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Version: 4.0.0

Version: 3.0.0

Version: 2.0.0

Alone Amongst Demons The Change

This is the second game I am making about alone amongst demons.

This time around you start off as the friend of Juka after Juka has already left on his journy for a few days.

you encounter the possesed form of Juka and that is where the story starts.


I have opened a patreon page for this game.

and I hope you will donate a small amount if you can.

this game will always be free to play for all.

you can check my patreon page for more information.

Thank you


You play as Jack a Friend of Juka

and your first mission is to find out what happened to Juka. and why he is acting so strange.

In the end, the only thing Jack get's for all her trouble is a curse,

and now he seeks to cure his infliction before it changes him even more

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Review by zarock

Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on 05/30/2017

A decent game thusfar. It fixes just about every problem I saw in Alone Amongst Demons (the item that tells you where to go is an absolute godsend, I think all RPGMaker games should have one), but despite that I still prefer the original thusfar (the whole theme of the original was just perfect for me, I have a soft spot for transformations into succubii). Still, a good game that I would love to see progress. I'll be excited to see what new characters enter the scene in the next update. 

Review by Freyja

Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on 04/29/2017

EDIT: No point NVM

Review by Number25

Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on 02/22/2017

(Warning, spoilers ahead, read at your own risk)

The game seems to progress nicely as more updates are posted.


[EDIT] : I was a massive moron, and I should have read properly before posting that part of my review. I deleted it now. Sorry !


I am sorry for the priestess though, I did like her as a character.  It's interesting to compare what happened to the two protagonist when you compare between the first game and this one.  I hope  the sister of Juka will get punished, and that our MC now will  at the very least regain control of herself. 

Though, I suppose that would involve a pretty hefty amount of guilt, still. That's sad =s


Also, scenario wise, after this one, I really have high "hopes" for the next "arc", in a way I hope for some reason the changes are not going to be reversed completely X)

Review by Bluts

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 11/11/2016

 Because I'm a fan of the first installment I just had to try this one and so far the story is awesome! The art, well it's definitely not as good as the first one, but I'm aware it was not your art in the first one, so your art is non the less good :) Found lots of typos, some loading map bugs ( the zone with the lingerie shop was loading way slower ), some misplaces portraits bugs ( i.e. the house after the city u get " the house is locked" with female portrait while still male, or while with Jane you get Jack's portrait on some places). No crashing bugs found. No game breaking bugs found too. Fights are good so far. Overall I like it so far! Keep up the good work! :)

Review by Lazarus

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 11/09/2016

Hmmm what to say for this game... The story is interesting but not much happens with it at the moment. The art work is different but I kinda like it, though the sprite used for the succubus needs a little work. 


English in the game is alittle hard to read, using the incorrect wording in some places but I did understand what you ment in the context of the wording.


I hope you keep this up, I managed to get the MC back upto level 7 and I would like to travel back to the lingerie shop! :D

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