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Version: 22.01

The Underworld
by SkyCorp

The Underworld is a text based forced transformation game for mature audiences including erotic content such as: furry, monstergirl, male to female (MtF) transformation, oviposition, lactation, and more. Along the way, you’ll meet a wide cast of characters across the three factions that each have their own ideology about how to deal with people different from themselves. Your actions will determine which faction achieves victory, and by extension, the fate of humans and hybrids alike.




Just released: r25.01 Dinoian Fixes (Private Build)

The Underworld r25.01 is now released - I accidentally broke the Dinoian chapter in the previous release, so if you had trouble with that, please grab the new build.  Also includes some other misc dinoian chapter text fixes & save fixes

Just released: r25 Modding Requests (Private Build)

r25 adds a number of features requested by modders.  You can also check out our first user-created transformation (Pig TF by Luxious) if you like weight gain stuff, including both a Pig King enemy to fight and a cursed transformation pendant.

Just released: r24 Transformation Mods (Private Build)

You can now mod your own transformations into the game, including the first transformation mod: Anthro Giraffe TF.  The r24 build also includes a new auto-login system which will be especially useful for Android players, along with an update to the game's business model.  Additional details on the blog.

r23 Mod Support for Items + Clothes (Private Build)

r23 is now released to all private backers and includes the ability to mod in your own items and clothes into the game!  These can be simple text-only mods, or can be driven through LUA code.  There’s a number of new sample mods available, including the cursed weight gain pendant which will cause you to gain weight continuously.

r22 (Public + Private Builds)

The main new content for public build players in r22 is Frog TF:

Now the frogs in the swamp chapter can now transform you into one, too.

4000+ words of chapter 2 content including different scenes when the Naga Queen defeats you based on what form you’re in. The minions are a bit smarter too, and won’t try to transform you if you’re already a frog or slug (unless you’re not 100% in that form, in which case they’ll try to re-transform you if you’re of the matching species). Frogs and slugs also now leave a slime trail wherever they go, which can re-transform you if you use it (it’ll eventually evaporate). If you track slime into Nixie’s shack during the swamp quest, she’ll comment on you making a mess of her place.

Frog form is another in the all-fours category, since frogs can’t stand upright. As frogs naturally gain weight over time to get that nice frog belly, that can eventually cause their movement to be difficult. At larger belly (and optionally breast) sizes, it will drag on the ground beneath them and sometimes get stuck in the slime as they travel. If you go farther and intentionally max out belly/breast sizes... good luck moving at all.

Additional New/Updated Functionality:

  • UI Updates / DPI-aware layout
  • Wait Button
  • Entity Selector
  • Retuned Dragon Queen oviposition rules
  • Added reduce cream to hospital shop, and as an item occasionally dropped by foxgirls.
  • Misc text fixes

r21 (Private Build)

Chapter six: "Dinoian Desert" is finally complete and ready to play!  r21 is available for download for all full game / private build backers at the researcher intranet in both SWF (PC) and APK (Android) flavors.

This build includes the release of the Dino Chapter.

At the conclusion of chapter five, you incapacitated Thornton by transforming him into a catgirl, leaving him trapped to work in Mulberry's strip club while you steal his identity.  You're now able to sneak into his convoy, which will allow you to cross the vast underground desert to scout out SkyCorp's research laboratories for the rival faction, VCiV.

What should have been an easy ride across the desert turns out to be much more than you bargained for.  The convoy rides on specialized creatures that are genetically engineered to withstand the tough conditions of the desert.  These dinoians could best be described as a distant anthropomorphic cousin of a velociraptor, or perhaps some sort of wingless riding dragon.  One of them, Hanako, is planning her prison break, and you haplessly stumble into her plans.

Soon she's stealing your identity.  She forces you to wear her old leather bindings, transforming you into a dinoian that looks just like she used to.  She had unintentionally acquired the reputation of convoy slut, and now that you have her identity, she intends to make sure you live up to her old behaviors so as to not be suspicious.  Every time you disobey her, she increases the size of your cleavage, making you hornier as you're forced to expose your nearly-naked body to the world as she rides you.  To make matters worse, thanks to your monstrously large dinoian vagina, you won't derive any joy from copulating with humans -- so your body will work against you to force yourself to mate with your fellow beasts.  But they're in a similar predicament, former humans trapped in lusty bodies that have no choice but to serve their riders and their base desires.

Try as you might, dinoians are forbidden from speaking thanks to their vocal cords which can only make animalistic noises.  Though you desperately want to explain your situation, no one can understand you.  Even removing the bindings themselves is impossible as they self-replicate to ensure you can never be freed.  Stick around long enough, you'll start to enjoy serving your rider.  You may even begin to enjoy being tied up with your wrists bound, further restricting your opportunities for escaping this life.

Will you succumb to your dinoian need to be filled up and lay clutch after clutch of eggs?  Or will you find a way to escape your fate and complete the mission?

Backstory is revealed about the history of The Underworld, along with the factions that vie for power inside it.  Three endings, one for each faction, are available -- each with their own puzzles to complete.  Can you find all three?

Clocking in at a massive 30,000 words, this chapter is nearly three times as long any that has come before!

Finally, I'd like to say thank you for everyone's kind words and encouragement during this massive chapter's development, whether that be in blog comments, discord, or wherever.  I've never tried writing anything this huge before, and I couldn't have pulled it off without you cheering me on.  So thank you, and I hope this chapter brings you much enjoyment.

