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Escape from...
by jknox

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Review by Tail_911

Version reviewed: 0.89 on 12/10/2016


Review by puffin

Version reviewed: 0.89 on 10/24/2016

Yep a nice little game , 

Whilst the English is not great, and hopefully someone can help the author with this, you get the gist of what is going on. 

Basically answer questions, battle things (attacking body parts and defending your own ) play rock paper scissors stone and try not to be transformed.


Overall a nice bit of fun

Review by dramoxe

Version reviewed: 0.89 on 10/16/2016

This game is farily underappreciated, and I think part of that might come down to the weird engine thats listed and the lack of the M2F tag (despite the fact that all of the tf's I've found so far are M2F).  But its a fully contained game, you don't have to download anything else for it to work and the UI looks quite nice and is totally functional.

The english isn't great, but its understandable.  It has graphics, and they're better than what you get in most games on here.  A lot of the game is quite random - your actions can make it harder or easier for you but there is definitely a very large rng element.  The most important thing about this though is that it is actually a complete game (which is very rare on this site) with a fairly entertaining main TF.  

Again, on a site in which 90% of the "games" are just an html text tree with a few dead end choices this really stands out as being something much more.

Review by Goldendawn

Version reviewed: 0.89 on 10/03/2016

I don't review much, but I feel I should in the case of this because I feel some of the reviews leveled against the game don't take into account the length and time that the author put into this game - which shows in the work being delivered.

The game has some great elements to it. The graphics being used, and the effort put into the doll transformation is awesome. So not only do you have text based changes happening to the character (their description) you also have a visual representation of the transformation happening depending on what is changed.

The combat in fact to me works well. The idea is to "hit" something of the enemy (the person going to change you), and you select three positions. Then you have two options to defend something on your  body to avoid being hit (from memory 6 positions). If you are successful in defending you don't get hit, and if you are successful on attacking you hit the other player. You don't transform the enemy, but instead wear them down so they will run away - but might come back to change you again.

There is a number of scenes as you are learning about the way to get home, and also getting the items (Gems) to get home. Some of the options in the scenes are a little random for me, and a little more context around the options, and the character you are playing would have helped understand some of the options (for example, why spitting on the statues was there, and the reason behind it?)

The Paper Rock and Scissors are broken, that is the only game part I felt needed fixing. The issue around here is that when you pick scissors if the enemy picks the same, you win - which should be a draw.

There are multiple game overs - probably not as much as I would have liked, since I couldn't seem to figure out how to change into anything other than the final item. But in my hour run-through I managed to get 4 endings, and 3 final transformations.

Overall however, this is a great game. It has spelling issues, the author hasn't English as a first Language, and with proof and help on the wording (which I am happy to do if you want) and some expanding of certain areas (again something I am happy to help with), this would be a high quality fun transformation game.

Certainly don't give up on the game, I would love to see if polished up, and extended some to make it a bigger game, with more transformations (where you certainly have the universe and opening to do so). Very nice effort.


Review by Catastrophic

Version reviewed: 0.89 on 10/03/2016

I reviewed this game on the other posting, which then got deleted. My original review was fairly lengthy, but I'm unwilling to go into that much detail again. That being said, I would like to make some points.

The paperdoll system the game uses to display your charactor, and transformations, is great. The  subtle animations give it some life, and the peices fit together fairly well (with some awkward exceptions, suh as suddenly wearing a ripped dress) and the main transformation is fairly decent. The paperdoll descriptions are also decently written if you can get over the (sadly significant) grammatical errors, and the game offers some different scenes if different parts are transformed, which was great. It's a shame there were not more transformations using the paperdoll, though I fully understand why there is not considering the no doubt significant effort required to make the one.

I'm also just fond of the various transformations in the game in general.


The negatives to this game are, sadly, also significant. Most noteably the poor english, which is quite hard to get over. The second flew is the combat, which is mostly pointless. It asks you to select three options each turn, with two dialogs to click through between them. The first option is entierly arbitrary and makes no difference to the battle, the second is a bug that shouldn't exist, and the final option offers limited control. There is a modicum of strategy to the third option, but in the end it's still just random chance.


I feel like the game is a good start for a new creator and would like to not see them give up. There is definatly appeal to the game, it's just slightly burried.


PS: The name change durring transformation is fantastic.

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