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Version: AMS v0.96D (Public Demo)

Version: AMS v0.97A (PTB-MidPoint)

by Anonynn

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PTB = Patron Test Beta
Public = Public Version

RPG / Adult / Fantasy
Synopsis: The manifestation of hatred, lust and corruption has spread across the entire planet like a plague; erasing memories, twisting identities and mutating every living thing in it's path. As the last of the free races band together to hold it back from northern Auvora, frightened refugees flee to the southwest for safety...

Updated AMS v0.96D (Public-Hotfix/Demo): 19MAY18
Next Update (PTB-Full): 27JUN18
Word Count: 1,415,717
Lines of Code: 67,031
Play Time: 2 1/2 to 3 1/2+.

Adult Themes: Breast Expansion, F2M, Growth (height, weight, pregnancy), Involuntary, M2F, Slow Transformation, Mind Control, Pregnancy, Bimbo, Shrink, Mythology/Anthro Sex, Corruption, Object Sex and Transformation, Voluntary. M/F, F/F, M/M content.

Other Themes: Adventure, RPG, Romance.

Systems in the Game:
- New and Improved Character Creator (finished)
- Pregnancy (finished)
- Lactation (finished)
- Crafting/Harvesting Supplies (finished)
- Alcohol (finished)
- Resting/Make Camp/Hunting/Trapping (finished)
- Weather (finished)
- Calendar (finished)
- Status Changes (finished)
- Masturbation Scenes/Menu (finished)
- Looting/Searching (finished)
- Lust (finished)
- Relationship (finished)
- Questing (finished)
- Corruption (finished)
- Character Titles (finished)
- Enticing Enemies (ongoing)
- Travel (ongoing)
- Secondary Pregnancy (ongoing)

v0.97A (PTB-MidPoint)

Bug Fixes
- Orc-Descended Skin showing up as Unknown in the Player Description. The problem was the variable Skin was written as skincolor which was throwing an unknown. This has been resolved.

- Fixed an error where the WinterMovement and SummerMovement scripts were trying to trigger before the Calendar was set. 

- Fixed an error that was happening with the scripts of the first time entrance to the Experimentation Cells. The Language Algorithm was acting naughty so I spanked it. 

- I’ve begun remastering the Corruption System which is now completely finished; all of the messages therein have been completely rewritten. You’ll see the first new message between 30 and 49 Corruption. You’ll see the second new message between 50 and 69. The third and final between 70 and 99 Corruption and finally at 100 Corruption you’ll see the new game-over message. At 30 and 49 Corruption if your Dominant Mood is Sexy/Sarcasm you’ll have a 1% chance per turn to gain +1 Lust or to become Horny if your Lust is 10. If your Corruption is between 50 and 69, if you Dominant Mood is Sexy/Sarcasm you’ll have a 2% chance per turn to gain +3 Lust and an additional 10% chance to lose -1 Resist. If your Dominant Mood is Sympathy/Serious you’ll have a 1% chance per turn to lose -1 Resist. Between 70 and 99 Corruption, if you have a Dominant Mood of Sexy/Sympathy, you’ll have a 3% chance per turn to gain +5 Lust and an additional 15% chance to lose -1 Resist. If your Dominant Mood is Sympathy/Serious, you’ll have a 2% chance to lose -1 Resist. Obviously, if you have 100% Corruption, the game ends because you lose your mind to the Emtropy’s influence. In addition to what’s listed above here are the Relationship Consequences of the Corruption Levels. If your Corruption is between 30-49, you’ll have a 25% chance per Relationship Point Gain to lose -1 Relationship Points (meaning it’ll likely cancel out at least one point or remove an additional point if you lose Relationship Points). You will lose -2 Relationship Points if your Corruption is 50-69 and -3 Relationship Points if your Corruption is between 70-99. 

- I’ve divided CharmSkill up a little more than it was. Originally, it was 0, 1-3, 4-9 and 10. Now it’s 0, 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10. I’ve also taken away the extra Relationship Bonus (+1) you get from 1-3. Once you hit 4-9 you’ll get an additional +1 toward Relationship Points, 7-9 will receive +2 Relationship Points and 10 CharmSkill will receive +3. As always Suave and Escort Specialities will receive a bonus +1 Relationship Point no matter what level of CharmSkill the Player is currently at. 