Past update summary

  • r5 [public] - UI improvements, including the popularly requested customizable font size [details]
  • r6 [private] - Weight TF system - Eat food to replenish HP, but if you over-eat you will gain weight which will make your belly difficult to conceal [details]
  • r7 [private] - Panda TFs - Transform into a panda [details]
  • r8 [private] - Cowgirl TF - Transform into a cowgirl, lactate, at high levels grow an udder [details]
  • r9 [private] - Chapter 4: Cowgirl Farm - The next story chapter, which includes forced TF into cowgirl [details]
  • r10 [private] - Shop system [details]
  • r11 [public] - Bug fix & public build [details]
  • r12 [private] - Added Elephant TF, Cat TF, and multi-breast TF (five new transformation items total). [details]
  • r13 [private] - Chapter 5: The Pound (Catgirl Stripclub TF) [details]
  • r14 [private] - Horse TF (horsedick / autofellatio), Tiger TF (multibreast), Turkey TF (inflation) [details]
  • r15 [public] - Public release of: Horse TF, Tiger TF, Turkey TF, multibreast items.  Also adds portable milker.  [details]
  • r16 [private] - Mobile / Touch support & APK build [details]
  • r17 [private] - Female Spider TF (egg laying) [details]
  • r18 [private] - Monster Mods, Male Spider, Custom Name Entry [details]
  • r19 [private] - Save support [details]
  • r20 [public] - Public release of: Cloud Save/Load, Custom Name Entry, Mobile/APK Support [details]
  • r21 [private] - Chapter 6: Dinoian Desert, Frog TF, UI Updates, Wait Button [details]
  • r22 [public] - Public release of Frog TF
Login: nixie
Password: *****

.// Welcome to SkyCorp Employee Mainframe //--
MOTD has been updated by root in the past seven days

> motd

Attention! All SkyCorp employees are to be alerted of outbreak of VIR-819 in Mulberry and surrounding areas. Original infection of virus into human populace traced to -REDACTED-.

Progressive exposure of the virus causes mutagenic effects in human subjects. Infected are highly contagious, causing additional mutagentic effects on humans they contact. So far, documented mutagenic effects have included: hybrid fox transformation, hybrid dragon transformation, increased libido, gender changes, and oviposition. Due to the chaotic nature of VIR-819 and the denizens of the Underworld, the infected are likely to encounter all prior mutagenic effects listed. Additional mutagenic effects are expected as the virus evolves.

SkyCorp has lobbied and received regional government funding to build the Underworld, an underground complex where infected creatures are mandatorily required to relocate to upon discovery. Investigative journalists have indicated this network contains at least one shantytown, a sewer dungeon, some sort of mysterious temple, and various connecting passageways. However, SkyCorp personnel must strictly occupy only the town of Mulberry and other overworld areas for their own safety, unless they have received designated security training. Additional areas are expected to be found as exploration of the network continues in future.

Employees should encourage Mulberry citizens to be ever vigilant of signs of infection. Infected creatures have been known to mask their mutations with clothing and feign humanity -- but these creatures are dangerous and must not be allowed to run free due to their changed nature. SkyCorp has identified at least one suspected sympathizer in town who has been providing aid.

Employees interested in researching The Underworld/VIR-819 are requested to download the training materials.

A recent copy of Adobe Flash will be required (Flash 11+), and employees are requested to file a summary report on their experience in Mulberry and surrounding areas. Prospective trainees are advised as to the early and experimental nature of this program.

> logout

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by missrachellane

Version reviewed: 23 on 01/18/2018

I can't say anything for version 23, but for version 22, played all the way through and it's pretty good. Gave it a fair shake despite not being a fan of some of the themes but overall what is here is quite enjoyable. It's very well written and absolutely worth a play. Once more becomes available I look forward to taking another look at it, and possibly becoming a researcher. My only real problems are the fact you can't pick any clothes up without putting them on immediately, no storage spaces (which makes sense but I'm kind of a hoarder in games), and no local save file so you're required to log in for cloud saves. The save thing is a good feature but I also haven't found a way to load without restarting the game completely which requires you to log in to load. Regardless, give it a shot.

Review by Perri

Version reviewed: 22.5 on 12/22/2017

I'll probably come back later with a more in depth review later, but put simply, It's got great ideas, with pretty good execution, though the content up until the dino chapter is relatively tihin.

Review by Sarimax

Version reviewed: 20 on 08/30/2017

I'd like to say that, if there's any major turn-off for me on this game, it's the complete and utter reluctance and xenophobia your character has in the beginning of this game. it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and detached to the character, to the point of them feeling unrelatable.

Other than that, the game really caters to me in every other aspect, and it's really fun to play. I'd recommend this game once you have a choice to not be so against furries.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 18 on 05/14/2016

v18 (Public):

I've played through what's available on the Public build (free) and what i saw was interesting. The story can seem a bit threadbare, but it picks up over time as you meet people and learn more about the world you're in. The transformations are varied and there are multiple ways to trigger them, which can sometimes catch you out if you trip a TF change that's almost impossible to avoid. And the main characters that you run in to for the most part (at this version release) okay, with filler "merchant" NPCs on the side to cover the core elements.

Would I pay for it? Maybe, but the extra content I'm missing out on right now if I pay isn't enough. Sure it looks interesting, but for the set price I don't see the value of money there for me to do it.

Perhaps with future updates my opinion on the paywall will change. But as of right now with the free version it's certainly worth a look.

Review by darth123

Version reviewed: 14 on 11/28/2015

Good game. I'll play it again sometime.

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