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Version: 0.2.96

Version: 0.2.8

Version: 0.2.7

The Hero We Need

Fantasy adventure game that embraces an epic quest, combat, a world full of corruption and, thanks to your team, also Purification. Expansive setting, large cast of characters, expect frequent battles and lot's of endings, many allowed by the Purification system. Updated continually and still ongoing with your wonderful support!

Heavily inspired by games like Monster Girl Quest, Ascendas Descent, Order of Light, Alone Amongst Demons and Helpless Heroine. Warning, NSFW+ with some heavily dark/depressing fetish themes, if you don't like enslavement, bondage, identity death (or literal death in some cases) or erotic brainwashing this game isn't for you.

The game follows "Bernida", as she's been transformed and redubbed on her quest to defeat the Demon Lord, Dark Queen Heliot. Stuck as girl and sucked into a strange world far from home with her new partner, a mousy maid, she's got nothing to do with her time but train and hope to overcome the plentiful baddies ahead. Adventures aplenty await!

Over 60+ Endings and 7+ new bonus vignettes from the Purity Abbessi are available as of 2.97.



Current TFsite version: Chapter 2.960 - Gobbodate

Patreon version: Chapter 2.980 - Librarydate

Oridinary schoolkid Bermuda just cannot catch a break. First he's transformed into a girl by a dark evil demon. Then he's pulled into another world where he's told that he's destined to defeat her! With only a kooky court and mousy maid as her initial supporters, "Bernida" has to set a corrupted world right and stop darkness from swallowing all. What's a girl to do but travel across continents just to get his man card back?

Bermuda/Bernida - An ordinary dorky highschool kid. He got turned into a girl and found out she was the Chosen One.

Maid - A quiet maid is also the Chosen One, apparently.

Heliot - Heinous Demon Queen. You've gotta train lots to beat her up.

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Review by Zaknod

Version reviewed: 0.2.7 on 03/24/2017

Just finished the demo and it is a rather well written storyline. There are, however, some typos and glitches.


The typos: misspelled words, duplication of text(possibly  add to glitch side) wrong placement of punctuation(often) and not really a typo, but partially wrong use of Schrodinger's theory, although correctly used as a context(might want to dumb that part down for people who refused to educate themselves in science theory).


Glitches: Unattainable chests in various parts of the game, in the inn in the first atlas  town there is a giant glowing NPC that walks along the walls and can be fought repetitively, but is the boss battle prior to entering the town and has the following dialogue that follows a victory. Excessive spawning of enemies and 'after images' of some that randomly vanish. one part where i went to get a chest and recover at a spring the party was stopped because Maid 'has to pee', which prevents reaching the restoration point and chest nearby. 


My personal suggestions about gameplay: Add some accessories to the equipment merchants and fix the item shop and equip shops since the item merchant only sells potion and everything else is in the equipment shop. Id love to assist in developement by way of text editing and suggestions if possible, but my personality would get me into adding certain triggers to change dialogue here and there as well as give some NPCs a bit of personality, like the bar guests in the first city, instead of them only being available to speak to during the sidequest to serve drinks, have them say random things before and afterwards have them say something against the bartender.

But all in all, the actual gameplay is decent, it lacks a certain errotic quality that most who come here for want from a game like this. The character depth is lacking, for example the stereotypical MC who is all gung ho for obsessively beating the baddies(although the scene in the temple is praiseworthy). The maid is mostly lacking any kind of depth due to something, hopefully explained in later updates. The mysterious cat-girl who only the MC can see is a bit off, especially when it is corporeal in the beginning(assuming thats the Schrodinger reference). The overall mythos of the world is a bit over-thought compared to character developement I am also in agreement with Seleroan in the aspect of

"Player enters room.

> Would you like to see something vaguely erotic, which causes a game over?  Or not?

I would like to keep playing, please.  

> Oh?  Are you sure?  Okay, then...  Well, here's another room.  How about now?"

the moral choices are kind of vague like the first village you go to being a cut scene where you say "--should be locked up" or "they are cute kids"....i took all the combinations of answers and came to the conclusion of that portion was hurried due to a promised release date; it could still use a bit of working on due to the lack of thought behind it, and instead of saying lock them up, say regulate them better, and avoid the whole backstory justifying the reason it was allowed. storyline is where the main stuff happens, side stories that are just rants like that tend to bore people. After some of the battles you lose controll of the character and they automatically move to the next area(kinda irritating when you have no control of your heros). 

Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: 0.2.6 on 02/28/2017

What I liked:

Creator seems to have put a lot of thought into back story of the world they have created.

Demons.  Maybe vampires later?

The "good guys" seem to be rather morally shakey.


What I disliked:

The gameplay.  Which goes something like this...

Player enters room.

> Would you like to see something vaguely erotic, which causes a game over?  Or not?

I would like to keep playing, please.  

> Oh?  Are you sure?  Okay, then...  Well, here's another room.  How about now?

Rinse.  Repeat.

Review by vasadariu

Version reviewed: 0.2.6 on 02/27/2017

Is all the game for this release just the ending ? 

Review by Arxyn

Version reviewed: 0.2.60 on 02/17/2017

A short demo as of the time of this review, but with solid writing so far. The dialogue is pretty comedic and each character has their own manner of speech quirks, something you don't see very often in RPG Maker games. I hope to see more of where this game goes.


Edit 2/17/2017

The game is progressing very well. Fans of mind control and identity death endings should love it, as well as anyone looking for a bit of unique humor in the main story. There is a fair bit of content to experience as of now, and the author is consistent with updates. Definitely worth watching.

Review by rubberdolltami

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/05/2016

If you are a fan of MC then it is definitly worth checking out. The bad ends sometimes come a little abruptly, would be nice to drag them out a bit, but all in all a fantastic game thus far.

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