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Version: 0.8.2

Version: 0.8.1

Version: 0.8.0

Version: 0.7.2

Version: 0.7.1

Version: 0.7.0

Version: 0.6.2

Version: 0.6.1

Version: 0.6.0

Life Choices V0.8.2.6

Played many a game on this site and other sites and always felt it was missing something or they were too short. So I decided to try to make one myself. OOPS It is not that easy :) So this is my first game (ever) in Twine.

It is not a finished game, so expect some empty passages and possibly some bugs here or there.

Basically I'm uploading to see if this is something people like, or hate, or whatever. So please let me know.


A game centered around a young girl Lizzy who ran away from home as she did not want to make a choice between her mum and dad when they decided to split up.

She ended up in Amsterdam, a city with a lot of opportunites, but not per se for a young girl.


It is up to you to guide her through all the influences of the city and stop the corruption of a young girl.... or not :)


It is a large file with many .webm files in it and some .jpg files.

This is currently version - I just call it that way to keep track of development really - and I am working on version 9 which will have more events, improvements, more gifs etc.


Game is updated; 13/01/2018 with Version More bug fixes.


There are 2 files now:

1 - The html file, made seperately to be able to quickly address bugs

2 - the Data file. (Only need the New V0.8.0 Data File)


The html file goes on top of the Amsterdam folder - not in it!


Really Appreciate the replies so far; Please checck the forum section, the Walkthrough section and the ingame Hints section for any questions. A lot of the questions in the reviews below have already been answered; Makeup can be bought from the Mall, not the general store.


Thanks again for all the feedback so far.

100+ likes since yesterday.  14/7/2016 - 200+ likes since 15/08/2016! whoohoo :)

300+ likes since 08/09/2016 yay!! - 400+ likes since 04/12/2016 ty for the support peeps!

500+ likes since 26/12/2016 Christmas boost whoohoo - 600+ likes since 10/02/2017 ZOMG!

700+ likes since 05/05/2017 Amazing. TY all! - 800+ likes since 22/10/2017 !!!!!

900+ likes since 20/12/2017 gettingclose to 1k likes!!

1k+ likes since 14/01/2017 ZOMG broke through the 1k barrier. Onwards to the 2k! haha

You've lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District. You never realy been to a big city as mum and dad told you Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers.

But a week after you turned 17 you're parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, still whatever choice you wanted to make felt wrong, as if you were cheating on the other parent.




So that is the start and Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.

You, the player who is trying to kee afloat in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Many others, of whom some will try to help you, but most will try to gain something, which usually is money and they need a tool for that.

Some Hints:

- Makeup can only be bought from ICI Paris at the mall, Lipstick and Nailpolish can eb bought from the general store as well as ICI Paris.

- Please visit the forums (Link at the left side) as most of the questions you may have will have been answered (likely already several times :)).

- Not all items have a function yet. Check out the ingame hints section for info on most items.

- Morale is the main driver for your pay in each job. the better your morale, the higher your pay. For most jobs addiction is a negative multiplier, meaining it reduces your pay.. for most jobs.


Not really a walkthrough but a list of locations to go to so far and key features :

- Home (duh)

- Beach (90% implemented)

- Mall (75% implemented)

- Club (party time - 85%-ish implemented)

- Spa health resort (can only get rid of addictions here atm; 10%)

- Jobs: Model - 100% done, Librarian 80%, Flowershop 25%, 1 more job available in next version Cleaning

- Park - 95% done

- Town - all events done I believe but needs polishing so 85%

- Park 'work'  90%

- Glory holes can now be found in most toilets (95% done) 

- Addictions


To come:

- Cinema

- 1 more job!

- Street 'work'

- Pub

- Kitchen

- booths in club

- Dancing Queen 

- more cities 

- pregnancy




Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by jheroe

Version reviewed: on 02/13/2018

New Review

Would love to see a pregnancy system where you know who the father is? I really want to get the main character pregnant from Henry and see a reaction and the story from the game if you ended up doing just that. Maybe make a whole new system where if you know who got the main heroine pregnant they could move in, and possiblye help pay bills or have more sexual content from them based off that. Maybe add more males with stories, great game no doubt. Do whatever you want. I can give some advice if you ever out of ideas, but its always your game and its great regardless. Waiting for future updates 

(Would love to see a scene where your father or older brother if you have one, comes into the game and you can seduce them into.... the wrong things). 

Previous Review

Okay, so heres my problem, the game is excellent except for one thing. It is far to hard for Sex Scenes to initate. It was much easier in 0.7.0 where you could just not pay rent and then let the landowner have you and eventually you would sleep with anyone. But now.... its complicated and takes much time.


The game is excellent though

Review by DramaCoach69

Version reviewed: on 02/13/2018

I love this game, but it is a bit aggravating.  I spend most of my time buying makeup, and by the time rent reaches 255, my jobs don't make enough and I am out on my ass.  Hints said jewelry improved looks, but I have yet to find the mall no matter how much I run around town.  Also, seems a bit counter-intuitive with a decidedly anti-liberal bias.  Stealing the cell phone increases the players, liberal score and reduces morality, while turning it over does the opposite.  Oh well,  it is not enough to keep me from enjoying it, but getting past the incredibly slow and spendy process of applying makeup once the original supply has run out should be looked at.

Similar thoughts on not being able to purchase clothes for exercise or swimsuits for the beach.  I sense others are finding these, but I haven't and any suggestions would help.

Review by Anita

Version reviewed: on 02/12/2018

Story page:

"But a day after you turned 18 you're parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with."

Review by dragonchiller

Version reviewed: on 01/28/2018

One of the best games of that kind, i realy enjoy playing it but how can i become the sex secens with the landlord? Is there any way to support your work on patreon? If not pls do something like this cause i want to support your great work.

Review by longlumber

Version reviewed: on 01/23/2018

Awesome game!! :D Thanks !!! Great work !!! Looking forward to where it leads !

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