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Version: 1.15.0

Dynamic Avatar Drawer

public repository: https://gitlab.com/PerplexedPeach/dynamic-avatar-drawer

See first post in discussion thread for usage details.

A dynamic character drawing system that responds to stat changes (note that this is a tool and not a full game, although the tester might be fun to play around with). The main audience of this tool is for game authors, but for a player it should still be interesting to play around with. The idea is to have a character drawer that you could easily plug into any game, immediately increasing the playing value of that game. The tool is also extremely robust and scalable with clothing - they change in shape along with the player's body! See the first post in the discussion thread or the walkthrough on how to integrate it into your game.

There are a lot of things you can do with this drawing library...

[2018-03-27] New predefined character

New clothing template (and additional engine improvements):

Dress shirts and sequential transformations

Entirely changed art style, mostly without strokes:


New transformation API that allows smooth 60FPS transformations:

transformation API

New jacket and breast wraps (underwear), and bandage pattern:


Items (arbitrarily drawn but not scaled apart from positioning):


Interactive clothing and part creation:

Interactive clothing creation

Advanced footwear, more varied nose shading, and integrated GUI :D:

Shoes and Socks

1.9 will bring more facial shading and footware (both are quite difficult):

New Nose

Shading has been added for standard library body parts! (most hairstyles are still flat)

Full shading


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 1.15.0 on 12/30/2017

Nice  tool.  I can a lot of uses for it and the author is continuing to add functionality. I hope that one could add a file of selectable skins for the avatar in the future.


Review by uytrewq

Version reviewed: 1.15.0 on 12/29/2017

Awesome work! You could add libido, Naked characters look would change depending how horny he/she is. For example: female's boobs would erect and she would become wet with high libido.

*Continues searching for games with "D.A.D", because it makes them much better.*

Review by kaparzo

Version reviewed: 1.12.2 on 10/09/2016

 Very useful tool. Please, someone make what 'blankonino' said a reality. This could be useful for NewLife as well!


Review by blankonino

Version reviewed: 1.9.1-preview on 09/25/2016

Someone needs to figure out how to link this to FreeCities to render characters.

Review by ronjonopen

Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on 09/14/2016

I really like and appreciate what you're doing here.

It'd be useful if there was a list of the items created on the body somewhere. (I might just be missing it.) If we could click to turn on or off those items, it would be a real asset. Now you have to remove all the clothes in order to gain more clothes.

I think your stock face seems a little off as well. I did my best to make a slightly better baseline face, but I'm not sure how that all works together with your facial expressions, and if you'd want to use it.

Ignoring the clothing, I was just messing around with that, I've uploaded the code for the character here: http://textuploader.com/dsdbt

Hopefully this is useful to you!

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