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Dungeon of Lost Maidens
by advsoft

Choose one of three classes and descend into the dungeon in a rogue-like, turn-based dungeon crawl to defeat the evil Siren.  The world is persistent (as long as you don't generate a new one) and defeated heroines can be interacted with and possibly rescued.  Most enemies have unique game-over sequences, which can be viewed via the inn (sleeping after you defeated them) in dream form so you don't have to lose.  Most of the content is from being defeated, but there's also victims you encounter as well as events in the town.

(This game was originally removed by the admins for not including a discussion thread.  This should be fixed now.)

It's really simple, descend into the dungeon, defeat the Siren at the bottom.

Three classes: Gnome Sorceress, Elven Enchantress, Half-troll Adventuress, all with their own abilities and scenes when defeated.

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Review by djrug

Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on 09/02/2016

I dont usually write reviews but it think i will for this game.


first of all the latest download link on his blog was completely clean of viruses only malwarebytes picked up something but i fully beleive its a false detection as no other scan i did came up with a threat

2 The game itself is a rouglike and thus is hard also i wont lie the graphics arent the best and as far as i can tell they're hand drawn which i give full props for.

Playing this game you will be basically a face icon moving on a minimap running into enimie icon and npc icon while text explains whats going on.

Overall i liked it for what time i spent with it and i definetly think its got potential with a little polish at the moment i'd give it a 6/10 as it is fun but only if your fond of rouge likes


version reviewed 1.7.0

Review by Anon21

Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on 08/22/2016

You can get it from


without added viruses (as far as I can tell). It's a decent game, although it will be hard put to get over the reputation it has for malware at this point.

Review by Taxouck

Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on 08/21/2016

The antiviruses go wild, but the soft appears clear. Still, the graphics are unappealing and I can't seem to go further than the first level without dying. It's not worth the trouble.

Review by Asura Path

Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on 08/20/2016

Downloaded via a different link from the discussion thread, and no viruses popped up.

Review by Starwolf001

Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on 08/19/2016

Please read these reviews! This game should be ignored and DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!

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