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Version: 0.1.0

Old School Blazin'
by ikkabod

This is the story of a young, male virgin who explores the wonders of youth.  Specifically, experimenting with sex and drugs, but things don't go as smoothly as our protagonist might hope.

For more information, refer to the discussion thread associated with this game.

PICTURES! wooo! :)

Further, this is my first attempt at a game on the site, I've never tried to write anything before and I don't really know how to code.  Sounds good already right??? 

Bearing all this in mind, feel free to review the game as you will, but please be gentle as I am just breaking my author cherry here :)

NOTE: If you have questions that you would like to have answered, please post them in the game's discussion thread.  I'm not ignoring you, I just don't want to hold conversations in the review thread.  Thanks.

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Review by AnAsianToaster

Version reviewed: 0.0.8 on 03/07/2017

This is probably one of the weirder games I've played from this site, the characters mostly seem somewhat insane, and do things that don't really make much sense. In addition to that, I really don't get how the innebriation mechanic works into anything, and money seems completely worthless. Despite the oddness of this game, once you actually get to a sex scenes, they're quite well done, so it's a mixed bag I suppose.

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 0.0.6 on 12/15/2016

Very entertaining and well written. I don't regret the time spent with it despite the abrupt end to the content. It has plenty of potential to be one of the best games on the site if the author keeps going.

Review by Thousandflowers

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 11/26/2016

Love this, an absolute excellent game! Any plans for more updates? I'm unable to move past the party, is that usual?

Review by forcefer

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 11/18/2016

Hello. Really liked your game.
I question whether it is possible to fuck Ivan?

I walked by the dominant branch. If you do not mind, it would be logical
insert into the story that you see how he does suck, and help him.
Then fuck, or join ...

I'm sorry for the mistakes, I use translate.google.

Review by Hinomiko

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 11/07/2016

This one is my new favorite. A big sincere thank you for making this game, can't wait for the new updates :P

+ Writing is awesome

+ Pictures are nice and relevant. Author doesn't put them in every passage just to fill the space, which leaves your imagination occupied

+ I like the pace in stats progression

+ Every piece of story is neat and tidy

+ Visually pleasant. Interface, font, and all that


- Perhaps the whole thing about weed might turn some people off, but i personally don't mind it at all.

- A bit short for now, but i can already see that it has some great potential



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