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Longest Synopsis *HISTORY INTENSIFIES* Synopsis(Noun) - A brief summary or general survey of something.

Version: 0.0.7E

New paths

New paths:

Game mechanics and general information. 

Real time rpg sim. Different stats that decrease as you play. Protagonist need to eat, sleep and shower to continue to interact with the world. For every hour it’s a natural decree in stats. Small image of the left side of screen to show what outfit Suzie is wearing. 

One second in game is the same as in real world. But Time will change faster after jobs or activates are complete. 
Modern time (2004) time period, and try to be most realistic with story and concept. Game and images are in resolution 1280 x 1024. Full screen mode and window mode (press F4 in game)
Energy = For every job or activity need energy. If the Female protagonist reach 0 Hp will be removed.
Hunger = if the stat reach 0 the main protagonist is starving and HP will be removed (Can die)
Cleanliness =Protagonist hygiene. If its reach 0 npc will not talk to you.
Charm = How beautiful the protagonist will be looked at by other npc. And how the main protagonist will interact with NPC.
Fitness = How fit the protagonist is. Different job requiem need a specific fitness to be started.
Morality = overall stat to show corruption over time. 
Reputation = overall reputation in the world. Different npc will react different to you with a high reputation. Higher stat here is not positive.

One of the aspect of the game is that the protagonist doesn’t think about that “Dirty or activity” if the stat isn’t there

Detailed stat system over work and other “activities” as the stats get higher Suzie will become better in that job or activity. As well as interact with different npc.

In game waste collector and life guard. 

There are different outfits in game that decide what activities the main protagonist can do.

Different location in game. With a big world to explore.

The Female Protagonist
Suzie was born in 1986 and the story start in the year 2004. (This makes the Protagonist of the story eighteen years old.) She lives in the Northern part of Kaznia in a small Mountain Village, along with her family. Her family consists of her Mother and Father and 18 years old adopted brother.
Brown hair. Green eyes. Freckles. Bodily figure with DD cup breasts. Short in height.

We follow the Female Protagonist and her choice to move away from the Mountain Village to the capital. Where the player can decide her outcome. Multiply outcome with choices depending on stats. Many different NPC that will change the story or give it a boost forward. The main story hasn’t been released yet. 

In game content 0.07 (December release)
Male/female front nudity.
Main protagonist gives hand job.
Main protagonist gives blowjob.
Corruption of main protagonist.
Male masturbation.
Female Masturbation. Vaginal and anal.

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Review by Joe Steel

Version reviewed: 0.0.7E on 12/20/2016

This is one of the better "part quest, part life sim" games we have seen lately, and one of the few RPGMaker games that allows a lot of freedom in the way you play the game.  The freeplay portions of the game work best; the quest-driven portions are, for the player, more crazy-driving than quest-driving.  For instance:  in order to advance in one of the quests, the PC has to sit in the bath and "think about" a specific character.  Nothing in the game before this indicates that thinking about a charcacter is at all important, and yet, for the main quest line, it is imperitive.  That's what I call a "mind-reading exercise" where you, the player, have to read the mind of the designer to figure out what to do next.  I stumbled onto the solution, but the odds were against it.

Having said that (and I will have more negative stuff to say, but want to get some positive stuff on paper so people don't just avoid the game), there is a lot of thought put into the background and characters here.  All of the NPCs have believable backstories (except those that are just encountered on the street or that just give jobs) and the main character's "thoughts" are consistent with what we know of her story so far.  The "think abut things" in the bath is a nice bit of chrome, except where it is vital.  

Enough compliments:  time for a complaint.  Why does the designer punish the player so much?  Yes, the garbage collection job is supposed to suck, but it doesn't suck as much for the PC as for the player.  The poor player has to repeately go through the same motions in garbage collection, day after day, clicking through the moaning of the PC, until enough money (how much?  You don't know unless you test the school every day until you succeed in signing up for a course) is collected to start the lifeguard lessons... and then, you have to go through all ten days of the lessons one by one.  This is the epitome of bad game design, where the designer wants to force the player to suffer to get to the goal.  If it wasn't for a money cheat I found, i would have quit the game over this issue alone.  

