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Version: 1.81c

Version: 1.8b

Version: 1.78b

Parasite Infection

This is the story of Chet, a normal guy who is abducted by aliens and infested with parasites.

Parasite Infection Progress Update:

The entire game code is being overhauled.  Currently the overhaul is up to chapter 2, and I'm waiting until chapter 3 is put in before I do another public update.  Basically it's being converted from a bunch of cobwebs into a very structured format which should make future development much easier.  There has been a lot of art updates as well.  Work is still being done but no public updates have been put out recently because the game has technically 'regressed' in terms of playability.  I'm hoping to put out a patreon update either this week or next and then a public update 1-2 weeks after that.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ParasiteInfection?ty=h

If you don't want to send money, send your likes!  I can see this becoming something really amazing and your support will help create it.

Art: Mixed, newest artist is ModeSeven

Music: Nikeils


An alien ship has abducted you.  Sexy, slutty horrors await onboard.

How to make Parasite Infection playable offline (and still have pictures):

Step 1) Download images.
Step 2) Download js.
Step 3) Modify game.

More detail below, but first setup notes. I use Firefox with the DownThemAll! extension. I'm sure there are other tools that could be used instead, but those are the ones I used. You'll need both those for the directions below.

Step 1) Download images to appropriate location.
Download game .rar file as usual
Extract .rar to location of your choice
Make note of the images folder, that is inside the Parasite Infection folder
Open game .html in Firefox
Open the DownThemAll menu (right click, n)
Make sure 'Renaming Mask' is *url*-*name*.*ext*
Check the Images filter (if not already checked)
Should find approximately 600 imgur images (1.8b has 581)
Start (bottom left of menu)
Wait (or move to step 2) while download occurs...
When done, move downloaded images into games images folder
Step 1) Done

Step 2) Download js to appropriate location.
Open .html file in the text editor of your choice
Search for code.createjs
Should find multiple references to same file (1.8b is https://code.createjs.com/createjs-2015.11.26.min.js)
Copy url into browser
Save .js file in the games [/b]js[/b] folder (should already be some there, 1.8b has 5)
Close .html file, discarding any chances
Step 2) Done

Step 3) Modifying game file.
Make copy of game .html file (so that you have a backup should things go wrong)
Open .html file in the text editor of your choice
Do a Search and Replace:
Find: http://i.imgur.com/
Replace with: images/i.imgur.com-
Should change approximately 1300 references (1.8b has 1257)
Do a Search and Replace:
Find: https://code.createjs.com/
Replace with: js/
Should change a few references (1.8b has 4)
Save changed .html file
Wait for step 1 to finish (if it hasn't already)
Step 3) Done

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by altph026

Version reviewed: 1.81c on 10/12/2017

In my opinion, this probably the best HTML H-Game I have ever played. I think the majority of the people here agree Chapter 3 was there favorite chapter. The music was absolute PHENOMENAL, Art style was great, and it all just seemed to fit perfectly. Best thing about my experience was that this was my first HTML H-Game I was introduced too and by gawd I hope you can finish the game the way you want it!

Review by avsa18

Version reviewed: 1.81c on 10/02/2017

Is not it time to release a new public version, right? It's been a while since you launched the 2.14B2 for patreon

Review by greenson

Version reviewed: 1.81c on 08/21/2017

Well I just send a simple walkthrough about Chap 3 for the one who cannot get himself out of that Chap.

If you're Chet, your time may be a bit tight.

You must set the neck parasite on others[Mom or one of the sisters] and fertile them daily, then get yourself a werm.

When get to school, if you have a werm spare[after infesting yourself], infest Claire ASAP.

At the first weekend, you should incubate at least one neck parasite.

Then get to Steve's house and infest him.

And you will be safe.

The infestation later is all on yours.


Simply word: Neck your family, Werm yourself. Spare Werm for Teacher, First Weekend Neck Steve.

Easy as hell.


If you're Chloe, All you need to know is not set yourself the star parasite until you infested all the guys. And you can also use the same word as Chet.


Of course that's only suggestion. And I won't assure what will happen in the next update. But I hope it will help.


And never talk to me about later Chap. I'm shit about that...



Review by Lashow

Version reviewed: 1.81c on 08/16/2017

Interesting parasites and transformation themes, though finally getting around to infecting everyone without being killed is a bitch. The debug option is very welcome, as the third chapter and onward is where the game shines as you slowly infest your family and school and eventually the mall. Art is mostly good, in some places early on it's either missing or very rough. It's a bit jarring in places as there are many different artists for this project and the switch between styles can be quite odd. But the new artist and the old-new artist have done a great job at portraying the game. Maybe in the future when more artwork is done you give us the option to choose which style we would like to view a la TiTS? My main gripe is that the game is quite buggy and unfinished. 

Review by Legionnas

Version reviewed: 1.8f on 08/05/2017

Good game so far. although it needs a way to keep track of how many infected and infested there are, a method that can be shown through the character statistics screen or whatever you call it. Also the version thing keeps saying 1.8e instead of 1.8f. There may or may not be a bug that occurs when doing the final tier of gender related research as in the keep saying that theyre in the middle of doing the first tier gender related research even though they've already been completed instead of showing the progress on what was really supposed to be researched. 

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