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Guardians of the Crown Jewels

Guardians of the Crown Jewels

Download Links:

Windows x64: https://loganscodini.com/offlinePacks/GOTCJ-windows-x64.zip

Windows x32: https://loganscodini.com/offlinePacks/GOTCJ-windows-x32.zip

MacOS x64: https://loganscodini.com/offlinePacks/GOTCJ-mac-x64.zip

Lunux x64: https://loganscodini.com/offlinePacks/GOTCJ-linux-x64.zip



Swirls of a burning amber shade shine upon the black metal panels of the opulent limousine; they illuminate the interior of the car despite its heavily tinted windows. Still, the mysterious and poetic atmosphere created by this dimming light does not put you at ease, far from it.

You rub your fingers over the cream-colored letter in a nervous manner; its smooth cotton structure and intricate watermarks underline the seriousness of the organization that sent it to you. The missive, quite short and right to the point, was more akin to a summon than an invitation.

It is now time for you to claim your birthright. You must face the Guardians.


  • A Sexy Arena/Adventure game entirely created in HTML5/Javascript; it is compatible with all browsers, and no download is required.
  • Reactive and customizable interface designed for mobile phones and tablets, so you can play while on the bus.
  • Real-time combat engine with strategic choices.
  • Come as you are (no pun intended); you play as a man or a woman, and all the scenes are fully written to be fluid and arousing (no awkward unspecific blocks of text).
  • A rich story set in the same universe as Hummingbirds, which features a full cast of original characters.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by asheevee

Version reviewed: Patch 2016-09-18 on 01/25/2017

Pass.  Games with music and photographs make me extremely uncomfortable.

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: Patch 2016-08-23 on 08/25/2016

The game is very similar to Hummingbirds, by the same developer. The combat (thus far) has been stripped of any special moves, which to my mind is a step backward. You spend most of the time waiting to choose between 3 buttons and whether you win or lose is largely dependant on whether you manage to stun your opponent when they wind up for a big move, which is pure luck. If you fail you're normally stunned and your energy bar is reduced, a double hit that results in an enforced pause followed by a further wait as you do nothing trying to rebuild your energy bar.

There is a scene offered (typically sub) when you lose so you might want to lose once to see what it is, but after that you just want to win to move the story on. However I wouldn't want them stripped out because without them the game is just a short (but expanding) adult CYOA story.

Review by correctbatterie

Version reviewed: Patch 2016-08-23 on 08/24/2016

I am not that far in yet, but I really want to note that I just like how sleek the presentation, interface etc., are so far. Really gives it a high quality feel right from the start.

Review by Winter1

Version reviewed: Patch 2016-08-23 on 08/23/2016

This game has a combat system that seperates the sex scenes. The combat system is just far too slow for my taste and I feel like I'm playing an MMO where a timesink has to stall anything fun from happening. The sex scenes are fun but there's just too much delay between them for me to really enjoy this game. If the combat was a lot faster this would be a lot more fun. 

Review by Malhavok

Version reviewed: Patch 2016-08-20 on 08/20/2016

I thought the presentation overall was good, but I didn't particularly like the combat system (as it was). Certain stats are obviously less valuable/useful than others, the game doesn't warn you about it, the options for fighting and defending mostly rely on chance and there isn't much in the way of strategy. For instance, it's quite strange that you'd have a replenishing energy bar as well as a cool down counter when they essentially fufill the same gameplay mechanic (energy doesn't even regen on cool down, so... whats the point really?) My advice would be to put attacks on separate cool down counters and to allow energy to regenerate all the time. If that makes the game too easy, then increase the rate/damage for enemies. As it stands right now, the fights seem to take too long and don't feel very strategic at all (build stars, hit big attack, rinse/repeat).

I think you have a nice framework here for a game, but the combat isn't really fun right now.


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