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Version: 0.4.0

Version: 0.3.7

Version: 0.3.2

Version: 0.2.990

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Version: 0.2.7

The Hero We Need

Fantasy Adventure Erotica rpg game that embraces an epic quest, combat, a world full of corruption and thanks to your team, also Purification. Expansive and diverse settings, large cast of characters, expect frequent battles and lot's of endings, many allowed by the Purification system. Updated continually and still ongoing with your wonderful support!

Now with shiny new Art!

Heavily inspired by games like Monster Girl Quest, Ascendas Descent, Order of Light, Alone Amongst Demons and Helpless Heroine. Warning, NSFW+ with some heavily dark/depressing fetish themes, if you don't like enslavement, bondage, identity death (or literal death in some cases) or erotic brainwashing this game isn't for you.

The game follows "Bernida", as she's been transformed and redubbed on her quest to defeat the Demon Lord, Dark Queen Heliot. Stuck as girl and sucked into a strange world far from home with her new partner, a mousy maid, she's got nothing to do with her time but train and hope to overcome the plentiful baddies ahead. Adventures aplenty await!

Over 100+ Endings and 7+ new bonus vignettes from the Purity Abbessi are available as of 3.7.

Patreon version: Chapter 4.7 - Goblin Cave Expansion, New Quest system, Bee Dungeon, Spa Suite and new Halloween themed content - Art Gallery and Ending art added.

Current TFsite version: Chapter 4.0 - Spring Maiden Quest and Egris castle

Oridinary schoolkid Bermuda just cannot catch a break. First he's transformed into a girl by a dark evil demon. Then he's pulled into another world where he's told that he's destined to defeat her! With only a kooky court and mousy maid as her initial supporters, "Bernida" has to set a corrupted world right and stop darkness from swallowing all. What's a girl to do but travel across continents just to get his man card back?

Bermuda/Bernida - An ordinary dorky highschool kid. He got turned into a girl and found out she was the Chosen One.

Maid - A quiet maid is also the Chosen One, apparently.

Heliot - Heinous Demon Queen. You've gotta train lots to beat her up.

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Review by Saveloy

Version reviewed: 0.4.71 on 11/01/2017

Note to self: you can beat the first User, but the game doesn't like it one bit. At all.

Writing here is good enough.

Review by Kadark

Version reviewed: 0.4.4 on 10/27/2017

A thing that is a no deal for me with all RPG Maker games is bad level design.

I don't care if it's badly decorated, but if you make stupidly big maps just to have the scenes scale with the environment or whatever, it sucks.

At the start of the game, in the castle, I went to the side door, saw that it took some side scrolling in an empty hallway to reach ANOTHER door and said ''Nope, I got better thing to do than playing running/walking simulator.''

Review by brewster432

Version reviewed: 0.4.4 on 10/26/2017

This is the first review I have ever written. The game is a 10/10, and the endings are excellent. Hell I would love a 'cheat' where one could simply go straight to an ending or repeat ones already found. 

My reason for writing this review though is I am stuck where Luma enters the main protagonist's 'heart' or 'subconscious', navigating the portals, the '9 circles' and so forth. I know there are hints, but seems I am awful at it. 

Any help from anyone (or a walkthrough guide) would be much appreciated!

**(Update: found the help I needed in the forum, so for anyone facing the same problem, just search for The Hero We Need in the TF forums!)

Review by hartmannsyoukai

Version reviewed: 0.3.7 on 09/12/2017

For all those stuck on the 6 switches puzzle in the tower, there is a note outside the tower on the ground that you can examine. It reads, among other things:

5L-1   2R-2
6U-3   1D-4
3U-5   4D-6

Each of the switches has a number of cat statues next to it to let you know which number it is. The numbers are as follows:

1   4
2   5
3   6

So, to open the door you hit the switches in the following order and from the right side of the column (as noted by the letter designations L, R, U, and D for Left, Right, Up, and Down):

1st: hit the 5th switch from the left side of it
2nd: hit the 2nd switch from the right side of it
3rd: hit the 6th switch from the top of it
4th: hit the 1st switch from the bottom of it
5th: hit the 3rd switch from the top of it
6th: hit the 4th switch from the bottom of it


As for the actual review of the game, I actually just got to this tower part and was stuck for a while haha. I'm not caught up to current update yet, but so far it has been a pretty decent theme park type game. Explore around and check out all the miscellaneous scenes. Don't expect anything to crazy as far as game-shaping decisions or anything, but if you want a little world to explore and lots of various MC themes I think this is worth a try.

Review by Zer0zero

Version reviewed: 0.3.7 on 09/02/2017

Are you here for dirty games?  Are you into a game punishing you for wanting to choose the naughty option?  This is your game... not for me though.

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