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Interns of Ecstasy Island

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IEI Sample

Interns of Ecstasy Island is going to be an erotic visual novel featuring random events and some roleplay elements. The story includes body/gender transformation, mind control and also sex. There's probably going to be sex it the game. Definitely. (Eventually)

Like most visual novels, the game will present a branching story with accompanying graphics, and allow the player to make choices for their character at various points. In addition, I plan to include random events and encounters. It's a completely different game every time you play! The game won't change radically, but the order of events will should change each time you play, with certain events only happening by chance, or others dependent on things you've done and things that have been done to you.


IEI Sample

The Transformation Content and Kinky Stuff:

The game is based around an involuntary male-to-female transformation. After that, it's planned to include: body transformation, breast expansion, mind control, sex (of course sex!) between men and women, likely women and women. For anything else...we'll see how it plays out.


IEI Sample


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LINKS: Due to compatibility issues with later versions of Mac OS, Mac versions are now a separate download. Please hover over the note by the download links to make sure you are grabbing the correct version.


For new players: Thanks for trying my game! Please keep in mind that this is an early WIP. While the script is currently over 195,000 words, I have only just started on the portion I consider the be the real heart of the game, and most of the features I'm planning on adding are not yet included. Additionally: There is currently no sound or music in the game.

IMPORTANT NOTE for returning players: As with the previous versions, it is essential that you start a new game. As many new variables have been added throughout the game, old saves will cause crashes and other bugs.


What's new? (Version 0.061)

Not exactly a bug fix. Instead, v0.060 had an old version of one of the files that was bringing some old bugs back from the dead. This version addresses that.

Update Notes from Version 0.060:

The Short Version:

No new story content in this build. Biggest new feature is that you now get two work "events" per day.

The Real Details on This Build:

This was another technically-focused update. In addition to continuing work on the avatar system, transformation events and the sex system, I wanted to spend a little time working on the overall flow of the game. A part of this was finally biting the bullet and taking the time required to rework the code that picks the work event scenes (which also involved revisiting every individual event to try to make sure they worked with the updated system). As a result, work days are now finally divided into separate morning and afternoon events. The content is still the same, but now you'll see twice as many work events in a given day, and, as new events are added, hopefully, this will allow for the possibility of some interaction between events.

Another thing I worked on was revisiting the first few days of the game to find ways of improving it—at the very least, making it a bit easier to replay by cutting down on repetitive or linear content. I've identified a few things I want to work on in the future and was able to make a few changes for this version (including removing the static Day 4 dream and adding it to the dream system with the others).

Strangely enough, this ended up being one of the most grueling updates I've done in a while, as I was doing a lot of reorganization and clean-up of a many of the sloppy things I did in previous builds.

• Overhaul of work scene picker code to handle 2-part work days.
• Revisited and edited existing work events to work with 2-part system. Addressed assorted bugs as they were found.
• Day 4 work event now uses the actual work event system.
• Job notices will now only show up when the PC has been assigned a different job.
• "Shorter start" option now has abbreviated scenes for Cynthia that cuts unnecessary conversations.
• Getting the discussion of swimsuit options is now based on relationship with Cynthia, and won't always happen on Day 4.
• Removed linear Day 4 dream sequence and turned it into something that works with the current dream system.
• Laid some foundation (mostly added variables to scenes) for planned features: Sun exposure for tanning; option to "lock in" perfume and sunscreen settings.

Support Me:

You now have the (completely optional) opportunity to support me in my kind of erotic creative endeavors. Like half the people on the Internet, I've added a Patreon page:



The Premise:
You play as a fairly average American college student, ending his third year at the university. All your friends are talking about a summer internship opportunity they discovered. They figure, if you need to get some work experience during the break anyway, why not do it at a tropical resort? You submit your application, get accepted, and, when you arrive, find that it's everything you could have imagined...but nothing you expected!

Your Character:

You're an American college student currently finishing up your junior year at your university.

While you're reluctant to admit it, you'd have to describe yourself as a fairly average guy. You're not a complete slouch scholastically, and you manage to stay in shape, but you have friends who are a lot smarter and more athletic than you. You're by no means ugly, but the girls frequently pass by you when you're hanging out with the taller, more attractive guys in your circle of friends.

How to Play:

1) Download and unpack the archive.

2) Locate and launch the executable.

3) Click on "Start Game" from the main menu.

4) Click the "Apply Now" button the the laptop screen.

5) Click anywhere on screen to advance the story.

6) Decisions will be presented below the text in the left side window. Click on the option you wish to choose.

7) Using your mouse scroll wheel over the text window will scroll the window up and down. Scrolling up over the picture window will "roll back" the game, allowing you to make a different choice (if you've changed your mind).

