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Version: 0.2b

Fallout: Vault 63

A game that I wanted to test my capabilities on Twine with. I'm only just doing this to learn, story is there though for anyone interested.


The year is 2077, October.

You and your sister, Anna, gain free entry into Vault 63. Built under the heart of Chicago. The apocalypse is soon upon the world and the vault is sealed. With you and almost 1000 other dwellers.
Vault 63's plan for the continuation of humanity involves a year of basic training for all vault dwellers. Then all must enter hibernation chambers to preserve the minuscule resources the vault has. Two hundred years of hibernation, then the Vault Blast Doors would open, letting the vault dwellers restart society outside. 

Well, at least that's what the inhabitants of Vault 63 were made to believe.

You wake up two hundred years later, as intended, but to a seemingly abandoned Vault 63. Where are the inhabitants, why is the Vault abandoned, why were you left behind, where is your sister, and why are you in a body not of your own?

None yet. Theres barely any choices! You don't need a walkthrough.

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Review by FAFNSucks

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 03/26/2017

While lacking in actual arousal, this story is incredibly great and caught me off guard. The writing is witty but not to the point where your tongue is piercing through your cheek, the story is well fleshed out with enough worldbuilding to add investment to it's characters, and the lore seems to fit right in with the pre-existing fallout universe. I'm only probably halfway through so I can't comment on it all, but I think you have real potential as a writer in the future. Personally, I think if you come to this game looking to jack off you're going in with the wrong mindset. Think of it as a story about sex, not a sex story.

Review by KarasuKafka

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 11/01/2016

I enjoyed the game. Sure it is not yet finished, and perhaps it would need some rethinking of certain parts, to make it more coherent. But I like the ideas, I liked the introduction part taking longer, and to get into the mood. Also the dreams are nicely done, like some kind of avantgarde poems.

Spoiler Alert: What I would rethink is to add some additional computer logs about the various experiments fertility. In theory the C would implicate a higher fertility rate with less month of pregnancy, but I am not sure that all of the others would have planned to be infertile as it was all about repopulating the wastes, no? Of course they might ended up infertile after all, but would be nice to clear the aims or rsults up on the notes.

I am looking forward the updates anyway.

Review by Sexxy117

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 10/30/2016

So I'm in the representative part, and chose not to take jet, but after flirting with either group there is nothing. It's just black. Any reason at all?

Review by pewdiepie

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 07/25/2016

I enjoyed this but it need an update or a few, some simple stuff needs to be solved, such as, i played dumb in the interrogation scene but in the first mission isabella said that i ratted her out, also i had the switchblade and pistol from the storage room, but after leaving the vault you lose both without any reason also, i really want to see more OR see this turned into an actual game with pictures and all, it would be fun

Review by Koquonfaes

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 06/24/2016

... I don't understand why is this game so highly ranked.

I mean, yeah yeah, story is average or at least not as bad as the others... but that's it? We get a half assed protagonist and a lame city? I feel disappointed. If I watned to read fanfiction I would have gone to Fanfiction.net, I came here to play text based erotic games.

I've never felt so disappointed before...

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