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Version: Prototype 5-2c

Version: Adventure 1.05b

Version: Adventure 1.05

Version: Adventure 1.04

Version: Adventure 1.03

Version: 2.00b

House of Pandemonium - Remastered

New Stuff:

July 23rd, 2019 - Prototype 5-2c public release

Yep, as voted by the patrons, 5-2c is now public for all to enjoy. Most of the bugs have been cleaned up since the previous version. You can now go on adventures on the moon with robot girls!

To access the Chapter 5 content, simply speak to Christine at the chapter select screen. You do not need to have completed Chapter 1 to access Chapter 5 in the current version.


We also now have a public Discord chat, a Twitter, and a Tumblr. If you want to follow the project via some means other than Patreon, now you have options.


If you want more information, you can check this blog post or this patreon post. A full changelog is on the blog post at the bottom.


A few game screenshots, more here:


What is Adventure Mode?
Adventure Mode is an all-new game taking place in the land of Pandemonium. Chapter 1 stars Mei, a waitress from Hong Kong trying to find her way home. Chapter 5 stars Chris Dormer, who wakes up on the moon of Regulus with a very angry person yelling at him on the intercom.

Chapter 1 contains the following transformations: Alraune, Bee, Ghost, Werecat, Slime, Corrupted Bee. It also contains a lot of F/F, a bit of M/F, Mind Control, Corruption, Possession, Sub/Dom Dynamics, Vines, Slime Idiocy, Rennaisance Paintings, Stolen Borrowed Music, Terrible Jokes, Heaps of Violence, and one scene where you boop a corgi statue with a piece of paper. You use that paper to make a pie. I am serious.

Chapter 5 contains the following transformations: Golem, Latex Drone, Steam Droid, Eldritch Dreamer, Darkmatter Girl, and Male-to-female. It contains lots and lots of robot girls, dating a robot girl, robots dying, horrible eldritch nightmare creatures, and giving birth to the universe by getting fingered in front of a black hole. Yes, this game has some unique adult situations.


House of Pandemonium - Remastered is a remake of Pashaimeru's 2014 smash-hit House of Pandemonium. The game attempts to emulate the original as closely as possible, with a few small ease-of-use improvements, faster game speed, and configuration options.

We now have a Patreon to help fund development of Adventure Mode! Support the project!

The game now has its own webpage, for those of you who want to keep up to date with development between patches. Dev posts will be (approximately) every Monday.

Classic and Corrupter Mode have received no updates. All the changes are in Adventure Mode.

If you need help getting the game to run, or understanding the gameplay, please see the associated forums thread. The blog now also contains a brief gameplay guide for how to play in 3D mode. If you want a guide to the new features of Corrupter Mode, click here.

In Adventure Mode, a waitress from Hong Kong finds herself transported to an alternate world filled with crazed cultists and monstergirls. As she struggles to find her way home, the mystery of a curious runestone she found will be revealed just in time for the chapter to end. Damn it.

In Classic Mode, there isn't a plot. Six ladies are tossed into a mansion, and none of them are getting out without something bad happening.

In Adventure Mode Chapter 1:

Mei - A waitress from Hong Kong. She has an unnatural grace with a sword despite never being in a fight in her life. Can you help her find her way home? No, because you're going to turn her into a plant or something.

Florentina - A smart-alec Alraune merchant. She seems quite eager to get out of the shop and apparently there's a price on her head.

Nadia - An Alraune who works as a guard at the trading post. Very friendly and innocent in the ways of the world.

Breanne - Charming and independent, she runs a hostel of sorts in the middle of the forest. She bakes a mean pie.

Cap'n Blythe - The hard-nosed head of the trading post mercenaries. He can give you some pointers on how to fight.

Rochea - Leader of the Alraunes in Evermoon forest, she embodies their way of life and joins new leaf-sisters. Has a bit of a history with Florentina.

Adina - A peaceful soul who is tending the salted earth in southern Evermoon. Has some sexy hypno scenes for the MC-fetishists out there.


In Chapter 5:

Chris Dormer - An English teacher in his mid 30's, descends from a long line of English Officers and Knights. Not comfortable with himself or his legacy, it's almost a relief to wake up in another dimension.

Unit 499323 "Sophie" - A mild-mannered repair golem working in Regulus City. Has a heart of gold and a naughty streak to boot.


To tell you anything else would probably spoil the hell out of it. Good luck.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by dannydork10

Version reviewed: Prototype 5-2c on 08/01/2018

Really fun game, and the current Chapter 5 prototype already adds a lot of story and fun TFs in addition to Chapter 1. There's even a freaking Magical Girl shout-out in this thing! Definitely worth giving the Classic modes a chance, if the plot-based campaign isn't your cup of tea.

Review by Lil' Bun

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.05b on 07/06/2018

IMPORTANT: Due to reworked maps trying to go the Mansion in the northeast causes the Character to get stuck in the rock when the enter

Review by Amandabless

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 06/09/2018

I would have paid for this game.

Review by Zeep

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 05/19/2018

I played the adventure mode chapter 1 (and checked the classic mode but had no idea how to play that and frankly wasn't interested) and it really made me realise that games with good plot and ideas with some pornographic and transformation content are more appealing rather than straight-up porn games with minimal plot. I'm a plot-guy; no not that kind of "plot".

The world and characters in this game are good, and I'm eagerly awaiting chapter 2 of the adventure mode.

Review by Jerdar

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 04/29/2018

An amazing game by one who I think is a fellow fan of Elona. Salty, if I had money, I would give it to you.

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