8) Right-clicking at any time will bring up the game menu, allowing you to save, restore or change options.

9) Holding down the CTRL key will skip through any text you've already seen. Alternatively, you can select "Start Skipping" from the preferences menu.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.051b on 01/30/2018

The game has come a long way from a few months ago. It stills ends where it did a few months ago and even asks you to restart the game, even if the save is from 5.0.  


Overall the game is well written. More interactive dialogue is there each update. As far as I can find there is only one physical tf event. Though there may be another. I did see a new dream that may be a prelude to a mental tf. 


I am really want to see content that lengthen the time line.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 0.051 on 01/14/2018

Awesome story that permits to go all out or be true to yourself. You even have an option to take none-alchohol based drinks from start to finish and still end up having fun, which is also true in real life :) 

Graphics are high quality and feel professionally made. I've played a few Japanese visual novels (X-Change series, Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream, True Love and a few others) and your work has just as much an interesting take on a story done well. Excited to see the days off filled in and how the story fully unfolds. There are already hours worth of story in here and I didn't expect so much alredy done. 

For an incomplete game, I say give this one a go!

Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: 0.051 on 01/14/2018

One of the best games on the site. Both the writing and the custom models are top notch, and the TF is slow and quite detailed. You will likely not be disappointed by the start, especially if you have a preference for procedural TGs. 

The one complaint I have is that, at the moment, this game is very linear. It's effectively a visual novel, which while very well done, does not have much replayability at the moment. adding to this, after the TG there is a hard limit of content to explore. However, these are both being actively addressed through updates, so I look forward to this game's continued development. 

One feature I would be interested in seeing here would be some greater level of control over your character. I understand this will likely be implemented in the upcoming TFs, but even options as simple as hair, eye and skin color for the starting character would improve the game, IMO. This would probably require no small amount of coding to retroactively add these as variables, and the modeling might be problematic in ways I can't forsee, but giving the player greater control over their character would make this game even better. 

Review by UsagiTripleSix

Version reviewed: 0.040 on 12/30/2017

[Author Post] I just wanted to take a moment to respond to Anaximander64's review.

(A Quick update: I regret to inform anyone looking forward to velociraptors that they are not in the current build of the game, as it was a temporary ending. It (or other zany dream endings) may return in future updates)

Original response follows:

The worst reaction a creator can get from their audience is apathy, so a review like yours tells me that there was at least enough potential to the game that you were upset to see it wasted. So I appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts.

To be fair, if I were in your position, I'm certain I would have the exact same complaints. I avoid most early-alpha style games for this very reason, and it's why I used the exaggerated version numbering scheme that I did: to let anyone who decides to play it know that I don't consider Interns to be in a state that's anywhere near a complete, playable experience.

So, to anyone else reading: I welcome anyone who wants to play and provide feedback, but as of version 0.040 (and for a good deal of the future) please don't expect anything resembling a complete game.

Addressing the actual criticism:
I agree with everything you pointed out. My goal at the onset was to tackle the life simulator style of game while trying to find a way to prevent it from being too much of a boring grind.

What I had originally planned and what the game is right now are very different things, however, as it's developed somewhat organically due to my lack of experience at creating this type of game, along with my propensity to write a lot of copy without editing it. The fun, sex-filled romp I had wanted to make has gotten a bit bogged down.

I've made a forum post that goes into more detail on all of this...

The short of it is that it's the way it is because there are a lot of things that are missing.
-What's in the game right now are a lot of mundane events created originally as placeholders while I worked on the schedule system.

-I have much more planned for sex encounters, body transformation, mind control and other manipulation, but there's a lot more work I need to do on all of those parts before they're ready to go in...so, the erotic fantasy content just isn't in there yet.

-When everything else is worked out, I plan to have many more scene variations created, so that you hopefully won't be seeing the same events each and every time.

I can't say when the game will be in a state where I think it will be enjoyable to play as something more than just to see the novelty of its creation, but I'll likely make special note of it (perhaps that will be version 0.1). Until then, thanks for giving it a try and providing feedback on what's currently in the game!

Review by FollowBob

Version reviewed: 0.021 on 09/03/2017

EDIT: An explination to others commenting, there is no sound in the free version yet so its not a bug, the raptors are not canon just a tool for the end of the current content.

Love the game, it does a great job of creating the main character even though ultimatly at this stage of development none of the meaningful relationships have really done more thna be introduced. On the other hand givent he limited content at this stage the slight random element drives me a little nuts... I've done the exact same thing but gotten a fun event or met a character and now I can't recreate it. On the flip side the variation in the jobs is nice as it makes for differnt playthouhgs, I just wish it was "random" based off player choices you could understand and redo, instead of something like a dice roll or names used.

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