More good stuff:  the renders are well-done and, while I would think the author could choose a better hair style and more "realistic" breast size, both are in keeping with the game's story.  It ll fits a particular story in a particular imaginary land.  The clothing all works in the setting, and the sexy bits are sexy.

This world isn't being put together haphazerdly. Some things seem unnecessarily weird, like the idea that they would use helicopters to haul out iron ore, but this isn't supposed to be our world.  There's nothing show-stopping or too incredible.  None of the differences between this and our world have been important yet, but the game is still in early stages.  The differences are chrme so far, but shiny chrome.

Another comlaint:  the "switch to the brother" part is broken and seems unnecessary.  Why would I want to play a character that isn't very sympathetic and isn't even very well-deveolped?  I would guess that the author has some stories in mind for the brother, but I'd encourage him to drop that line completely and just tell the story from the PC's POV.

There are some niggles, like the fact that the books are broken and that Perry is inaccessable even after completing the plot line where the brother gets the job, but this is a pretty decent attempt to go beyond the usual RPGMaker fare.  There is no combat (thank the FSM:  if there is anything more boring than collecting trash, it is RPGMaker combat), and it does have a story, characters, and setting that draw you in.  There are enough bugs that you will want to save often, but there is enough of everything else to make it wrth playing, frequent saves nothwithstanding.

Review by Birion

Version reviewed: 0.0.7E on 12/20/2016

The idea of the game is interesting... probably. I'm not entirely sure since the writer's grasp of human communication is rather strenuous. The characters behave and talk in ways that strain the good ol' suspension of disbelief so far beyond the breaking point it's gone all the way around and created a new, non-Euclidean suspension of disbelief that passes through itself without at any point intersecting, like rubber balls on the fabric of reality, rubber balls on the inside but human-shaped on the outside, the stars are moving, the stars are moving but the stars stay still!

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.0.5H on 10/30/2016

I like the  game but it requires too much repetition to advance.  If one wanted to become a lifeguard that is at least 18 days to do that.


The stamina, hunger and cleanest can be managed. It may mean getting up a 5 AM to wash, eat and having slept 9 hours.  Though for the trash collection you don't need to be clean.


But I did ru nacross what i think is a bug.  Suzie has a talk with herself on her bed. In that talk she seems to convince herself that it is OK to do what Perry wants. Just like the girl in the book might so she can find her brother and possibly her father a job.  But after that scene she can't talk to Perry anymore.


Also another bug, Perry gave her a book and said for her to return it. She seems to be through with it after 2 chapters but can't return the book. She can try to read the book again but nothing happens. It would be good if she could return the book and get another book that would increase her exhibitious score and/or corruption score.

A suggestion the library should have an adult/erotica section that Suzie could ask about after she uses the dictionary twice. She could borrow interesting books from there.


The store in the capitol sells boks but afte the 2nd book I having found one that has any erotica in it. I know it says it is random but I suspect getting an erotica book is not possible after the second. I will change this comment if I do get one.


The game is very linear. I visited the cloting store and can't greet the person there nor see what is for sell. I would like to buy the swimsuit before or while taking the class. I suspect the swimsuit isn't available until after completing the course.


The game is nice but needs a lot of detail work even for what is there to make it feel better.

Review by Anon21

Version reviewed: 0.0.5H on 10/29/2016

This is an OK game, but needs some rough edges smoothing out.  The hunger, stamina and cleanliness values drop crazy fast a lot of the time. I literally died from exhaustion hauling trash, despite having done my best to get values up before starting the day's work.

Review by Dragon_ANGL

Version reviewed: 0.0.5H on 10/29/2016

I have not played it yet, nor do I plan to - having seen the "History" of the ingame lore, I question something rather significant. Born in 1989, game starts at 2004 and states she's 18? Missing 3 years there..she'd be an underage 15 year old with a supposedly 18 year old adopted brother. If there's a timeskip for the travel, then both ages would change (18 and 21), but I somehow don't expect that to happen.

Aside from that, screenshots seem good by themselves..but again, not really my cup of tea. Or coffee, for you espresso-chuggers.

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