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Version: 1.453.0

Mr-DNA Angela's Magic Lesson
by Keiken

Mr-DNA Angelas Magic Lessons 

Saved for eternity because its awesome

I will update it periodically, but not too often cuz i dont wanna spam 'recently updated' page.

Will fix anything reported (unless not broken)

perro the traveler - If path is unaccessible its most likely that it wasnt commissioned/done yet
Shoggoth on the Roof - Back button is there from the start just not, well browser one
RedGhost - Completed doesnt mean it wont be updated... its just well, i'll keep it up to date but amount of content depends on original author and contributors :>
Taxouc - reasons for making 1) preservence (i saw enough of da galleries die) 2) sharing and offline version 3) i was bored
            i could work on formatting but... i dont have any real ideas 'how' to change it, right now maybe it doesnt look amazing but its simple and clear (could use some cool background, hm...)


version = competed.number of imgs.fixes since img count changed 

Comission Chain Series starring The Underburbs' Angela Morgan

aka Magic can be a shortcut to everything ...or is it?

Go research that on your own :>

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.453.0 on 12/25/2016


Still a few ending paths left to go. Still recommended.



Solid stuff and as noted by the game author they'll update it as able. Still well worth a look.



I quite enjoyed this simple game. It was a nice distraction with good art and multiple branch endings through almost all possibilities: some of which I didn't see coming.

While there are still some dead-end link choices in the game (which is annoying for a Completed release) it is well worth a look.

Not much more to say on this game given it's a simple short-story run and that's pretty much it.

Review by Taxouck

Version reviewed: 1.0.22 on 05/21/2016

Basically just Mr-DNA's AML gallery in standalone form (no surprise there, that's literally the title of the game). Though I have to wonder, why? The artist's deviantart gallery is already well linked and stuff, plus there would be less "updating latency", so, yeah, why recreate it here other than for sharing it around/training one's whatever-html-based-engine-it-is skills?

If the reason's the latter, then you might wanna consider trying to polish the aesthetic of the text next, arial black on plain white background just isn't that interesting.

Review by Firestormian

Version reviewed: 1.0.21 on 05/20/2016

Quite enjoyed it the last time I played it.
(Btw, version 1.0.21 seems to be missing the actual game.)

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 05/01/2016

Fun little time-waster with good artwork, but it badly needs to have the back button enabled.

Review by Bookworm83

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/01/2016

I liked it. It's fun and some of the endings are a lot more involved than you would expect.  Some of them I just found hilarious.

I went through the whole thing, and I noticed there were a few missing pictures though. Not dead ends, but actual broken picture links. There are also seemed to be a few more in the artist's gallery than are in the image folder. Which is probably the reason why. I also noticed that there were a few epilogues that I couldn't get to. I think it might be related to the path where her skin turn's white. As that one just had a blank page when you clicked on it, and all the epilogues that I couldn't get seem to be about goths and mimes. Which would seem to fit on that path.

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