- There is now a Season Identification on the Stat’s Page. Remember a Season isn’t assigned until you enter the Waterhole. I also added a Calendar reminder as well. 

- I’ve begun and finished the Tallification Elixir Remaster, so far the general description has been completely remastered and the hard code is ready to go. Every script has been remastered as well, including the new Bad End although it’s not so much a Bad End as it is a Neutral End. Each time you consume the Elixir you also have a 25% chance to increase your Strength by +1 or a 20% chance to increase your Strength by +2. 

- Added M3TA to the game’s Help Guide Thank You Page. Thank you so much for your generosity! Woo!

- Added Tyrone Slothrop to the game’s Help Guide Thank You Page! You rock! Thank you so much :D!

- Added Julioalqae, the game’s new artist to the Help Guide, Thank You Page. He’s also been credited on the main title screen as well. 

- I’ve added Julioalqae’s Deviant Art to the Blog’s Recommendation Page as well. Here’s a link to his deviant art as well. julioalqae.deviantart.com

- Hannah Picksnap now has a brand-new pictures for her Sympathy/Serious Moods and her Sexy/Sarcasm Moods. My art has been removed and has been replaced with our new artists’ work 😊 Please give a warm welcome to Julioalqae! 

- I adjusted the Corruption description of the AMS READ ME file. It should now be fully updated. 

- I adjusted some of the spacing in the entrance scripts to the Living Room in the Withered Snag for every Mood. Hopefully, that’ll break things up a little bit.

- I’ve added Titles to the game and all the hard code for it is finished. There are currently 5 titles; the Alpha Male, the Well-Endowed, the Zombie Killer, Slayer of the Undead, and Albino Ass-Kicker. In order to use titles you have to earn them via special tasks, quests or by passing certain parameters and then select them in the Title Menu Select. If you earn a Title via special parameters and then no longer meet those parameters than you will lose the Title (which can be earned by re-meeting those special parameters). In order to use the Alpha Male title, you have to have a Penis Size of 10-Inches or bigger and be a Male. In order to use the Well-Endowed title you must have a Breast Size of DD or larger, you can Male or Female. In order to use Zombie Killer you have to kill 7 Zombies in Regular Difficulty before you reach the The Edge. You can be Male or Female. In order to use Slayer of the Undead you have to kill 17 Zombies in Noble Difficulty before you reach the The Edge. You can be Male or Female. In order to use Albino Ass-Kicker you have to kill the Pale Abomination in Noble Difficulty.

- I have adjusted ALL of the spacing in all of Hannah’s Initial Conversation Scripts. Hopefully, things will be more spaced out and easier to read and in smaller chunks. Lemme know if you find any weird discrepancies with any of the scripts including weird continuations that don’t seem like the conversations fit together. I don’t think there are any but just in case. 

- I have begun the remaster of the Experimentation Cells and so far the general description is finished and so is the first time entrance. Upon your first-time entrance you’ll be prompted with a reaction to something Rold says about the Cells. You can either earn a Sexy Mood Point, a Sympathy Mood Point, a Sarcasm Mood Point or a Serious Mood Point. To get the Sexy Mood Point, you have to respond with Pent Up. To get the Sympathy Mood Point you have to respond with Heed Advice. Although, if you choose this answer you’ll refuse to go into the Experimentation Cells and will be permanently locked out afterward. To get the Sarcasm Mood Point you need to answer with Nightmare and to get the Serious Mood Point you need to respond with Is He Serious? There also a choice labeled Not Sure, which will prompt a re-asking if you would truly like to go into the Experimentation Cells. Either answer does not yield a Mood Point but if you choose to enter you will, if you do not, you’ll be turned away. Unlike with the Sympathy response though, you will not be permanently locked out.
As for the Cells within the Experimentation Cells, each will carry four randomized scenarios: Empty Cell (meaning nothing at all), Item Find, Good Creature, Bad Creature. Item Find will be a normal search and loot. Here are the four planned creatures: Alaraune (named Luandra); Gay, Slime Boy (named Glob); Bisexual, Wolf-Sire (named Tendrance); Gay (will have a Quest that you can accept or decline), Female Orc (named Gjun’tuk); Straight. One version of these creatures you can talk with and get information from or have sex with (meaning transformations will result) and one version of these creatures that will attack you on sight and cause damage to both your person and/or your attire. 

