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Version: 0.0.7

Version: 0.0.6

Version: 0.0.5

Version: 0.0.4

Version: 0.0.3

Version: 0.0.2

One Summer(Working Title)
by MNZeno

"Hypnoventure" or "One Summer" is a CYOA Twine game. You play as Sam, fresh out of high school and lots of free time before you start college. What to do with your time...

Inspired by Skooma's "Devious World" CYOA. I decided to try my hand at making my own. This is a very early alpha and I have lots to do. 

Please keep in mind that this is my first game of this sort and I am new to Twine. I am incredibly busy with other life things, so I have little bits of free time to work on this. Feedback is appreciated.

Thank You for the outpouring of support and the already growing fanbase!

Discussion Thread Here

Story Stats (0.0.7):

74653 Characters
12960 Words
84 Passages
143 Links
2 'Broken' Links (External Links)


Version 0.0.7 (2 Kjhpillion Years Later)


-Lost Original Changelog, created new one.
-Created a physical copy of a to do list, helps with planning things out. 
-Added 2 new things for Sam to do at home; Reading, and venturing into the Kitchen. No porns here.
-Going out has more content including:
   -Revamped how the next two items are displayed.
   -Getting together with a bunch of your girlfriends and going to a house party.
   -Getting a small group of people together to watch some movies.
   -More content in the walkway path. There is a 1/5 chance of encountering someone.
-Worked on the Transformation path.
-Added more messages at the Intro Page Clicker MiniGame.
-Added a 1/3 chance of the Masturbate option showing up.
-Added Orgasm Stat, intergrated.
-Changed the links for Sleeping over at Amanda's. Previously if your Submission level was high enough, you were locked into one path with no choice.
-Worked a bit on the Audio Trips pages:
   -Self Mods Updated with Hair Color, Breast Size.
   -World Mods has more content, with options.
   -All pages now link to a "Wake Up" page, this will link back to appropriate pages.
   -These changes should reflect in the Character Description page.
-Added a 'Debug' Mode, all it really does is remove the Debug Stuff from the sidebar at the moment.
-Added Version Number to the Intro Page.
-Small typo fixes here and there.
-Added another Silly Ending, its a reference. 1/15th chance of appearing.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Person212

Version reviewed: 0.0.7 on 08/10/2017

This may not be as serious a review as you may be hoping for, but thank you for the "Golden Clicker Achievement". I'm glad you're concerned for the safety of my mouse, and thank you for the link. The humor you've put in where you can makes this much more entertaining to play.


Also the game is looking great! Keep up the good work!

Review by elgrecko87

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 02/23/2016

A discussion thread would be nice so that we can give feedback through it and not through reviews...

The blue colour is really hard to read. Other than that it's really not much there to write a review about. Seeing though that you've added some content so fast this should be rectified very fast.

Review by lonerider456

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/23/2016

This is looking pretty amazing so far, I can't wait to see how this goes. Is it going to be a linear, or a slice of life?

Review by Merc.Wolf

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/22/2016

Is a good start, and I'm looking forawrd to seeing where it goes.


May be worth switching to a different HTML-style of game engine though, as the previous reviewer has suggested.

Review by oliviav

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/22/2016

You might be on to something. If you're using Twine though, I think SugarCube will work better for you as a Twine format. That way, you can also save games. 

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