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Version: 0.4.0

Baleful Bassinet


Have you ever regained consciousness only to find yourself dazed and confused by unfamiliar territory? I'm willing to bet you've experienced such a sensation before rapidly remembering recent events and recalling what brought you to your atypical slumbering spot. But what if you couldn't? What if you woke up in an overgrown nursery with absolutely no recollection as to how you arrived there?

To some ABDLs, such a situation would seem a dream come true. But what if you were surrounded by incorporeal phantoms and near inevitable demise around every corner? Your wildest dream is about to become a waking nightmare.

Welcome to The Baleful Bassinet.





Nanny Clairabelle: No Special Item

Maid Dorothy: Wants Flaming Feather Duster (Use Plunger on Stove)

Potty Trainer Maggie: Wants Training Pants (Search Changing Table)

Brat Cindy: Wants Tiara (Search Refrigerator)

Stairwell Ghosts are unfriendable.

Daddy Alec: Wants Cindy's Drawing (Library)

Governess Bethany: Wants Paddle (Study)

Nurse Ruth: TBA

0.4.0 Changelog (10/30/2017)
-The Infirmary! Take your best shot against the new ghost! (gift item not yet available)
-New Stairwell Ghost! Argh!
-Improved Graphic User Interface! See your stats all of the time! (Yay!)
-Carrying Capacity of 10+ Items! (Yay?)
-Squashed The Rattle Debuff Bug!
-And More! (Mostly just flavor stuff that I forgot to catalogue properly for my change list)


0.3.3 Changelog (12/4/2016) 

-Fixed an issue where Maurice's health set back to 20 after being defeated, made it so the crib heals you to 20 rather than 15 -Added critical hits to both you and your opponents.


0.3.2 Changelog (12/4/2016) 

-Decreased the health and attack of Maurice, Rattle now requires half the experience to level up.


0.3.1 Changelog (12/3/2016)

-Lowered the health of the brat, Maurice, the daddy and the governess to hopefully make things marginally more possible.


0.3.0 Changelog (11/30/2016)

-The Library! Can you defeat the inhabitant within?
-Book Shelves! If you aren't careful, you just might discover how "out of this world" they really are!
-Diaper fetishism stat. This stat is dependent on the number of times you've cum and makes your character sexually attracted to their diapers.
-Will stat. Depends upon your infantilism, humiliation and arousal. It will see more use later but currently influences a couple of the games skills.
-Many scenes now have text variation depending on your infantilism and diaper fetishism. More of this will be added later.
-Maid now teaches the skill Discipline, which passively gives you a chance to resist infantilism and humiliation gains.
-Respawned ghosts have halved health and greater attack for speedier battles.
-Arousal now cools down over time.
-Skills can now be learned with the "talk" command.
-"Help" command now brings up list of commands.
-"Spank ghost"/"use paddle on ghost" now functional commands when holding the paddle.
-Cry can no longer be used while sucking the pacifier.
-Rattle now properly unequipped when you drop it.
-"Ghost" is now understood for Maurice.
-Maurice's health bug fixed.
-Brat's candy re-hostility bug fixed.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Jpmaggers

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 11/01/2017

I'm so glad to see this game updated after a rather long quiet period. It really is an amazingly immersive game, with lots of great writing, and greatly imaginative ABDl/Diaper related predicaments. I highly recommend this game to any fan of the ABDL/Diaper genre, and look forward to seeing more development of this enjoyable game. All in all, it's rather adorable.


Good job, and keep up the good work :)

Review by rinblanche

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/11/2016

Despite being an early build, I am repeatedly reminded about how much there is to see, try, and do. If you play, do keep exploring. A straightforward run will not yield a true sense of what this game offers. The juxtaposition of cuteness and nightmare is gratifyingly unique. When was the last time a ghost story involved cribs and colouring books? Definite points for atmosphere.

Review by sepraslay

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/07/2016

This game stands out for showing decent promise for how early it is, as well for having a clear example of what it aims to be. For those avoiding it for a distatse in diaper content who will likely never play this, this is an adventure game where you examine, search and take every item, and use them to solve logic puzzles. While I understand this won't have a massive audience due to what it is, this game has a lot more going on then most bare bones html games that never get finished and are uploaded all the time.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/06/2016

Baby's and diapers arnt my cup of tea, so only positive thing i can say is.. i havnt had any technical issues with it.

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