- I’ve added all the new variables for the last couple of releases to the Save/Load System. If you find one not saving however just let me know and I’ll check it out and see if I overlooked it. 😊 

- I’ve added a unique variable to the game to deal with traveling in the Winter months. If your Calendar Month falls on January, February or December and you are Outside without a Coat (which is a variable all the game’s outer torso items carry now), you have a 25% chance to lose -1 Health per movement. This only happens when you are moving between rooms. There is also a unique variable and turnscript added for traveling in the Summer months too. If your Calendar Month falls in June, July or August and you are NOT wearing a Coat, you have a 25% chance to gain +1 Health per movement. If you are wearing a Coat in the Summer months than you have a 25% chance to lose -1 Health because of overheating. If you are a Naga, Alaraune, Bee-Taur, Dryad or Neko in the Summer you gain an extra +1 Health. In the Winter if you are a Naga, Alaraune, Bee-Taur, or a Dryad you lose an extra -1 Health. I may add this to the game’s survival aspect as optional if you guys don’t like it being part of the main game’s functions. 

- I’ve removed the placeholder warning on the Tallification Elixir for the Alchemy Table in Rold’s Laboratory. 

- Outer Torso items now have a message that they can be used as a “Coat” although this will likely change when I remaster those particular items. 

- I’ve begun forming two functions that will randomize certain Body Parts for both NPCs and Monsters that the Player will encounter.

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Review by Anonynn

Version reviewed: AMS v0.97A (PTB-MidPoint) on 06/16/2018

Version: AMS v0.97A (PTB-MidPoint)

Hello! I appreciate the kind words and your critique on the transformations. ^_^ There are event related transformations coming in the Experimentation Cells and Chapter 2 in the Whispering Thicket. Glad you're looking forward to more updates! Let me know if you have any other thoughts!



Version: AMS v0.96A (PTB)

Thank you very much for your review and critique! You'll be happy to know that once the public version comes out you'll no longer start with 1 health upon loading a game, and from what I can tell all of the save/load errors have been completely dealt with in the last two days. The library owner and I tested it about 50 times each and there wasn't a single error! So I'm excited about that.

As for the text scrolling, that happens when large amounts of text hit the screen at once and it'll auto-scroll to the bottom. I'll try to work on shortening some of those before the public update comes out. I've lessened the effect by clearing the screen at regular intervals in the later rooms but I know it's a problem in the first couple. If you notice any particular place that's super annoying about it, let me know and I can fix that certain area too.

If you have any other questions, concerns or a review about anything else please let me know :)




Version: AMS v0.96A (PTB)

You can change the font size in the Help Guide :) Also, it sounds like your download may have gotten an error of some kind. I would suggest deleting that and unzipping or redownloading. Try again and let me know if that helps.



Version: AMS v0.9.5D (Public)

Hello! Thank you for the great critique and your honest compliments! :D I appreciate them both! Let me touch upon some of the things you said just to clarify as many might not know what my intentions are regarding the main story if they haven't been following Discord/Blog/Patreon. I am currently rewriting/remastering the content leading up to the end of the tutorial, including Rold, creating Aaleahya as a companion and the Laboratory itself which spells the end of Chapter 1. Both Rold and the Laboratory are almost finished ((I predict maybe 2-3 releases)). At the same time, I'm working on a lot of the game's foundations; Pregnancy was recently finished 260,000 words there, Lactation which was about 30,000, Masturbation is basically finished at a good 70,000 plus and several others. I feel foundations are very important because they will be the things that the player sees the most so I try to create as many unique variations as possible. For example, there are variables in Pregnancy about whether or not you've given birth before (5 variations per script to keep it fresh as you play), 2-3 per scenario in Masturbation and many variations within those variations, and there are variations for all the other systems too so I can focus solely on pumping out progressive content when the time comes. Those giant change-logs will eventually be filled with progressive content but until then a lot of work needs to be done to make sure everything is set-up and working properly so each adventure is unique for each player. I know this is a strange way to approach designing a game and I apologize for that but I hope you eventually try it again in the future! ^_^

My intention isn't to fill the game with a bunch of empty rooms, or to create situations/quests where the player has to do long grinds or do repeated tasks to draw out the play time as I feel this is unfair and deceitful. There are a lot of hidden interactions with the character's too; attacking and killing Hannah and starting the story that way, doing the normal quests for Rold and blacking out, getting thrown into a cell by Rold and having the story play out that way, you can get kicked out of the house by Hannah and then just plain skipping the tutorial and the end quest there entirely. A lot of the future content has stuff planned for all these situations. Don't worry, I want to get the progressive content there as much as everyone else---trust me. xD !


