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Version: V2.1

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The Bored Game

You play as John, a nerdy 18 year old iin his senior year, forced to tutor a superficial cheerleader.

Sexy antics ensue when you discover a board game with magical powers.


Play in Browser is Working, Yay!!!

Sorry for hostilities before, just been taking a lot of crap in RL and was reading through forums and saw other authors being attacked and, well, I shouldn't have jumped the gun, I'm sorry, please enjoy the game, I'll try to update asap, but may be another week or even a fortnight before an update


Okay went over the passages with a spell checker, btw for those who never used twine, it's not gotta le spell checker, you gotta like cut and paste the words from the a passages and put them into like word or in my case Open Office, and then spella checka the wordski's and then lika copya and pasta thems back inna to the Twine! Understanderooni? No, oh well.

Now spell check is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, veeeeerrrrrryyyy, different to grammar/logic/content check, spell check, amzingly fixes the spelling errors, the grammar/logic/content check comes later, and it means I gotta read through the whooooooole story, and so I do it last, so yeah, some parts are a bit badly written, I do my best but sometiems I just write so darn fast I don't say it how I want it to be protrayed, sometiems I go itno too much detail or not enough, anyway that will coem later, for now, it is spello checkered at least.

V2.1 The point 1 means it's Spell checked.

I have lost the original .tws for this game, therefore if I ever decide to continue it, I will be forced to do it as a sort of Remake (As I'll have to copy/paste all the content and recreate all the code, which is a pain in the arse, bhough as this is by far my most successful game to date, it is tempting)... Anyway I have added a second DL location (Mediafire).

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Review by Kmac198

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 11/28/2015

Quite a few of the links take me to pages that can't be found on the server.

Review by WonderLlama2008

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 08/07/2015

I enjoyed the game.  The changes and the character interaction are engagine.


I hope there will be updates :)

Review by ntns55

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 05/25/2015

Really enjoyed this game. One of the best i have tried on here (a clear 3 in my top 5)

Review by Goldendawn

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 04/08/2015

I enjoyed the start of this game - and can not wait to see how much it will improve and grow.


Yes there are some spelling mistakes, and grammer errors - but.... hey that happens and they can be clean up after the fact with good editing and help (after all this is free!)

I am sorry to hear you have decided to leave out the random elements but then again game creation isn't easy. But if you ever want to try I think they would be a happy addition for replayablity.


I hope to see this updated more... I think it is a fun Alpha release, and good story to follow.


Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: V2.1 on 04/01/2015

An interesting idea somewhere in this, I suppose... I had troubles going down many paths with errors and such.


Also, I would like to remind the 'creator' that reviews are what they are... reviews of what content is made accessible... and that personally ''attacking''(choose the word you prefer) reviewers isn't proper OR conducting of a better experience for anyone.

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