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Version: 0.2.4

The W.H.O.R.E.-Project
by ntns55

This game is heavily inspired by the game "S.L.U.T.-Academy" by JoeForest. And by inspired i mean i got bored of waiting for updates and decided to make my own version.

Throughout the game you will notice pictures, these are adult pictures. These are made here: "http://stregac.github.io/trainers_image_library/". If you like the art check out the original artist "Akabur", since he has made some pretty neat games.

Thank you to the following people for the help:
Malmuira + (Someone who hasn't giving me a name to credit them with.)

If you would like to help, then send me a message or a mail. It can be a concept or a storyline, anything!

Also there is now an end to this game.

Next step is starting to get overwhelming. I think i will be cutting lines. Bad ends might start to appear.

You are a young witch who seeks to be the best witch in the world. This leads you to the W.H.O.R.E.-project that will lead you down a dark path... no matter your choice.

You: A young female trapped in all this mess.

Principal: The head of the school who might have something else up his sleeve.

Jessie: A rather dominant female student, who seems to enjoy having you at her feet.

Librarian: A not so helpful librarian.

Candy: Bimbo is really the only word to discriebe her as... If you are not careful you will end just like her.

Be aware of the following. So far there are 2 random events. There is a mindcontrol path and a transformation path and then a lot of sidepaths.

To go the mindcontrolpath: Go to the principal. It helps to have said yes to the choice before hand.

Transformationpath: Go to the principal, then as quick as you can, leave. Then go to class. Here is one of the first transformation. 

Other transformation/Random event: Go to class then sneak of to pleasure yourself. There is a high chance that you will be cought in the act. You can now either chose to be transformed or fucked. The pounding will also allow you to cast a new spell, that can be used later. This is the only way to get access to the right table at the moment. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MoonSquad.Inc

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 07/28/2017

Very good but I don't  like how short it is and the lack of character customization



Review by Jdgute

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 06/04/2017

Who is puppy and what kind of fucked up story did he/she make?

Review by johndlokcuc

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 05/09/2017

This is kind of an interesting/intriguiing spin-off of the S.L.U.T. Academy.  The concept of the game is pretty good, though the writing style and game-plya is a bit "in-your-face" which at times may be just one needs.  It still seems quite early in the progress and development of the game but it had me intrigued enough to like the game and follow it for future updates.  Good artwork too.  At this point I am looking forward to updates

Review by patchwolf

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 05/07/2017

I peeked at the code.  The answer to Kim Jong-Un's residence is "Funnyjunk."

Review by Smut_Peddler

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 05/07/2017

As far as I can tell the question about where Kim Jong-Un spends his time is unanswerable. I've tried Korea, North Korea, Pyongyang, Ryongsong and Ryongsong Residence (and the locals' name for it; central luxury mansion) and all of them were wrong. I don't know what bizarre train of thought the author expects us to follow, but apparently he doesn't spend time in his country, his capitol city, the district his main house is in or his main house. Whatever illogical answer the author wants is impossible for a sane, rational mind to divine.

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