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Euphorian Tide
by Switch

"Euphorian Tide" is an interactive sex adventure, text based with many interactive elements such as a built in character viewer, complex inventory and stats system, quest tracking and freely explorable RPG style dungeons and maps.

The game is early alpha and worked on by a solo developer (me). I'm hoping to get as much diverse sexual/fetish content into the game in the coming future, updating the game weekly based on player suggestions :)


[edit 1/15/2015]

This game is now discontinued. Please see http://switchdevelopment.tumblr.com/post/108146570947/euphorian-tide-hosting for more information.

A fantasy planet trapped within a thick atmosphere of water, a sky ocean fueling the life below with majestic waterfalls from the sky. Many beings within this world are affected with "potential", a somewhat magical sense which can be improved with practice, allowing the use of mystical abilities and bodily transformations.

Creatures within this world have the ability to successfully crossbreed, allowing the creation and joint evolution of many forms of anthropomorphic beings. The world is not without conflict, as many wild creatures and barbarians rule the lands surrounding struggling civilized societies, leaving the player with an open world with great means to adventure.

A world of various characters from anthro furry snake beings to punky humanoid girls. You may also create and transform your own player character throughout the game through varous quests and encounters.

No wiki or walkthroughs have currently been established.

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Review by zerocatch22

Version reviewed: Early Alpha on 12/23/2016

I really want to like this game, but I don't. It's got a lot going for it, from a unique interface, a challenging battle system, great writing, a complex story, and lots of content.

Then why don't I like it? Well... There's not a lot of transformations, for one thing, but still a fair few more than many on the site. I guess it really has something to do with all of the butt sex. Now, I'm not talking about homosexual intercourse (but it's there), it's the fact that almost every sexual encounter (and there are a LOT of them) regardless of a character's sexual organs or gender seems to culminate in anal sex, and it's just not my preference. I can tolerate it a bit in games that have more positions and options during a sex, but that's really not the case here: It is the main focus of the game.

If that's your preference, then expect an expansive, challenging game that is truly unique to the site.

Review by Fantasist

Version reviewed: Early Alpha on 04/11/2014

Review by Boomer

Version reviewed: Early Alpha on 02/13/2014

Very polished for an alpha, well even more polished then some beat and finished games around.


Its like corruption of champions but with a working characterviewer. :)

Review by Julie5U

Version reviewed: Early Alpha on 02/07/2014


Review by Demiurge

Version reviewed: Early Alpha on 02/03/2014

Shockingly good for an early alpha.


Content is well written, combat is good, would like to see how the perk system develops.


Very fun to play, cannot wait to see more content!

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