Version AMS v0.9.3A (Patron Test Beta)


I just felt a little offended by what you said, so I figured I'd comment on it, even though I normally don't try to fan the fires so to speak. Anyway, take this response as you will. I've been developing the game for almost two years while providing twice monthly releases which continually further the game in multiple areas and systems therein, several of which are almost completed now. I provide not only personalized emails and messages to everyone who donates to me, but 5% of the total proceeds go towards St.Jude's Children Hospital per month. We've raised more than $100+ dollars for it now.

On top of this, I am in constant contact with my community and have been since day one, I even helped several of them through difficult financial times and through times of anguish/crisis, and I'm constantly answering questions on at least five different forums and making sure nobody feels neglected or outside of the development process (whether they are donating or not), I even Stream the development four times a week for anyone Patreon or not to see.

With that said I have a family, I'm going to school full-time, trying to learn to code for the first time in my life and I'm trying to develop a game full time which is technically now one of the longest, if not, the longest text adventure ever written---and I'm just getting started with it. So I apologize if I'm not writing fast enough for you but I'm doing my absolute best and that's what matters to me. I'm providing the absolute best quality writing as consistency as I can.

I don't mind contructive critques on my game (and I encourage it) and even criticism if it's warranted but don't you dare insult my integrity or my motivation.

Thank you for your review. Maybe if you could provide some areas that you'd like to see developed, I could work more on that particular section. Or if you have your doubts, you're welcome to join the Streams and talk to me directly. I look forward to your input. 




Review by zugzug

Version reviewed: AMS v0.97A (PTB-MidPoint) on 06/12/2018

I like how the transformation works, hope you make an event related one too, I enjoyed it even while still on alpha stages, I can't wait for new updates.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: AMS v0.96A (PTB) on 03/20/2018

The game itself is a 7/10.


The reading and ambition is something that I truly enjoyed about the game. However, there are too many bugs to really enjoy the game fully. To start off 1. the save. Oh please save me on this part or I am doing something wrong. Everytime I save the huge line of text and symbols onto a textfile and try to reload with that text the game itself doesnt save right. I lose hp when i load in meaning my max hp is gone. I lose my perks like Escort or whatever perk your choice was and my height changes to 3 ft. 2. There is a bug that isnt gamebreakinglike the save, but really really irritating. Sometimes the screen will decide to permanently scroll down all the way meaning that you have to scroll up for couple sec to read the text and when you choose another option it scrolls back down again. This would be totally fine for me if I could save and avoid it, but less I cannot. I hope these bugs get fixed and I can try the rest of the game without having to ragequit out of frustration. Good game imo though and everyone should give it a shot.

Review by WolfsDrgn

Version reviewed: AMS v0.96A (PTB) on 03/17/2018

To be honest, I could't figure out how to play this game.  The font was so small I could barely read it.  When I clicked on "Create Character" all I got was a blank line that said "Type here".... Type what?

managed to get past that by just clicking "random" for everyting. Then could't do ahything else. Just a blank screen.  Saw a buttone that said "Look" clicked that and got

"type here".... again Type What

It was to frustratiing for me to continue. 

Review by slairaartora

Version reviewed: AMS v0.9.5D (Public Hotfix) on 02/27/2018

I'd like to give this game a good review, as the author has great writing and imagination. Unfortunately, despite 2 years of solid development (and 1MM+ words!), the main storyline ends after...one event. Seriously. I thought I had gone crazy and was missing some connection to the rest of the content, but the game really does end as soon as it starts. Now, if you pick up the toy in the shower, you can get something like 17 different highly-detailed imagined sex scenes as you masturbate, but the entire main plot goes: Talk to goblin girl, unlock door, talk to wizard, fetch box for wizard, leave tree, fight a few zombies, jump off cliff. Fin. You can go from start to finish in about 3-5 minutes if it's your second time through.

It's really frustrating to see such a cornucopia of content all pointed in the wrong directions. Until the "game" part of this game gets some TLC from the author, I have to advise that you keep your expectations very low. There's still some interesting stuff buried around the tutorial dungeon...but that's all there is.

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