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Version: 1.0 Public

Loki's Corruption
by atarian

Hi this is my first game in RPGMaker VX Ace!
It does have alot of custom grafics that I've made myself.Such as objects, walking animations, tiles, overlays and Battlers(characters to beat the crap out of).

Im not a native english speaker so feel free to point out badspellings and other text odditys :-P

I am also not a good writer so if anyone feels they can improve on my writing please contact me.

The game has a heavy focus on story.
So I finished my first game. Nervewrecking..!! But! I doesn't end there!
The story continues!

There may be bugs and I'd be grateful if come a cross would be reported. Hopefully Ive already killed off most of them :-P

UPDATE: I have moved this game back into beta since I'm not going to migrate to the MV-engine.
Several reasons beyond not able to read in data from previous savefiles and upscaling custom
tilesets would be too time consuming. In conclusion, I am in the works of new content extending the game.
Supporters at my Patreon page will have the advantage of getting the content first among a few benefits.

Current Public version: 1.0 Public (Includes re-worked Red Thong Bandits)
Current Patreon Version: 1.3 - Maze Games Alpha Patreon Edition (Includes re-worked Red Thong bandits and endgame gallery)


Uh yeah.. Well.. enjoy the game!

People who upload my game to other websites:
Please atleast include a link to this very webpage.

In order to run the game you'll need the RPGMaker VX Ace RTP installed.

Remember people! This is a Beta so expect to use several different save files. You can have up to 16 saves!!

Also! I be sure to check out my Discord channel, should you have questions or just have a chat.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by belk

Version reviewed: 1.0 Public on 05/04/2018

Grate game! Very like it much.
It have nice story and balanced fap time )

Review by nishara

Version reviewed: 1.0 Public on 02/12/2018

Absolutely magnificent, Mora was the feminine mother and Loka becomes the masculine master. Absolute great work of art. I logged in tf just to post this review. I just completed the game. Even though i like calm characters i did fall in love with Loka. Again, wonderful piece of art and for 1 guy to finish this master piece is just impossible. Kudos to you and to your twisted mind :) . Loved every moment. I want to become your patron but really i need a patron myself. I live in shambles. After some time I will have alot of time in my hands. I want to make some really wicked games.but for that i need to learn how to make these games. lol. Kudos to you. (Edit) Oh and the combat xD. Absolutely time consuming. I was spamming alot. Could have gone with pokemon style combat. But who am i to complain, you made this game for free. You are a hero!, xD

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 1.0 Public on 10/12/2017

This game is extremely linear, unless I've missed something... but it's very good!  Just the right amount of challenging for fights, I admit I skipped a bunch of fights I could skip so I could see the story.  Why is this back to beta? it's really good!  It is actually to a good stopping point, story-wise, just make any continuation a sequel, and flag this as complete!  Very good, and with a complete story!  =^_^=

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: 1.0 Public on 10/02/2017

One of the best and most content heavy games on this site, I had over 15 hours of playtime on my final save.
Although I have to admit that I didn't like the combat, and cheated using an inventory editor. 
I kept playing for the very entertaining story, but to me the combat felt pretty monotonous.
Although I would still really recommend with game, and it's great, slow transformation at the beginning.

Review by guysmiley23

Version reviewed: 1.0b on 05/16/2017

This game may be the best game on this site, it has its flaws its not perfect but its damn good 9/10 for me thank you!

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