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Version: 1.0.B

Enrollin in Coleman

John Jones has a medical condition that most doctors at the time simply can't understand or properly treat.


But John gets lucky and finds a younger doctor who can actually explain what is going on. Now that John knows the truth, he must find his way through the late 1980's and early 1990's changing from a male into a female, when society and "modern medicine" are still unable to find all the answers to all his problems.

John must also face these social and medical issues while dealing with a mother (Mary) who was brought up in a religious family who views sexuality and birth control different. Or deal with the way his twin brother, or his twin sister, will react both publicly and privately.

Nobody ever said that life was easy. But then again, nobody said that life had to be normal either.


Added sections that were previously edited out. Images still not included. Ends when story starts the High School years.


Keep in mind that this part is mostly "linear" story telling because it covers the "childhood years". "Game elements" will be introduced with later updates after the MC enters High School.

John grows up. John goes to school. John learns about a medical condition. John becomes Kelly. Kelly has to figure things out for everything else in life.

John/Kelly = Main Character, who was genetically a girl, raised as a boy, but gets to be a girl after all.

David = Twin Brother. Genetically male, raised as male.

Ann = Twin Sister. Genetically female, raised as female.

Mary = Mother to MC (David or Ann) who tried to do the best she could despite not being aware of John's medical condition all along, as well as overcoming her own religious upbringing.

Various NPC's = Introduced through the game. Most of which will be around for HS or for College.

This version is simple to walkthrough.... mostly because it is so linear at this point. Just read and "click" to continue.

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Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 02/28/2017

Ten years in a young person's life.  The game moves in real time.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 01/23/2017

I learned that this game was placed in the backburner of the creator from his Patreon. RIP.

Review by lordrango

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 08/12/2016

This is more of a demo than a game, supposed to incite you to support the author on patreon. There's nothing even remotely exciting in this version, even though it is rather long, one might say too long.


The introduction takes ages to go through. Herrzim, like always, writes really long introductions and goes to great lengths to introduce us to the world and characters. Problem is, those introductions are incredibly boring to go through.


The "game" tries to be more than just fap material but (like a few other games of his I tried) fails due to author's relatively poor writing skills. The exposition is too long and boring, and characters aren't memorable in any way. It is made worse by the fact that there are no images in public version, which maybe could have helped making it more interesting.


Patreon version might be something else entirely, but this one isn't worth anyone's time.




Review by ADIDAS

Version reviewed: 1.0.a on 07/10/2016

Okay as others have said in the other reviews, this story is very descriptive and really tries to build up a connection between you and the characters in this story. But for god sake does it have to progress so mind numbingly slow. I did like the story but to be bluntly honest most of the material here on TFgamesite would be considered fapping material and I'm sure that the majority of people that visit this site use it for that very reason, so just get to the damn point and don't drone on and on. Nearly three or four hours of reading material here and god knows what the word count is but yet nothing in the form of inticing occurs except for two itty bitty passages. And this author has tried to leverage against the player by not showing images unless you are a patreon. Okay I can go out and buy some boring ass magazine with pictures and accomplish the same effect that this game has currently accomplished.

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/26/2016

This is obviously a remake of The Coleman Institute. That said, this version presents a much more realistic and believeable story as opposed to the other one. While the Coleman Institute just blatantly forces you to be gay, I didn't feel the same otherworldly powers that made the MC crave dick here. Instead, it's genuine curiosity/confusion as what's happening to his body hasn't decided on a gender, thus no influence but his own experiences for him to choose between the two. The MC's condition also prompts the player into considering a serious situtation. If your has become inccappable of becoming a man that could survive in modern day society, would becoming women be a possible an alternatitive? Unlike many other tf things, this game isn't reliant on magic. Even if the science is fake, it still feels much more centered on reality. And let's face it, reality is a bitch. I'm sure somebody out there has dealt with something possibly this similar. I like it. It's trying to give people a different perspective. And that's never a bad thing.

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