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AMS v0.98A (PTB-Hotfix)
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Version: AMS v0.98A (PTB-Hotfix)

Version: AMS v0.96D (Public Demo)

by Anonynn

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PTB = Patron Test Beta
Public = Public Version

RPG/ Adult/ Text Adventure/ Fantasy
Synopsis: The manifestation of hatred, lust and corruption has spread across the entire planet like a plague; erasing memories, twisting identities and mutating every living thing in it's path. As the last of the free races band together to hold it back from northern Auvora, frightened refugees flee to the southwest for safety...

AMS v0.96D (Public-Hotfix/Demo): 19MAY18
Current AMS v0.98A (PTB-Hotfix): 08AUG18
Next Update: AMS v0.98B (PTB-Midpoint): 25AUG18
Word Count: 1,546,834
LinesOfCode: 102,352
Characters: 10,596,836
Play Time: 2 1/2 to 3 1/2+.

Adult Themes: Breast Expansion, F2M, Growth (height, weight, pregnancy), Involuntary, M2F, Slow Transformation, Mind Control, Pregnancy, Bimbo, Shrink, Mythology/Anthro Sex, Corruption, Object Sex and Transformation, Voluntary. M/F, F/F, M/M content.
Other Themes: Adventure, RPG, Romance.

Systems in the Game:
- New and Improved Character Creator (finished)
- Pregnancy (finished)
- Lactation (finished)
- Crafting/Harvesting Supplies (finished)
- Alcohol (finished)
- Resting/Make Camp/Hunting/Trapping (finished)
- Weather (finished)
- Calendar (finished)
- Status Changes (finished)
- Masturbation Scenes/Menu (finished)
- Looting/Searching (finished)
- Lust (finished)
- Relationship (finished)
- Questing (finished)
- Corruption (finished)
- Character Titles (finished)
- Enticing Enemies (ongoing)
- Travel (ongoing)
- Secondary Pregnancy (ongoing)

((The game will return to Free Public Staggered Releases once all of Chapter 1 is finished))

v0.98A (PTB-Hotfix)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed this error with Hannah: Error running script: Error compiling expression 'player.gender=female': Unknown object or variable 'female' ---- in this particular line: “You're really happy that Hannah is enjoying your attention, especially since you find her incredibly hot---and particularly fascinating. Part of you just wants to strip her naked! But right now you need to nurse your friendship enough to get her to that point.” Turns out I just needed to remove the entire script since it wasn’t needed anyway.

- Fixed the Undo Button! "Error running script: Error compiling expression 'game.rewind=False': CompareElement: Operation 'Equal' is not defined for types 'Object' and 'Boolean'" I forgot that the Rewind Boolean is actually on the Player and not the Game itself. I apologize about that, I just mixed them up when I was remaking the Command and adding it to the library. It should be working again.

- I fixed the text processor error and an out of place colon randomly with Rold and the Dominant Sex Option with him. It shouldn’t break him anymore for either Dominant Mood; Sexy/Sarcasm. I also fixed a spacing issue or two within both as well.

- I fixed some of the older scripts that were using the old orientation for Asexual.

- Fixed the Cursed Necklace Item which transforms you into a Cow-Girl/Minotaur depending on your Gender. They were a couple of errors spread throughout the coding here and there. All of them have been properly fixed. I have separated all of the Feet transformation descriptions as well, added a ClearScreen where appropriate and actually set Feet to transform since apparently that code script was left out entirely. I think what happened is, I had a bracket out of place when writing it and it erased a big chunk of that area of code within the item, so all of that has been repaired. The final scripts for Lacatation will no longer repeat either after the first time. I also added the code there to ENABLE Lacation, which is needed for the turn-script to actually fire. Also, I left out the Mouth transformation script. So …yeah total fail there. All fixed though. In my defense, that is an extremely complicated transformation! Thanks for the find LightningShifter! I fixed some spacing problems too so you don’t get overwhelmed by gigantic piles of text.

- Transformation Items now properly update your any transformed parts of your body as they happen (this includes Cursed items as well). Apparently before this was hit and miss, so I added a turn-script that guarantees to check with every turn any new stats you’ve gained and any new body-parts you’ve lost or acquired. It seems to be working so far.

- Fixed a missing period in the Player Description when wearing the Cursed Cow-Bell and one for the Cow-Taur Tail transformation descriptions.

