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Version: 0.2.6.


Version: 0.2.5.

Version: 0.2.4.

Version: 0.2.3. - pre alpha

Version: 0.2.2.

Version: 0.2.1.



Version: 0.2.




Version: 0.1.3.




Version: 0.1.2.

Version: 0.1.1.


Magical Camp

In this game the main character is a young loser that though a twist of fate finds himself in a boot camp for magical girls, now he as to hide is true identity and somehow find a way to escape before the psychotic director of the camp find him. Too make things worse circumstances seem to be slowly changing him...

I want this game to be a sort of hybrid between Runes of Chaos and Prisoners of the Elder One essentially in this game you will have a certain number of days to escape the camp, each day is divided in three part:

Morning where you have some interactions with the inhabitants of the camp.

The afternoon where you leave the camp to train.

And the evening where you socialize a bit more until you finish the day by having dinner with one of your friends

Version A really small update, just something for me to get back to work in the game

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Review by randomperson2528

Version reviewed: on 06/12/2017

Overall a good game and worth checking out. It's an rpg maker game that doesn't rely on grinding as you don't get xp, only money from fights. The regular fights can be repetative, but those can be disabled with a simple debug switch you find where you live in the game. The transformations are slow and depending on how you play you can watch your main character slowly becomes more and more like a girl.

Only real complaint is that it is hard to tell if you reached the end of content for the game or are simply missing something to progress further.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: on 06/06/2017



this game is one of the reasons for that

the story and the engine has a very good cemistry, the gameplay has a standard good balance that expected in rpg maker games.

the art is perfectly fiting for a non commercial game.

the only down side is the slow development speed->but who cares? its a non commrcial game nobody has to rush anything.

this game is a clear example how basic game development should be done.

Have funn developing your games (and we will have funn playin them)

Update for the critics:

Some ppl complained about bad humouror not funny enough that is a joke itself -> in the last 2 years only 1 game earned the right to be caled 1and not this one

if you want to categorize this and most of the game in this site you can say its a fetish game/life parody.

on the other side the spoiling (encuraging reviews) on bad game to be-s that will get less like than a selfie of my grandma-s fresh worn panties (long dead rest in peace)

Review by zarock

Version reviewed: on 06/06/2017

I quite liked the game overall, pretty well balanced combat and some interesting characters. I really like my character's roommate in particular. However, it would be nice to have some note whether in-game or in the game description here on exactly where the action stops for any given release, as it isn't exactly clear at the moment.

Review by verycoolname

Version reviewed: on 06/06/2017

This game made me sad. Seriously.

The gameplay is great, and the entire thing obviously had a lot of work put into it. The problem is that this game is DARK. The bad ends are definitely bad ends and the TFs are treated in a sort of depressing horror sort of way with no pleasure or enjoyment, reluctant or otherwise. What makes it worse is the whole story has this grim, no-happy-ending vibe to it that was a real downer. You can see the twist coming but since there is no good ending yet it almost makes everything a lot worse. (Especially the bad ends related to the director.)

The characters and the setting all have a hopeless, fighting-against-the-inevitable vibe... Which is a shame considering how lifelike it all is. It makes me mad since the way the game is set up and designed is so well made yet so horribly dark. The skill and effort put into it is amazing but I literally wish I hadn't played it.

I know a lot of games here have the forced transformation theme, but for whatever reason of all of the games I've played, this one was the darkest, least happy of them. The bad ends give the feeling of a fate worse than death that really kicked me in the gut and the story has this atmosphere that gives you the feeling that there is no chance for a happy ending.


Spoiler time:

Most of the bad ends and a few characters have the transformations portrayed as a living hell where the transformee is aware but controlled against their will. There is no sexiness, just a reference to how they are raped/enslaved/used as livestock while being unable to resist or control themselves.

The main character is thrown into a setting where if he reveals himself he will be giving the worse than death treatment... because the director hates men. As a result he is forced to pretend to be a girl and is trapped while slowly transforming into a girl. Rather than the transformation being played up for laughs or having the main character struggle with enjoying his newfound girlyness, he is horrified at losing his identity.

There are hints that you are the director's long lost son, but without the true end to the game it just hints that the person having you transformed into a human milk cow to be milked and raped repeatedly for the rest of your life is your mom.

At another point you are transformed into an aware, mind controlled slave and selling you to a perverted old man to be raped for the rest of your life.


Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: on 06/05/2017

Great game.

What I like most is that it successfully evaded the bane of most other RPGmaker games - the need to grind. You can play perfectly fine just by evading most enemies (since the only thing you get from them is money).

Combat emphasizes how weak MC is, and it makes you want to correct that by dressing character in girly stuff and buffing the weakest person in the start to the main damage dealer in the end. The way game forces you into making your character be more and more girly is almost unnoticeable - first you're equipping a hairpin for the damage buff, then you absorb a core which grants you nice magic (and plumps your ass) and half an hour later you wake up from erotic haze to discover that your character is dressed like a stripper and has a very feminine figure (it was all for the stats! totally not because of horniness!).



Review by foxdsx

"ppl know me from my strict reviews"

No :DD nobody really cares x-DDD

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