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Student Transfer (Collab VN)

An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Will he use it to pursue his own deepest desires? Or will he and his friends be caught between forces they don't understand?

Content Warnings

These kinds of content usually only make up brief portions of the game, but they’re worth mentioning here.

  • Implied rape
  • Forced domination/submission



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Review by supermon206

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 07/02/2018

it need a new update its really good

Review by egg

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 06/25/2018

Full disclaimer: I'm trans (MtF). And considering the site we're on, I don't think I'm alone in this either.


So far, I've explored much of the paths available in this game, and overall, it's pretty good.

However, I have a few gripes with what's available so far:

1. a lot of the paths and the choices required to get to those paths seem... pretty arbitrary. It's hard to illustrate this without getting into spoilers, but let me just say I had to literally look up a chart to get to the GB path, and I don't understand why the player is effectively punished by choosing to hang out as one of the girls instead of some unlikeable dork.

2. there are too many divergent paths and it feels very "unfocused" - many of the paths just make me go "why are these in the game in the first place?" Trimming those and instead polishing the more "major" paths would be nice.

3. from the get go, I was looking for paths in which MC would get to actually live as a girl. However, this game just doesn't offer many (in fact, there's really only one). Like, why do I have to be tied to Kiyoshi to get the GB end? Why couldn't there be, say, a Brad x GB MC route? Or hell, even a route where MC just... becomes a girl and doesn't have to be tied to any particular person? And even if the MC doesn't end up as GB version of himself, many (if not all) of the body swap options are non-permanent. The game really is catered almost exclusively towards people who have temporary body-swap fetish (not that I'm one to judge), who want to fuck the bodyswapped girl, not be one. And even in the one route in which body swapping even gave the slightest hint of MC staying as a girl, the game unfortunately doesn't allow you to do so! While I know one of the bundled scenarios (which I think is a great idea) sort of goes further along than the main game in that aspect, it still wasn't enough :(

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the game (can't say that about every path, but still), and really enjoyed and got immersed in a few paths (I literally cried again and again during the full GB path - it's a dysphoria truck, I swear). I would like to see more depth to the rest of the parts of the game, even if it means trimming a few choices, and would like the choices to be more intuitive. In addition, giving the players more freedom to become a woman, and stay as one, would be really, really, really appreciated!

I'm excited by the potential of the game, and am looking forward to future releases!

Review by repp

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 05/21/2018

The amount of effort is incredible I must say.

I can tell this is not made just to satisfy some player's libido, kink or whatever the reason to get on this website is. In more than one regard this game has something more, starting from the fact that you can skip many of the nsfw bits (and you have my thanks for that), I did find myself growing attached to some of these characters, despite a few being obvious clichés.

Characters that seem one dimensional ina route may reveal hidden meaning in another one. Finding about Jack's sins in a route after several other paths of him being unbearable was surprising and satisfactory, just as seeing behind the mean girls' facade.

I didn't fully understand if the scenarios are made by the creators of the game, but if they aren't then my thanks to the ones who made them as well. The Library one was just as good as a route from the main game and made me appreciate Maria a lot. 

This is the first game I played from this website, so I can't really say how it is in comparison of the others, but if they're all even remotely like this then this is a pretty neat library. 

This isn't just great for a free project, it's great for a full priced one, too. It's admirable that you're still working on this 3 years later and I fully understand if it'll take a lot more for it to be completed... I'm just sad that I may lose interest with time on this, because it's really really good and I'm glad so much effort has been put into this. 


Since this is a collaboration, I already know how to justify what I'm about to say, but I think I may have a complaint.

It makes perfect sense that many many paths are not finished (actually, I think you should remove a couple choices, clearly some of them don't bring anywhere and I'm afraid you'll just get stuck trying to write them) and I fully understand the fact that just a couple of ending exist as of now (I found 3 main endings, each with a couple of bad ends on the way)... But my problem may come from the CHOICE of the finished paths. Because while the Kyoshi and Jack's remote route has important info and has all the right to be finished, Mina and Connie aren't exactly the first names that pop into my mind when I think of "parts of the game that needed to be completed first"... I'd say the paths of the main 3 friends were more important and urgent, but as I said before since this is a collaboration, I understand that the people who made those eding aren't the same, so Mina's path getting completed has nothing to do with Kat's one being unfinished.


So for the rest, this is an amazing project that made me feel good during all the process of playing (again, thanks for letting me skip the naked parts), made me find a couple neat characters that I'll keep thinking about and maybe, just maybe, if I don't lose the hype, will accompany me for the next years with new cool paths, endings and possibilities until its end. Thank you all for doing this game


Review by nandemonai

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 05/21/2018


  • A lot of insanely in-depth story branches that, for the most part, actually have different outcomes depending on choices.
  • Really interesting theme (though I find the magic path more interesting than the alien remote path).
  • A ludicrous amount of characters, all seemingly with their own story routes with the MC.
  • Fantastic art! A lot of games on this site tend to suffer in the art department but this game delivers in spades.
  • Intuitive UI that allows you to view character profiles as soon as you encounter them.
  • Addictive gameplay that makes you want to keep going to see what's next, and isn't tedious micro-managing.



  • Cliche character archetypes (heterochromatic twins with eye colours on opposing sides, weird "comic-relief" best friend that just comes off as annoying, Gilgamesh-wannabe, Ganguro girl who's open about her exploits, etc).
  • Game can't decide if it's supposed to be set in Japan or not.
  • Seemingly menial choices can have unexpected and almost unrealistic outcomes.
  • Slight inconsistencies in writing between routes (e.g., on the "Ms. Clarke" route, the scrying spell requires a body of water, but when done with the MC's friends, it requires a silver mirror)
  • No complete paths (that I've found so far), so you can put hours into playing just to hit a "path currently under construction" roadblock.

Overall, I think this game has a fantastic amount of potential and I can't wait for the full release.

7.5/10 as it stands right now with the potential to be higher in future.

Review by Sans007

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 05/12/2018

I complete everything of what there's, i hope you continue more of tbis, i will wait for the ghost one

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