- There was a report that pregnancy wasn’t working either when triggered by the DDI, but I confirmed it is working. Keep in mind pregnancy takes about 100 turns before the player shows any symptoms of being pregnant. It also greatly depends on their fertility too, so if you have the least amount of fertility, it could take up to 300 turns before you show symptoms that you’re pregnant ^_^ In short, the DDI pregnancy is working perfectly.

- I think I fixed the SMB causing Cursed Items to not work anymore and to reduce your Health down to 1/1 every now and then. It may have something to do with the turn-script I added to constantly update the Player’s current attributes but whatever happened, it seemed to have fixed that particular problem. I haven’t been able to replicate it since and I tested it with and without the Cursed Items about 3 or 4 times. So problem solved?

- I fixed several errors in the Lactate Turn-Scripts dealing with the Menus. Apparently, I forgot a small chunk of code there! You also can no longer ignore the menu’s when they pop-up. You must answer, Yes or No to the milking your Breasts question. The questions now clear your screen as well so it doesn’t fill up with text.

- I fixed the DDI not updating Races with Horns. Apparently, Horns weren’t getting set 😊 Problem solved!

- I fixed a bug in the subterranean pool just before you arrive in Rold’s Laboratory. Apparently there was a bug with the Goo Race! Well, nothing major I just put player.legs instead of player.feet. Oops! Every occurrence of this has been fixed!


- The Patreon Page has been completely redone. There is a new combination picture of the daytime/nighttime image which is now on display for the title and new art has been added to it as well. I’ve also redone the game’s introduction, added new pictures and Recommendations as well. Go check it out and lemme know what you think!


- Tying “Wait” now completely clears the screen.

- The brand new title images have been added to the game which were drawn by Lim Chin Yang with topography by Alexis Rillera. The font was actually designed by me too! Whenever you start the game, one of the two title images will appear; a daytime version and a nighttime version. There is a 50% chance that either will appear upon starting or choosing one of the start options. That will be explained below.

- I’ve completely redone the start of the game. All of the menu prompts have been moved to the main title page which consist of three prompts: Create Character, Load Game and Music. Music will allow you turn off the starting title music which will play through the character creation phase. Once you turn off the music for the title you cannot turn it back on however. Load Game works like it always has, you can load a previous save there. And create character works the same way as well, except the music prompt during creation will no longer be present. All of the game’s credits are listed beneath the title now as well. I’ve removed the beginning Premade Option for the time being as well since it needs a major overhaul anyway.

- The Quest Completion picture has been updated with the Apoca-Font. Thank you to our background/topography artist Alexis Rillera ^_^

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Review by Anonynn

Version reviewed: AMS v0.98A (PTB-Hotfix) on 08/08/2018

Version: AMS v0.97D (PTB-Full)

Thank you so much for such a great review! I super appreciate that and I'm so happy you think fondly of the game. Wait till you see what I have in store >:D mwahaha...AHAHAHAHAA...AAAAAHAHAHAH!! *ahem* ^_^;


Version: AMS v0.96D (Public)

Hello! I've already responded to you in Discord but I can do so more thoroughly here just in case anyone else runs into the issue. I also greatly appreciate your bug report! :D Right off the bat, if it is the Online version than there's very little I can do about it. The reason being is that the Online version has become very, very unstable simple because the game is so large that the Quest website has been having difficulties loading it. BUT good news is the three people currently in-charge of Quest are working on solutions to this problem and Quest 5.8 is going to fix a lot of it. It should be released in the next couple of weeks or so.

I'm very happy you're interested in the game too that really warms my heart ^_^ And yeah, I love the text thing too. Locally save data can go awry or become corrupt but the text file will never become corrupt and takes up virtually no space.


Version: AMS v0.97A (PTB-MidPoint)

Hello! I appreciate the kind words and your critique on the transformations. ^_^ There are event related transformations coming in the Experimentation Cells and Chapter 2 in the Whispering Thicket. Glad you're looking forward to more updates! Let me know if you have any other thoughts!



Version AMS v0.9.3A (Patron Test Beta)


I just felt a little offended by what you said, so I figured I'd comment on it, even though I normally don't try to fan the fires so to speak. Anyway, take this response as you will. I've been developing the game for almost two years while providing twice monthly releases which continually further the game in multiple areas and systems therein, several of which are almost completed now. I provide not only personalized emails and messages to everyone who donates to me, but 5% of the total proceeds go towards St.Jude's Children Hospital per month. We've raised more than $100+ dollars for it now.

