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Version: 1.0b

Loki's Corruption
by atarian

Hi this is my first game in RPGMaker VX Ace!
It does have alot of custom grafics that I've made myself.Such as objects, walking animations, tiles, overlays and Battlers(characters to beat the crap out of).

Im not a native english speaker so feel free to point out badspellings and other text odditys :-P

I am also not a good writer so if anyone feels they can improve on my writing please contact me.

The game has a heavy focus on story.
So I finished my first game. Nervewrecking..!!

There may be bugs and I'd be grateful if come a cross would be reported. Hopefully Ive already killed off most of them :-P

UPDATE: I have moved this game back into beta since I'm not going to migrate to the MV-engine.
Several reasons beyond not able to read in data from previous savefiles and upscaling custom
tilesets would be too time consuming. In conclusion, I am in the works of new content extending the game.
Supporters at my Patreon page will have the advantage of getting the content first among a few benefits.

Current Public version: 1.0b
Current Patreon Version: 1.1P - Maze Games Alpha Patreon Edition (Includes re-worked Red Thong bandits and endgame gallery)

Next update: 1.1P more content to Maze Games.


Uh yeah.. Well.. enjoy the game!

People who upload my game to other websites:
Please atleast include a link to this very webpage.

In order to run the game you'll need the RPGMaker VX Ace RTP installed.

Remember people! This is a Beta so expect to use several different save files. You can have up to 16 saves!!

Also! I be sure to check out my Discord channel, should you have questions or just have a chat.

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Review by guysmiley23

Version reviewed: 1.0b on 05/16/2017

This game may be the best game on this site, it has its flaws its not perfect but its damn good 9/10 for me thank you!

Review by David770

Version reviewed: 1.0b on 03/30/2017

Hello! Where can I hide at the very beginning of the game? 2 doors are locked and I can't go to other maps.


Review by dercas

Version reviewed: 1.0b on 01/09/2017

I was able to DL this from the google drive link, however, I would like to suggest that the author UL it to mega.  This seems like the most reliable (and fastest) way for us to get your game.  I'll try to remember to update this with an actual review after playing it for a while.

Review by BinaryPanic

Version reviewed: 1.0b on 01/07/2017

I've played a few hours and the game is awesome. The combat however is terrible (spoilers about the different enemy types) the part with the goblins went on for so long I thought it was never going to end and I was being trolled. The bandits are easy, repetitive and boring. The angels are a bit harder which I hoped would make fighting more interesting, but it didn't and that's where I stopped playing.  The problem is not the grind (hey, I love Disgaea) but there's barely any skills or strategy so fighting turns into mashing attack, or in the harder fights just retrying if you get unlucky with the RNG. I think the game would benefit a lot of  improving the combat, or if it's going to be this bad don't put so much of it, as everything else in the game is great.

Review by fimbull

Version reviewed: 1.0b on 12/30/2016

All in All a very good game.




Theire is a a large number of unresolved questions:

-What happened to Abraham?

-How was the blue haired hooker becoming a succubus? (-> Why not creating an optional sidequest to corrupt the blue haired hooker in the slums)

-Why is a norse speaking man blocking the far left outer door of the freakshow

-What happened to the "butchery" and the man who puts you in the morgue chamber (-> revenge for that could be another optional sidequest)


Also theire should be a safe place to slay enemies for leveling up before the last battle if the seraphs are to strong




Why not letting lokkas an moras mind merging for forever


getting Mora a new body which will give Lokka the option to change back to a mortal human or stay a high ranked female succubus (Like the last decision for Kain in Blood Omen)


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