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Version: 0.4.19


Newlife is a lifesim game where the player is transformed into a woman in an improbable mad-science accident

As of November 2014 Newlife is fully playable but still needs extensive content to be added. Nevertheless you can play it from start to finish, go clubbing and meet men, be taken out on dates, shop for and wear clothes, use your feminine wiles to seek promotions at work, have lots of sex, get carried away by your desires and accidentally (or deliberately) become pregnant.

For changelogs and more information on development, check out the blog at http://splendidostrich.blogspot.co.uk/

Custom Character Creators for Newlife in order of current update: http://finbarsextilius2.blogspot.co.uk,  https://freshestofsalads.blogspot.co.uk/ or https://newlifecc.codeplex.com/

The player: The game implies that the main character is the player themselves, a few years in the future. Of course you can create a character quite different from yourself if you want! In fact, female players have no choice but to do this, considering the game requires you to start as male.

Ivy: Your only real friend. A clever and talented young woman. Who knows what surprises her brilliance have in store for you? Well, if you read the game synopsis then you know, for one.

Horse: Not actually a horse. But how did he get such a nickname? Perhaps you should make it your quest to find out.

The men: Men in Newlife are algorithmically-generated so you won't see the same ones in any two games, with the exception of certain 'special' npcs. Even special npcs only have fixed stats when this is necessary, and anything that isn't fixed will be generated using the normal method.


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Review by Trueblades

Version reviewed: 0.4.19 on 07/01/2018

I don't get it. 

I feel like there is a game in here somewhere but there is no flow to it. Doesn't feel like there is any purpose to the game at all. 

I maybe doing something wrong, or this is exactly what the author intented and I just don't get it. 

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.4.18 on 06/22/2018

In bare terms this is a life sim with clothes shopping, dating, and sex. I didn't think I'd like it, it took me a while to appreciate it, but now I do admit I've had some fun with this. The part I liked was the slow reveal of the character traits and way the 'new life' built up over time. The structure of the game seems fine and like everything it needs more content with other jobs, pastimes, and things to do apart from dating.

Review by Loken1103

Version reviewed: 0.4.18 on 05/30/2018

So most games with upwards of 500 likes aren't shit but this one is actually surprisingly good for a change. But I'm going to mix in hints for the developer and the review into the same thing because splitting them up is odd. So let's get the bad out of the way to begin with because most of my issues with it are easily fixed.



I may be an idiot but I have no idea if you can change the job you have and I just spent all day playing it. Nor do I know how to leave a relationship with a jerk that the PC has fallen in love with, even if I ignore the chap for six months he's still my boyfriend for some reason.

You also can't get a new flat or spend most of the money you'll be earning. Maybe allow the player to buy a vehicle (opening up new things to do on the weekend) or go on a holiday (passes a week without working and instead you get a small, self enclosed, even chain). Just give me a way to get rid of my money other than clothes and a tiny amount of furniture. 

Your child is way too small a part of your life. Which is weirder if you also picked maternal instinct. I was hoping to become essentially a house wife but I was still essentially a 21 year old party girl with a full time job and the ability to magnetically draw in every boy within five yards. While I understand making it so that babies don't limit the game for nine months when the game is balanced around a 50 week time period makes sense, at least in theory, the 50 week version of the game is objectively worse than the 2600 week version because you can't really get married or have babies. Or go through the struggles of trying to fuck your best friend while married to a guy who has never given you an orgasm but who is the only attractive man in town.

The lack of age mechanics is odd. Aging not being in the game makes sense if the game is supposed to take fifty weeks, but boys in their late teens lining up to shag a confused now girl man in his sixties is odd. This could be fixed by adding in a variable kink system that is changed by exposure to various activities.

My boyfriend loved me but he wouldn't put it in my butt even after we'd been married for a year and our sex had long grown grew stale. This feels too realistic... I'd put anal, submissive/dominant, and "into older/younger men" on sliders where the player choose a base value and their actions change it over time.

You cannnot get a guy to eat you out, which is really weird. Please make that an option, even if Jerk type characters are going to generally refuse. Having spent years in a relationship where the only orgasms to be found were in the shower my character is getting a bit tense.

Taking hard to please is basically ticking a never orgasm button while ticking hair trigger is basically ticking orgasm every fucking second. Please rebalance these, they're way too extreme.

Let me meet more people. If you're doing a random boy designer give me something like a ten option refreshable Tinder that generates boys who are local. You can avoid overflow of new characters, and subsequent mass file expansion, by making it so that the ones the player doesn't select to date aren't added to the pool of existent characters but get deleted.

Let me text boys whose numbers I have and allow me to break up with them or explain just friends to them over the phone.

Being assaulted at the gig is an interesting option but making it so you can't escape that even makes the whole event kinda awful and made me never go back after it'd happened three times in a row. Please allow for eyour character to be aware of it if after they turn around and then allow for a few options to be avaliable. (Go along with it, scream/draw attention to your assault, run away, punch the guy, etc.)

Weddings are weird. Huge amount of choice about the dress but I don't get to choose who we invite or spend much time at the wedding. Nor did I have many choices for advice given to my sister in law. Nor did I ever have her text me to hang out afterwards. Possibly also allow me to tap my father in law purely for the viable meta jokes entailed.

Other than kissing a friend at a bar when that friend is about to go shag some random guy or while playing spinny bottle, I'm not sure if this game has lesbian content. If it does, please make it more obvious and/or stick how to get to it in the glossary thing since if it's in the game it's hard to find. Also yes, my husband wouldn't fuck me in the butt and I couldn't hang out with my baby so I decided to get exploratory about it. I'm not usually into that sort of thing but the easiest way would be to make it so that some girls will make the first move at the club. That would be both realistic and efficient.

