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Version: 1.1

Desideratum: Blood Bonds

This is the INTRODUCTION only!  Please invest in my Patreon to speed work along!


This is an interactive novel/experience, like my other titles.  If you think my hard work is worth at least a dollar, please support me on Patreon!  In this project, one plays as either a male nosferatu named Brone Lorcan, or a female vampire hunter named Absinthe Van Helsing.  All of my interactive novels fall under the same story arc, this title, chronologically, is the 4th episode in the series.  Hope you enjoy this, and please "like" any of my projects you enjoy on here!



IMPORTANT- This is JUST the introduction release!  This is only the beginning, more choices and bad ends will be in the game (by now you surely know what to expect in the future).  Again, the final version will have a lot more to it!  This is only to introduce you to the characters and act as a placeholder.   However, rest assured you depraved fans, there will be paths to go down in the final release!  The more support I get, the quicker I can produce these projects!



Fetishes in this title will/do include- Female Sub, Male Sub, Female Dom, F/F, M/F and M/F/F Sex Scenes, Rape/Non-Consensual, Mind Control, Corruption, Gangbangs, Sex-Toy Play, Incest, Masturbation, Anal Sex (M/F), Occult and Ritualistic/Satanic Images, and images that some may find disturbing including blood or gore, and other such things!  While I like to make people have an erotic experience, I also want that experience to be disturbing in a creepy way.  Avoid this project if any of these fetishes are too much for you to handle!

Absinthe Van Helsing, a singer, and rocker, has been destined to defeat the evil vampire lord, Ivor.  The nosferatu, Brone Lorcan, if the key to Abby's empowerment as a great vampire hunter.  He helps her claim the 'Blood Suit'- a liquid latex suit made of the very blood of Dracula himself!  With the suit, she must still seek out and obtain many artifacts hidden around Portland, Oregon.  Then, together, the odd pair must work together to defeat Ivor and his minions!  Can she trust Brone?  Can he trust her?  Play Desideratum to find out!

Brone Lorcan, Absinthe Van Helsing, Ivor, Eleanora Blackwood, and countless others from my intellectual properties!

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Review by FollowBob

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/18/2016

Its a good interactive tale, but there are some major inconsitancies, such as when playing the vampire you arrive at a house based on a letter you read, then the owner is said to have"...taught you to read, and that opened a completely new world to you."

Play the vampire if you want a story, the girl if you want something hot, although neither has any options to make it truley a "game" as of yet.

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