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Version: 0.0.28

Arcology Arena

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You awake to discover that you've been entered into a tournament with lascivious consequences. Fight for your masculinity... or not.

This is my first game ever and it's definitely in alpha. Some passages are unwritten and incomplete, but I would love feedback on what's there so far. 

Inspired by games like Free Cities, Trap Quest, CoC, Masculine Mystique... you know, the classics.

Latest version = V 0.0.28 Edit 11/11/16

  • Added 3 new endings--see if you can find all 4!
  • Extended the Mr. Glass "outfit" scene chain
  • Added a scene with Gavin
  • Further "escape" route scenes, though this branch is still not finished
  • Added new images

HOTFIX- Actual latest version = V 0.0.29 Edit 11/11/16

HOTFIX2- Actual actual latest version = V 0.0.30 Edit 11/12/16

  • Fixed bug w/ elevator area?

HOTFIX3- Super serious, actual for real this time latest version that works and doesn't suck = V 0.0.31 Edit 11/12/16

  • Fixed bugs w/ Mr. Glass not paying you, missing tags in scene w/ Gavin and the secretary

PS. thanks to everyone who's given me feedback, insight, and encouragement. This is a wonderful community of delightful perverts!

It is the year 2029, and the past 13 years have not been kind. The world is starting to fall apart...

Traditional governments and societies have begun to lose their grip on an increasingly desparate populace. In order to defend their property and maintain their standards of living, many of the wealthy and powerful have begun to strike out on their own, creating defensible walled cities subject to no laws but their own.

Within these cities, laws and freedoms vary wildly. Some are rumored to be dangerous, degenerate hives of depravity where women (and even some men, you've heard) are bought and sold as chattel.

Fortunately, you've immigrated to a new city where this is not the case. While the atmosphere may be more sexually charged than you're used to, the biggest difference you've been able to notice is the popularity of the Battle Arena--a venue for sponsored contestants to duke it out in non-lethal combat for the pleasure of the viewing public.

In fact, the TV in the bar you're sitting in has just begun a newscast about the upcoming new season of the Battle Arena. You take a sip of your drink and listen as the reporter explains that this season will be different.

Be ye wary... thar be spoilers ahead...




... okay, a few things to know if you want to try to find everything:

  • An easy way to win fights is to use the back button whenever you suffer a bit hit. This lil' exploit won't be present in the final build, but it's helpful for bug-squashing so I'm leaving it in for now
  • Brittany's branch changes depending on the size of your breasts, which is increased by drinking BattleBoost potions
  • To trigger branches with Elle and Leanne, you need to visit them after your match but before you sleep
  • Heather's branch changes depending on your record. She really likes winners.
  • Similarly, the scenes where Dr. Pinger and Mr. Glass visit you at night change depending on your record. If you want to avoid TF, you need to win!

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Review by tsubaki

Version reviewed: 0.0.31 on 02/03/2017

Not enough scenes of yourself getting fucked, and you are giving far too many blowjobs. When you have ACTUAL sex at the end of the game with Mr Glass, the act itself is barely described.

Review by narutosasuke

Version reviewed: 0.0.31 on 11/16/2016

i played 0.0.22,0.0.24 and 0.0.31 version of this game.i like all of them very much.

just wanted to give few suggestions:-

add image of main charecter also so that we can see our transformation also.

add a image scene of acts that take place on Mr. Glass's Office and other places.

create more encounters with girls as well as other people.

 also all girls are of good nature.add some mean girls also that laugh at our looses.

i also like all the four ending just add appropriate images to endings as well.


thats it. cant wait to play when it cover the entire storyline.

very good game keep going.

waiting for the next update. hope it will come sooner.


Review by shiron222

Version reviewed: 0.0.31 on 11/13/2016

Everything about this game is good, except one thing. It's not entirely a deal breaker because I can go in and change things on my own with only a bit of extra work using the Twine editor, but it's a big thing for me nonetheless. Some people might share my same issue, I don't know. This issue is about the art. Kisekae has always felt a bit underwhelming, and in the case of more voluptous body types, almost cringy in a sort of uncanny valley sort of way. I get the value in it. It allows the creation of consistent character representations without the need to search through hundred or thousands of potential images, or to get the permission from the artist for said images. If you choose to do it that way the images are often inconsistent as well (whether it be through style or pose or general appearance). It might also be that you like the style of Kisekae dolls. If that's the case then by all means keep doing it, because log knows I don't want to try and force you to change something you like about YOUR game. However, if you're only using it because of ease of use, I urge you to reconsider. It might take extra work, but I think it would make your characters have that much more, well, character. Since Kisekae has a sort of simplistic anime style you could go to literally any image board ever (my personal favorite is gelbooru but that's just me) and find sooooo many amazing images from talented (and of course not so talented) artists. After that each image has a link for the source, which is usually some kind of art archive (pixiv seems to be a common one), where you can find the name of the artist (the image board often has that info as well) where you can either message them for permission or simply credit them in the game itself. Worst case scenario an artist sees their work and asks you to take it out, after which time you can replace it with another. Saying all this it's quite possible you've been to many an image board yourself, seeing as any user of kisekae has more than likely found themselves interested in anime/manga style art as well. In case you haven't and want to take my advice there ya go. I personally believe the extra work is worth it if Kisekae is something you don't entirely enjoy, and are using only because of it's ease of use.


This last bit is a bit of a diatribe over Kisekae...I hope you will indulge me this rant. I dislike it because they create DOLLS. If you like that style, then I'm sorry if this offends you, but to tell a good story or to get a good idea of the characters who inhabit your world you need to have them show emotion, their personalities, and their quirks. Even if those personalities are one word archetypes (tsundere, tomboyish, girly, shy, whatever) you still need to show that. Kisekae doesn't allow for it. Dolls simply mimic human emotion, whereas art (no matter the style or medium) can capture it perfectly. You can INFER certain things, such as the fact that a red headed character who has a smaller/flatter figure is gonna be a firebrand, but you don't see that in their picture if they are merely a doll. A good piece of art can improve a story MASSIVELY. Your already neat story idea would be made SOOOOOO much better if the characters could be seen actually blushing, or taking an aggressive stance, or shrinking in on themselves if shy. Please don't take this as me trying to tell you that Kisekae is bad. I don't think it's bad, I just don't think it's good when trying to tell a story either. Thank you for listening to my angry rant and have a good day.


I would give this a 4.5 out of five stars. Everything seemed fun other than the art.

Review by chijon72

Version reviewed: 0.0.31 on 11/12/2016

I greatly enjoy this game and am checking out each update. The main reason I'm reviewing is for all the combat-complainers; use your back and refresh buttons on the browser if you "need" the combat to go one way or the other. I'm sure at some point the combat system will get some attention, but at this early stage adding content should come before the fights. There is no particularly sexy content in the fights... they serve mainly as the premise and for the wins/losses. On Chrome at least, back lets you repick your attack while refresh rerolls the damage. I find it very easy to win or lose a fight against anyone this way (usually using smash since it offers uneven damage either way, and with higher typical damage).

If at some point the developer decides to rework the combat system to include tells, sexy combat results, and victor over loser punishments it would certainly add to the game, but comparing an early version of a developer's first game to a game that is several years old and uses combat as a main route to sex scenes (the only way to get scenes with npcs until just recently) is really unfair. 

Review by hbkid777

Version reviewed: 0.0.29 on 11/11/2016

Perhaps you could consider adding the game to be played and hosted on the main TFGS site?   I know I generally run the games better that way.


The game itself is a blast and a fun variation on the combat themed games on the site.  keep it up.

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