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Version: 0.24.2

Version: 0.24.0


Player starts as male, clerk working in Medical Science Center. Due to one of incidents he got TFed to woman.

How to play QSP game :

Here you can download player for almost any platform (use translation to english if its hard to find right one) :


Run QSP player and press Alt + O to open a game file.




Posting another message with bug, that was caused by using saves from previous version will just postpone next release,

because I waste time on thing that are not broken.


What to download :

1) Download full archive by direct download or using torrent.

Full archive will contain folders with images and two qsp files - Femsim###.qsp and otg_lib_timer.qsp

2) Download latest qsp file that includes bugfixes (0.xx.x version) and put it with/instead original one before playing


Limitations :

Game cannot be played using MAC OS player. Most often problem is character dying right after transformation.

I cannot fix this issue, because it's QSP player's problem and I don't have Mac OS to reproduce and test this problem.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Carrera

Version reviewed: 0.24.2 on 04/16/2018

This is nothing like Girl Life, other than being a "sim" about a womans life after a transformation that is the only resemblance to Glife.


The game itself is more "simmy" than Glife is, and in some respects more grindy. I think the Dev was going for the sim aspect to make it more of a stand out to just the typical get sluttified and screw everything that moves of so many other games.


However, his balancing is atrocious. Clothes fall apart much to quickly, you can get depressed and lose the game far to easily.


Some things are timed, you only have a few seconds to do something like waitressing before you bomb it.


Also it feels like you're excerscising in real life because it can take forever to get any results from excercising in the game.


Anyway, getting past the grind the game is good and has mad potential to be a stand out, it just needs content and balance.


Unlike Glife that has dozens of people working on it, as far as I know, this game only has 1 or 2 people working on it.

Review by moonhead

Version reviewed: 0.24.2 on 01/03/2018

Fun game, not sure why it exists though. Seems to be identical to Girl Life, in gameplay, some minor tweaks in story.


Not saying it isn't a good game, just that it feels like a small fraction of Girl Life.

Review by ASLPro3D

Version reviewed: 0.24.2 on 01/03/2018

I like the speed and flow of this game and the storytelling is pretty nice!

There are some typos, but not nearly as many in a lot of games.

I like that you can establish your character and determine how far you will go in the events, the determination of your character's sexual preferences set up your responses to other NPCs and through the use of thoughts while looking at magazines.


My only real complaint is the the speed in which decisions are to be made during some of the events... you don't nearly have enough time to read the descriptions and see the action, before making your decision... sometimes the events go so fast (you retreating from a room or decide how you are going to respond) that it falls to a default choice and you are left wondering what happened.

If you could slow those timers down some, this was be a really hot and erotic game more than it already is!!

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: 0.24.2 on 01/03/2018

I like this game in general and play every new version.

in version 0.24.2 I am perplaxed though because the maid job pays 0.

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.24.2 on 01/01/2018

UPDATE (Jan 1, 2018): @jwk92 If what you say is true, how do I get better without having to be forced into having any sex with the boss or lose my job?


UPDATE (Dec 26, 2017): @GateKeeper, say what you might but I know how to read and when you pick "Concentrate" at the diner washing dishes and the boss says "Wait Jane.  Don't go yet.  You see those dishes? They are still a little dirty! Please, stay a liitle and finish the job I'm paying you for, -Armando complained"  and this happens every day.  I make sure I'm well feed, clean, and well rested so why does that always do that?  If that is not the design of the game then there is a major bug in it which needs to be look into.  I would gladly redo my review if it comes down to a bug issues in the game and I am shown that it can be fixed,.  Otherwise I stand by what I said in my previews review.


Here is that typical dumb game play.  You go to work and no matter what choice you make you will mess up.  So after a couple of mess ups the boss (always male) will have fire you unless you become a cock sucking whore.  After a few blow jobs it will become anal/pussy sex.  Of course over the period you will come to love it which will make you look else where for more of it.  Of course this will lead to the boss telling you that you need to look like this and dress like that.....Blah blah blah.  What is even worse is there isnt any smooth transition to it.  Everything is prety much in your face and with no options.   I'd like to see a creator put effort into a game that really gives the player choices.  Choices like "Do I want to become a sissy, trans, woman, man", "Do I want straight, Bi, or Homosexual sex", "Jobs that does not force the player to have sex with boss in order to progress in the game"  I know of ONE game that gives you those choices (I will not mention other game names on someone else's page)

In the end this game offers nothing new or fresh.  However if you like games that makes you really manage you money and like a single path play then this game might be for you.

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