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not a game   Utility to Make Setting Up Games Easier  

Version: 1.4


Preferences is an application written in Inform that creates a file containing the user's preferences. Inform game authors will be able to reference this file and warn him when the game requires certain content he prefers to avoid, or to skip that content completely. The player is able to list his preferences for all of the following: preferred starting gender, character name, acceptable sexual orientations, response to sex change (if any), whether there is a history of prior sex change, acceptable sexual activities, and whether to allow any or all of: TG, TF, inanimate TF, cross-dressing, pregnancy, lactation, menstruation, various bodily fluids, bondage, humiliation, bimbofication, incest, unwilling sex scenes, mind control, identity erasure, history revision, and more. It pairs with an extension used by authors that loads in the player's settings from disk.

Note: this does not mean that every game that uses Preferences will include any or all of this content, or that the preferences file controls what content the game contains. It is on an opt-out basis, telling the author to skip undesired content if at all possible, or to warn you if it is not skippable.

Release 2: added mpreg and gynoid; you can now select multiple values for starting gender, including M, F, MTF and FTM. Toggles no longer use sub-menus.

Release 4: added character name customization, history revision, and a new category (Willing) to transformation reactions.

If you are seeing errors when you run Preferences, the app may be trying to read your settings from an older version. Check the Preferences menus for help on how to find and erase these files, which should clear up most errors you see.

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Review by Aeristan

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 02/05/2017

This is not a game and should be removed from the games listing...

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 12/01/2016

Not much to it; seems reliable.

Review by darth123

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 11/26/2016

Does as advertised. I give it a thumbs up.

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