each fight, the story, writing and themes are strong enough that it would still be worth the play. It's sort of hard to explain exactly why this is, but suffice it to just say that it just is. Worth playing, and even supporting!

Review by solomon03

Version reviewed: 0.7 Twine Version on 09/13/2017

This is a good one! Despite a few typos and minor bugs here and there, this game succeeds in the 2 most important categories: it's fun, and it's hot. Nice work!

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