On top of this, I am in constant contact with my community and have been since day one, I even helped several of them through difficult financial times and through times of anguish/crisis, and I'm constantly answering questions on at least five different forums and making sure nobody feels neglected or outside of the development process (whether they are donating or not), I even Stream the development four times a week for anyone Patreon or not to see.

With that said I have a family, I'm going to school full-time, trying to learn to code for the first time in my life and I'm trying to develop a game full time which is technically now one of the longest, if not, the longest text adventure ever written---and I'm just getting started with it. So I apologize if I'm not writing fast enough for you but I'm doing my absolute best and that's what matters to me. I'm providing the absolute best quality writing as consistency as I can.

I don't mind contructive critques on my game (and I encourage it) and even criticism if it's warranted but don't you dare insult my integrity or my motivation.

Thank you for your review. Maybe if you could provide some areas that you'd like to see developed, I could work more on that particular section. Or if you have your doubts, you're welcome to join the Streams and talk to me directly. I look forward to your input. 




Review by DarthSparda

Version reviewed: AMS v0.97D (PTB-Full) on 08/06/2018

Amazing game so far I love where this is going.  Still a work in progress so not much content but the game does get updated regulary and the creator is active so that's a big difference to alot of the other games on this website.  Character creation is getting more detailed with more updates so it's a plus for alot of us RP fans.  Will be updating my review as time goes on keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the future progress of this project!!! ^^

Review by SubmissiveKittyDurgn

Version reviewed: AMS v0.97B (PTB-Full) on 07/04/2018

So, I have been encountering an issue as of late, at least on mobile, since I am without a PC due to it going up in smoke from a power surge.  The issue is quite simple, but as for what is causing it or what is the remedy for it, I have no clue.



It happens whenever I try to load a save that includes the premade character option.  I have not tried the othfer 3, but as for the Neko premade character, it happens without fail whenever I paste the save data and hit the OK button to load it.  The game simply is stuck loading the data.  It does not progress and it shows the same text, minus the options for a character start or save loading.  



“Creation Room



Please Choose From The List Of Options Below”



The rest is black, just like the rest, just without the options of creating a new custom character, a premade, or loading data.



I can send the save data through an email or PM if need be, but I do not know if that will help at all.  If it is of any importance, I saved in the tutorial(after the escape from the horde), much like I always have, but I later saved somewhere in the house and do not have the data of the first save, as I had progressed from there.



I know not why it does this, but it is extremely disheartening as it removes the ability to use a premade character’s save data. Well, more along the lines of, you just can’t load it.  You can start off as them just fine, it’s the loading issue that negates the purpose of using them.  I an unaware if this works without an issue on an actual PC, but as for mobile users, this is a giant pain to deal with.


I also noticed during my own character creation, loading the save data would sometimes cause stats and other values, such as sexuality and mood and other things, to be changed.  It is random when it does it, as far as I know, but when it happens, it is a very saddening issue, as it ruins the custom made character.  Again, happens on mobile, not sure about regular Pc users.



I love text based stuff, and this game has my interest and I am deeply into it.  But those two issues are a hinderance on playability without having to restart.



The ability to save ones data and post it into a document or on a note, is extremely handy.  I advise keeping this as an option, as you never know when locally saved data derps out and becomes fucky.

Review by zugzug

Version reviewed: AMS v0.97A (PTB-MidPoint) on 06/12/2018

I like how the transformation works, hope you make an event related one too, I enjoyed it even while still on alpha stages, I can't wait for new updates.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: AMS v0.96A (PTB) on 03/20/2018

The game itself is a 7/10.


The reading and ambition is something that I truly enjoyed about the game. However, there are too many bugs to really enjoy the game fully. To start off 1. the save. Oh please save me on this part or I am doing something wrong. Everytime I save the huge line of text and symbols onto a textfile and try to reload with that text the game itself doesnt save right. I lose hp when i load in meaning my max hp is gone. I lose my perks like Escort or whatever perk your choice was and my height changes to 3 ft. 2. There is a bug that isnt gamebreakinglike the save, but really really irritating. Sometimes the screen will decide to permanently scroll down all the way meaning that you have to scroll up for couple sec to read the text and when you choose another option it scrolls back down again. This would be totally fine for me if I could save and avoid it, but less I cannot. I hope these bugs get fixed and I can try the rest of the game without having to ragequit out of frustration. Good game imo though and everyone should give it a shot.

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