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Version: 10b


You wake up...or let's better say: you regain conscience. You are in a hall full of dead bodies and coffins. 

Take it from here. 

Update 13.1.2018: Game is switched to sugarcube 2. Saving is now possible, pictures are smaller, bugs have been hunted, typos corrected. Game should be bug-free now. The puppy is no longer lost. 

The first combat was bugged: should run now. 

Meeting the Beast in the Labyrinth is debugged now. (version 10b)


Get out of here!

And maybe find out, who you are. 

Grow back whatever parts you once had. 

Regain your power. And then some. 

You, a...Bloody amnesia!

dead tombraiders


A gang of Four: 

Dronde the Cultist, Brandig the Black Knight, Tanith the Necromancer, Jasira the Cleric. 


The only way is up. 

But remember to bring Book, Cup and Candle. 

Do as your nature calls you to do. 

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Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 10a on 01/11/2018

I'm generally wary of Blauz games because they are often not to my taste, but this one is an exception. It now appears to be fully complete, with multiple endings and the ability to save your progress should you not have the hour or so it takes to play. It is a CYOA story with well chosen supporting images and genuinely a story rather than a wall of porn images with a bit of text. Indeed there is little pornography in the whole game and nothing really erotic. Your transformations are not of that nature, yet I enjoyed the story a great deal despite the lack of tittilation. There are a few remaining places where the odd word is misused or placed in the wrong order or punctuation is missing but it's very readable all the same. Recommended.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 9 on 01/30/2017

I want to say its a good game... BUT so many Errors! Get the cup, Error. Get the butchers Knife, Error. Lots of options loop Endlessly! Some Options lead to a dead end in the script so you have to use the back button on your browser.

no save function, and self reflection is very weak.

I cant even say this game is complete!

Alot of the choices you make dont make Much sense, as the the description is very Vague. I guess thats normal when your underground.

I like the Thought of regaining your sense of self, but Poor coding and writing really hurts its potential.

I can easily see this being used as an RPG maker game, and it might be easier to do LOL.

Review by romansampo

Version reviewed: 5 on 04/09/2016

Neither conscience, nor conscious, but consciousness: "regain consciousness"

Review by sathirran

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/11/2015

You suddenly regain your conscience after a horrible killing spree. Take it from here.

Review by naimlis

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/10/2015

conscious, not conscience.

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