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Version: 1.12.0

Dynamic Avatar Drawer

This project is meant to be the de facto character visualizer for all browser based games.

Link to development site where all future updates will be posted: http://johnsonzhong.me/DAD/

A dynamic character drawing system that responds to stat changes (note that this is a tool and not a full game, although the tester might be fun to play around with). The main audience of this tool is for game authors, but for a player it should still be interesting to play around with. The idea is to have a character drawer that you could easily plug into any game, immediately increasing the playing value of that game. The tool is also extremely robust and scalable with clothing - they change in shape along with the player's body! See the first post in the discussion thread or the walkthrough on how to integrate it into your game.

New clothing template (and additional engine improvements):

Dress shirts and sequential transformations

Entirely changed art style, mostly without strokes:


New transformation API that allows smooth 60FPS transformations:

transformation API

New jacket and breast wraps (underwear), and bandage pattern:


Items (arbitrarily drawn but not scaled apart from positioning):


Interactive clothing and part creation:

Interactive clothing creation

Advanced footwear, more varied nose shading, and integrated GUI :D:

Shoes and Socks

1.9 will bring more facial shading and footware (both are quite difficult):

New Nose

Shading has been added for standard library body parts! (most hairstyles are still flat)

Full shading

Next update will add cel-shading! The basic framework has been constructed and head shading's been implemented. Here's a preview:

Head shading


Please give credit if you choose to integrate it into your game :)


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 1.15.0 on 12/30/2017

Nice  tool.  I can a lot of uses for it and the author is continuing to add functionality. I hope that one could add a file of selectable skins for the avatar in the future.


Review by uytrewq

Version reviewed: 1.15.0 on 12/29/2017

Awesome work! You could add libido, Naked characters look would change depending how horny he/she is. For example: female's boobs would erect and she would become wet with high libido.

*Continues searching for games with "D.A.D", because it makes them much better.*

Review by kaparzo

Version reviewed: 1.12.2 on 10/09/2016

 Very useful tool. Please, someone make what 'blankonino' said a reality. This could be useful for NewLife as well!


Review by blankonino

Version reviewed: 1.9.1-preview on 09/25/2016

Someone needs to figure out how to link this to FreeCities to render characters.

Review by ronjonopen

Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on 09/14/2016

I really like and appreciate what you're doing here.

It'd be useful if there was a list of the items created on the body somewhere. (I might just be missing it.) If we could click to turn on or off those items, it would be a real asset. Now you have to remove all the clothes in order to gain more clothes.

I think your stock face seems a little off as well. I did my best to make a slightly better baseline face, but I'm not sure how that all works together with your facial expressions, and if you'd want to use it.

Ignoring the clothing, I was just messing around with that, I've uploaded the code for the character here: http://textuploader.com/dsdbt

Hopefully this is useful to you!

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