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Version: Adventure 1.04

Version: Adventure 1.03

Version: 2.00b

House of Pandemonium - Remastered

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Jan 29, 2018 - Adventure Mode 1.04 has been released. Bugfixes, new character graphics, and a note-adding feature for save files were added.

Adventure Mode is an all-new game taking place in the land of Pandemonium. Chapter 1 stars Mei, a waitress from Hong Kong trying to find her way home.

Chapter 1 contains the following transformations: Alraune, Bee, Ghost, Werecat, Slime, Corrupted Bee. It also contains a lot of F/F, a bit of M/F, Mind Control, Corruption, Possession, Sub/Dom Dynamics, Vines, Slime Idiocy, Rennaisance Paintings, Stolen Borrowed Music, Terrible Jokes, Heaps of Violence, and one scene where you boop a corgi statue with a piece of paper. You use that paper to make a pie. I am serious.


House of Pandemonium - Remastered is a remake of Pashaimeru's 2014 smash-hit House of Pandemonium. The game attempts to emulate the original as closely as possible, with a few small ease-of-use improvements, faster game speed, and configuration options.

We now have a Patreon to help fund development of Adventure Mode! Support the project!

The game now has its own webpage, for those of you who want to keep up to date with development between patches. Dev posts will be (approximately) every Monday.

Classic and Corrupter Mode have received no updates. All the changes are in Adventure Mode.

If you need help getting the game to run, or understanding the gameplay, please see the associated forums thread. The blog now also contains a brief gameplay guide for how to play in 3D mode. If you want a guide to the new features of Corrupter Mode, click here.

There isn't a plot. Six ladies are tossed into a mansion, and none of them are getting out without something bad happening.

Christine - The athletic one!

Jeanne - The smart one!

Mei - The... Asian one!

Lotta - The catgirl!

Talia - The elf!

Sanya - The one everyone forgets!

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Review by Zeep

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 05/19/2018

I played the adventure mode chapter 1 (and checked the classic mode but had no idea how to play that and frankly wasn't interested) and it really made me realise that games with good plot and ideas with some pornographic and transformation content are more appealing rather than straight-up porn games with minimal plot. I'm a plot-guy; no not that kind of "plot".

The world and characters in this game are good, and I'm eagerly awaiting chapter 2 of the adventure mode.

Review by Jerdar

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 04/29/2018

An amazing game by one who I think is a fellow fan of Elona. Salty, if I had money, I would give it to you.

Review by Flaming_Potato

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 02/09/2018

HoP is truly wonderful. I played the original quite a while ago, and never really liked it. What good came from the concept and backstory was all but demolished by the system limitations and lack of stimulatimg gameplay. Then the new version came out, with a doom-esque 3D instead of the tiled 2D. This was a welcome improvement, but the gamemode still had its inherent flaws. Then Adventure mode came out, and they did exactly what needed to be done. They took the good parts- the characters, storyline, and setting- and left the bad behind, resulting in a formulaic yet still refreshingly new JRPG with all the fixings, including dry wit and self-referential easter eggs. The change was handled beautifully- some parts of the game are easy enough for a quick play, and some of the more in-depth ones are really hard- I'm stuck on two, myself. The TF's are varied and handled well, and the way you can essentially swap between them is a nice touch, though I would like to see that affect gameplay a bit MORE than what it does now. My only point that is slightly negative is the mismatched art- as the game has progressed, it's gotten better, but some busts look really out of place (like the NPC Alraunes). However, I know that art is f*cking hard, so I don't blame the creator for not fixing what isn't broken. 10/10, can't get these updates fast enough.

Review by hidden

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 02/01/2018

I don't know what the other reviewers were talking about adventure mode being boring.  I thought adventure mode was a lot of fun.  Using multiple transformations to get different reactions from characters and advancing the storyline was very fun to explore.  It felt a little bit like using the masks from Zelda: Majora's Mask.  I haven't fully finished adventure mode yet but I'm already looking forward to when you're adding new chapters and transformations, if that's the direction you're planning on taking it.

Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 01/31/2018

This game... WOW it is A cool little game, it has a good story and is simple enough to follow without help. Also the traransformations are not ends but a means to advance the story good work!


I give this game a solid A.

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