The mugger is oddly money focused for a XXX game to the point where I eventually saw him as a toll road/meet a new boy event. Could do with a pay another way option or a mugger type who refuses your money. Please also include a possibility were Muggy-Toll wins the battle and lets you realise his true dark senpai nature by beating up some random white knight.

The 50 week focus is odd and, even if you're stuck on that idea, please stick a KEEP PLAYING ANYWAY button on the last screen since none of the other content really revolves around that 50 week limit. Maybe add some major events at the 10 week marks or make the player pay rent or have it threaten your job. Though these should always have multiple ways to get around them and be balanced fairly or signposter. If I spent all my conservative 'virginity is for marriage' character spends all her money on clothes I'd rather not get slammed with a pay $5000 dollars or have "consensual" sex option if I'm not given considerable forewarning.



Most everything else. 

The wedding dress picker was great and mixed with google images it made me, a twenty-one year old boy, hella biased towards A-Line wedding dresses. Could cause issues down the line later when a future wife shows up in one of those ghastly Trumpet or Mermaid style things. Might not though since hopefully she won't have a fucking awful taste in clothes.

The fashion option was awesome, but requires google images on hand to translate if one is not actually a girl. This game will do a very good job of making you aware of various female clothing options although I had a tendency to ignore the stats in order to develop outfits I liked. I spent most of my time roleplaying a young, beautiful, blond, and thoroughly posh girl with semi-catholic ethics so the only time I ever paid attention to stats was when I was trying to get a girl intersted in me.

Dating is fun, though needs a few tweaks. Faces could do with descriptions beyond eyes and ugly, hair, facial hair, and blemishes/scarring maybe? It's pretty fucking bleak in a world of ugly boys as a picky super model though, so points for realism (assuming one is an egotistical prick of course).

I like how your character can work harder, but I have no clue what that does other than raise stress and maybe get your promoted faster. Though I wanna supplant my boss.

Dating your boss is interesting, but he won't divorce his fucking wife even though he never stops whinging about her. Points for realism, although no points for making my poor poor character happy considering everyone else was either overweight or just plain awful and even the hand of God (me) couldn't get her to break up with him.

The female start option is great and makes the process more efficient if you're mostly there to hopefully get a boy to marry you and raise le babies without having to restart the world and hope to go that this time one of the super attractive boys won't be a total bastard. Way too many keep trying to take me to meet a horse and won't look my way at the club or give me their number.

The fact you need to go to the gym more than once to get fit is nice. As is the requirement to work for your money. And the various stores selling different things. And the clothing customisation.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 0.4.17 on 04/28/2018

okay I could not put this down this really got me playing it non-stop lol. I kind wish there were more like this on here...but I kind want to what are limitations I mean seriously tested its 72 weeks right but whare unstable unknown can we test week script to...could find other script make it able to go all way up to where babies grow up to where she get murdering melvin arrested or killed?


that has me thinking what type hubby Player has to find and be her dude and what sort prize she got make herself into.

down to earth makes me think your compliant or willing handle rough jerks I don't know...are those chicks dense? Or social chicks? I can't tell anymore I am thinking I down earth and see that character go about she willing welcome people into cramped flat? why not go to park or go to pub have social event there where beer is unlimited supply why can't she have different job anyone?

WHy fuck is same freaking job everytime...what if she quits that job does she become prositute? that makes me question it..

How come she doesn't have twins or multiple pregnancies? I guess that just me thinking it. Or contact her relations or meet them like brother and has sex with him by sheer accident? has no way telling him we are related in your old life you couldn't tell your family hey you know him but hey reason its because murdering melvin is not caught. Or have someone your closely related to...and accidently make eye contact with and accidently have sex with them have child oops.(no I am not into it but its simulation and I like watching NPC and AI do it fascinating what is the characters response...oh lot more entertaining this game could go twine and be very viral).

I noticed in game don't run into police cars or work for police make your life ten times safer.


Occupation might be something they should explore, I kind find boring a salesperson...maybe clothing salesperon is bit entertaining you help people decide what to wear and not feel just as frustrated even be very perverted or not.


janitor work...I don't know give freaking list in plot what is available. Might give us idea what to look forward to.


Word of warning to anyone trying to play don't go big breasted unless you want to attract and be molested, raped or savagely assaulted it give you idea of body snatchers and tentacle assault ideas...do it with asian character your set. <- idea for new players.


No pictures or vidoes or sound that something you could do on twine...it would be something I look forward to...seeing. anyone wants to see current news of this game its here on this blog: https://splendidostrich.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/newlife-0417.html

Character creator: http://finbarsextilius2.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=9d0f4fd7166985f9

for splendidostrich I looking option like scene creator -> do you have mod or program that already has it optional so I add and test it on .4.17 game?

When I chose white or causcasian path somehow there might be bug if you had womaly hips right and medium to large breasts and somewhere around she matronly I chose max the fields except no infertile and problem was I could never break off relationships even though everything was going good...and swell right test it out but there strange blanking out happening on NPC boyfriend...not sure why it was happening. I not sure if was trait specific...I think tight vagina might be bugged or have issue it happened again in asian game as well some issues as well you may need to get checked out have check what happens and if there strange issue or does really become unstable if use too many traits or is conflicts among the traits?


Currently I going throw monkey in wrench try 150 weeks see what happens...wish me luck everyone...(2 years and 8 months)if doesn't crash the game. if doesn't crash we could go on higher path try this -> 2184 weeks which is 42 years which might explain my reasons I kind want to know if game does crash.

tried on 95 and so far it didn't crash...If want to have longer go...I kind place jerks on 0 setting if want to go that far or -1 if that necessary.

Review by Secondarian

Version reviewed: 0.4.17 on 04/27/2018

bearclaw01234 is mistaken. There is FF content in the game and it already was at the time of his review.

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